Azure Ray - We Are Mice Lyrics

It's all in the eyes
The reckless way we dream to die
Our past is our future
The present lies
Somewhere between our hearts and minds
For those with no future
We'll touch hands on the street
Smile and keep moving on towards the heat
So keep this a secret our lot in life
They are elephants we are mice
We'll walk this earth somnambulant kin
With broken hearts that cannot mend
Losers first and second men
We'll do our best to blend in
You could reach out for my hand and i yours
Deliver water to soothe the burn
We'll drink our tears and thirst for more
It's our lot in life
They are elephants we are mice
So keep this a secret
Keep this a secret
We are mice

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Azure Ray We Are Mice Comments
  1. Nora M

    I love this band and I hate that they dont play anymore....

  2. diornotwar123

    what do they mean when they say "they are elephants, we are mice"?

    Pete Jones

    diornotwar123 Elephants are much larger than mice, but they are terrified of them. I dont know if this is meant in a political or poetic sense but I make up a combination of the 2 ahaha


    They feel small, shunned. Not able to fight against society or whatever it is making them feel like this. They are scared and feel powerless.


    It means there are two kinds of people in the world: The rich and powerful who trample over the poor and weak (Elephants), and the poor and weak who get trampled, used and abused (Mice). Shhhh...Keep this a secret.

  3. powrxplor69

    damn... that was heartbreaking...beautiful but still..

  4. it's only a dollar you ain't special

    Still my favorite by them.. ps Orenda Fink has a similar sound by herself- she's the one who brings the creepy =))

  5. lappel lapiz y papel

    @chicamiseria actually now 4 :)

  6. Candyland1051

    my cousin,Mikey..=)

  7. scrfrk1116

    i LOVE this song.

  8. SLEEPTHIEFofficial

    The have done solo albums (Orenda has done 2 under her own name and then did a project called Art in Manila and a project called O+S. Maria has 3 solo albums). All of their solo and project work is fantastic. but, they did reunite to do a new album this year.

  9. needfasp3ed

    Dude we hit some killer swells after this video!!!

  10. John Keady

    They did reunite late last year for a live performance but they are indeed doing other things.....

  11. joetekippe

    The good looking boy in this video is my godson Michael. He makes us all so proud.

  12. Ella Vinokurov

    my step dad played Rise in the car and i new this was gonna be one of my fav bands and i looked tem up ....They are AMAZING!!!!!! This is my fav song now bc it is so true and heart breakin but yet it is impecebly beautiful....(espesially their voices)

  13. Tim Cravens

    Well that was amazingly depressing...but still, Beautiful song! I love Azure Ray!

  14. officialSHR

    This is one of my favorite bands ever!

  15. Dylan Clair

    my favorite song by them^^

  16. gorramdoll

    the girl in the video is really hot. She doesn't look old enough to be the boy's mother though.