B2K - Understanding Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I'm young, like to hang with my crew have fun
but it seems like all the girls I know, never understood that flow.
like this one, when i first met her she was so cool, but when i told her i need space, she got
all in my face.

realizing what i need (the kind) of girl to be (for me) now i see its going to take some

you want to be the one i'm looking for. the perfect one i need. you've got to be sexy and
secure and be understanding. cause i'm the kind of guy that likes to twerk no drama thats just
me. if you want to be the one i want then be understanding.

[Verse 2:]
now check it. one girl she had a little game (personality for days) insane the cutest little
hotty chic (she had the body and wit to go wit it) but she had a problem with insecurity
(jelousy with me) but i'm not the one for drama though so i had to let her go.

realizing what i need. (the kind) of girl to be (for me) because i see its going to take so
want to be the one i'm looking for the perfect one i need you've got to be sexy and secure and
be understandig cause i'm the kind of guy that likes to twerk no drama thats just me if you want
to be the one i want then be understanding

if you understand me then take my hand
and show me that you can be all i need then we can fall in love
[hold it for 3 seonds]

[Chorus 2x:]
want to be the one i'm looking for the perfect one i need you've got to be sexy and secure and
be understanding cause i'm the type of guy that likes to twerk no drama thats just me if you
want to be the one for me then be understanding.

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B2K Understanding Comments
  1. LilRiccoshey3020

    This that RNB BABY‼️😂😩‼️

  2. W. Ray

    Sounds like Steve Russell from Troop on the background vocals.

  3. Ebony Bell

    This use to be my favorite song by b2k❤❤💋

  4. CUF17

    that isn't trey songz on background in the chorus is it?

  5. Patrick Ego Woodstock Watts

    Still jamming in 2019

  6. Nana Anokye

    Who’s here bc Raz said he didn’t like understanding in the interview 😂

  7. Queen Kimberly


  8. Jessica Wilson

    This would have made a great video

  9. Ahmond Sigler

    This song go hard it’s fire and it’s a hit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. dee airbox

    Cause I'm the kind of guy that likes to twork 🎵 lol wow I wasn't the only one who noticed!

  11. perla busch

    Latest B2k interview brought me here.

  12. Qween K thewise1

    I used to be so obsessed with them. I had 120 posters of them lol. I came home from school banging the hell out this CD everyday


    I know i did too! I swear WordUp magazine prolly ran a whole dept. just off how much $$ i spent on that mag. Just to get posters lmfao!! My room had no white space n all my school notebooks were covered with pics...hell eb knew i was b2k girl in school haha!! Omg soo many memeories! Only things i kept n still have r my cds n dvds n omarions book he came out with!

    Qween K thewise1

    @Laura 😂 ikr those was daze

  13. Cici

    I went to the concert yesterday it was amazing omg

  14. MyJoi

    Dangg this was my song in middle school!

  15. Artdog

    This is still my song. They need to add this to the show. Matter of fact it should be the song they lead with.

  16. latrice flawless jones

    Ima cry probably when I see them omg!!!

  17. Ray Mitchell

    I hope they preform this at the concert

  18. Yarley Gonçalves

    Gosto mt

  19. Yarley Gonçalves


  20. Sierra Evans


  21. Asia Barnes

    I wanna hear this at the concert this year 2019


    Been to the concert IT WAS WORTH IT

  22. Pepp Greaze

    I used to loveeeee this song omg ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Jessica Day

    I'm so ready for this Millennium tour

  24. bitca222

    Bumping this into 2019...IDC IDC

  25. Annie Morrison

    Who coming to the concert.

    Travis Augustine

    I know i am


    When I find concert money 😂😂

  26. Jasmin Menzies

    I was 2 when this song came out. Now I am 18

    Travis Augustine

    Wow man times flie i was 19

  27. Monique Slatton

    b2k need to do a throw back jam concert with all of them and all the other artist during this time. Or maybe a new scream tour like back in the day with bow wow and have bow wow perform his old songs

    The LeonaT

    wow now they are finally going on tour

    Travis Augustine

    You got ur wish except the bow wow part. You called it tho

    MissCoco Bulls

    Gatdamn you got your wish! Damn near spot on. So how you feel?

  28. ZThe Real

    I had been looking for this track for quiet sometime thx for the upload

  29. Imani

    2018 #1 fan

  30. Iilianna Artis

    Til this day i still listen to b2k i grew up listening to them miss them


    Same here I was listening to there songs all the time and now they on tour. I'm so happy.

  31. Lateshia Childs

    I love male R&B groups, B2K is so amazing I miss the early 00s era.

  32. Brandi Powers

    B2K is still BAE 😍💃🏽

    Kry Kry Stott

    Yes they are still dope 💯🔥

  33. Raddy Rants

    Would be a sick sample for a new song 😍

    Jon Queen Jr

    Exactly 👌🏽

  34. Cassandra Dixon

    b2k needs to come back out again

    Essy S.

    They areeeeeeeee🔥🔥🙏🏾🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

    Melody Wager

    They are coming in 2019 tour

    K. Dozier

    And did 😍😍😍😍

  35. Cassandra Dixon

    What happen to music like this

  36. Shatavia Blackwell

    this reminds me about the kind of girl i'm and that just a men do need a little understanding


    damn they broke up when i was born

    Travis Augustine

    Damn you young

    Travis Augustine

    @DjKid you young too 10 damn

    Travis Augustine

    I was 19 when this album release


    Y'all too young get outta here lol jk


    Mwalimu Kimathi I was in 5th grade

  38. Chantelle Williams

    miss these days

    Ashley Venney

    Chantelle Williams Me too


    Chantelle Williams

    Yosef Monserrat

    Chantelle Williams they e
    Were dope


    !I Swear. All Of Us Was Kid's At Tha Times. Still Growin' Up Way Before #YouGotServed Was Thought Of. #Memories 💯😅💀

    swoop G

    Chantelle Williams, that beginning though: LAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAAAHHHH!.... . .. ..LAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAAAHHHH......I was 17,18 when them guys popped on the scene. I'm 33 now. different times then,more down to earth and normal. sometimes I feel as though it wasn't just an age thing how different times was in the early 2000's compared to now..

  39. Markel Pickett

    even when its 2016, this is still my B2K song besides Why I Love You

  40. Kathleen Sue Moïse

    fav song off the first album

  41. Blue Pudding

    they were saying twerk before anyone else


    "Jumpin' Jumpin'" by Destiny's Child in '99

    Keshone Elam

    Blue Pudding ying yang twins whistle while u twerk was in 2000

    Yvonne Harris

    Actually sound like that but they was saying work

    ceo los

    I just won some money

    Toni Toni

    @#ADOS 101 EXPERIENCE love that album... So glad I was born in the 90s best music

  42. kierra17

    loved this!