Azure Ray - Sleep Lyrics

Fill these spaces up with days
In my room
You can go, you can stay

But I can't sleep
I can't speak to you
I can't sleep

Now these years locked in my drawer
I'll open to see
just to be sure

But I can't sleep
I can't speak to you
I can't sleep

And so I'm reaching out for the one
And so I've learned the meaning of the sun
And all this like a message comes
to shift my point of view
I'm watching through my own light
as it tints the shade of you

Hold my wine, hold it in
Nobody's lost
but nobody wins

And I can't sleep
I can't speak to you
I can't sleep

And so I'm reaching out for the one
And so I've learned the meaning of the sun
And all this like a message comes
to shift my point of view
I'm watching through my own light
as it tints the shade of you

I can't sleep
I can't speak to you...

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Azure Ray Sleep Comments
  1. Lucas Sirina

    This song will play when i'll go out from my house and going live my life.

  2. Gabriel Alexander

    When I'm alone walking in the rain 💖💘

  3. ry bear

    OMG I FOUND IT! i used to listen to this song YEARS ago and its been popping in my head lately but i couldn't remember the band name and googling "i cant sleep" is futile. went through 22 pages of similar artsts to tegan and sara and as soon as i saw azure ray i was like THAT'S IT!!!!!!!

  4. Tainá Motta

    Descobri essa música com Diabo Veste Prada, não consigo parar de chorar.

  5. Dwight Teapot

    I associate this song to any street that i see now. Especially those in the city. Just as Andrea did contemplating on what a difficult decision she had to make. It was then she realized her life was crumbling down and that a promotion was on its way.

  6. Antonio Moro

    What would you choose? Go to Paris or not?


    This song sounds like something carole and tuesday would sing

  8. Tainá Motta

    Conheci a musica através de Diabo Veste Prada... Junta lágrimas em meus olhos lembrando da cena da Andy :/
    Essa musica é linda

  9. Praxedis Lindsey

    Here Am I

  10. Corey Cann

    998k views!!!!!!! Let's get this masterpiece to a million👍👌☺😉❤

  11. Ione Ferreira Sena


  12. Le Chroniqueur de Rhen Var

    This song was used to introduce the 5th épiosde of Cold Case on 2003.

  13. Bob Remel

    What happened ?

  14. DasiaaVinshà

    Love this song 🙌🏽❣️

  15. [ ɴ ᴏ x ɪ ᴅ ᴇ ]

    I came here from a commercial on the western channel.....

  16. Joy Lan

    The decision's yours. That's All. - Miranda Priestly

  17. SirQL8

    By all means, play at a glacial pace, you know how that thrills me.

  18. Zina Chia

    Very wonderful!

  19. araujo almeida


  20. Déjà Siku

    Fill these spaces up with Dave

  21. Valentina Saldaneri

    this is how i feel every time i'd like to talk to someone special and for a reason or another, I can't.

  22. Eliza Ávalo

    Ugh I've been looking for this song for so long!!

  23. Nathakon Inthachit

    Beautiful song

  24. Bismah Asif

    i'm in love

  25. Chiara A.

    Good song to sleep

  26. ItzRay

    My name's Azuray kinda close 😊

  27. LOLA

    Not going to lie though...that baby picture creeps me out.

  28. LOLA

    So beautiful

  29. macarion

    thumbs up if you heard this song before that prada movie came out

  30. alarimbaud

    I've always loved this song, whatwith the whole Saddle Creek set in the early '00s being amazing (I realize this wasn't on SC, but Azure Ray later was). Reading these comments, I've discovered it was in The Devil Wears Prada and apparently Taylor Swift gave it some seal of approval. So now, idk... I still love the song, but now I feel a little gross about that.

    I'll get over it. Still a great song (as is the entire album).

  31. Carmen Calderon

    this song makes me cry

  32. C est eux jte dis que c est eux !!


  33. Banana buttons

    Tell them how you feel.

  34. Charlotte Chamberlin

    It’s 4 am. I can’t sleep.

  35. Jenghiscan Lui

    i have nowhere to sleep and speak i was locked up on the drawers and i open to see yet im not sure

  36. C est eux jte dis que c est eux !!


  37. mouthmaw

    gosh just, this reminds me of so many sleepless nights about so many people. & im glad their voices in my mind are finally quiet.

  38. Lisa Crego

    Perfect song for my Dad RIP ❤

    Mike Russo

    I'm sorry

  39. bárbara barone

    I want cry

  40. shoppingkinglouis

    anyone come here from Doctors drama? :)

  41. Jessica De La Cruz Bravo


    Mike Russo

    Thot alert

  42. Mateus Zuqui

    It's so beautiful.

  43. Josslynn Riot

    Came here after being a teenaged mallrat in 2002 and one of the managers from Hot Topic gave me this album. I love this album so much and I'm glad that it continues to make younger people happy.

  44. ant G

    here from cold case

    ant G

    RavenMastersonTV not sure, season 1. episode any where from 3-7 .. I started watching every episode cause I like the songs they play

  45. Rafa Nunes

    linda essa música

  46. Fast Info

    Canção linda <3

  47. Angela Salazar García

    Devil wears Prada<3

  48. xoxo3427

    The cover by JASON MIN is so much better than the original!

    Young Dylan

    No it isn't.


    Young Dylan it's subjective. For me, it is.

    Young Dylan

    @xoxo3427 But i am afraid you are wrong.


    Young Dylan lol I'm not wrong because I like it better and you're not wrong either because you like this version better. So everybody wins! Haha

    Young Dylan

    @xoxo3427 Min's is paint by numbers.. definitely not a better version. Pure cheese actually.

  49. Millet Juliana

    J'adore cette chanson ! Je l'ai entendue de le diable s'habille en Prada, je pense pas être la seule.. 😅

  50. MAV

    i remember when my mum made me listen to this song, just to make me cry because she knew i was really sensitive, and i did tear up :')

    MM G

    ew who's arabella why???? thats bad mom sorry


    it was an accident actually, she just listened to it because it was a good song (still is) and idk i cried, although i'd thank her for making my music taste be genuine

  51. Danny Fenris

    Anyone who likes this should dig up Broken Dog.

  52. Self Respecting Citizen

    5am and depressed, thanks to Devil wear Prada for showing me this song and these girls so many years ago. p.s. I love seeing everyone's comments here so I decided to leave one too ✌

  53. Jeanette Carter

    The Devil Wears Prada and i like Andys outfit on this scene, 👠

  54. wazzy kwon

    너무너무 좋아요 :)

  55. Christine Gelhausen

    ...! :(

  56. CampKoll

    Its amazing...amazing, amazing,.... i listen to it almoste every day..... it tells me about my life.
    About everything, in my words.
    Songs can be good and some touch you...and some are puzzlepieces connecting......

  57. Alan Santos

    amo essa música. I love you.

  58. Shoo Loo

    Came here from watching
    Devil Wears Prada

    Karishma Sonny

    me too 😃

    Rose Petal

    Why add the 'duh'????

    Kenneth Luis

    Me too.

  59. Xray 1047

    I remember listening to this when I was anxious of falling for her; now I feel anxious she ever left...

    MM G

    mark testa something better Will come. something beautiful. believe me. May be is cause you deserve somebody better

    Xray 1047

    MM G Thank you for making the highlight of my day, you're amazing :)

  60. Kay Bee

    One of the most depressing songs I've ever heard. Rock on

  61. Evelyn Jaramillo

    love that song <3

  62. Anthony Fonseca

    listening g to mirah on Pandora brought me here

  63. עדן אנטופולסקי

    The song that originally brought me to Azure Ray... way back when I was watching Cold Case... Wow it's been so long I didn't remember how amazing this song was

    amanda smith

    me too! The episode "fly away" . I love that one!

  64. brenda isabel Torres

    it is a nice song i think that when someone is down it is a good suggestion this song

  65. Eren Işık

    It's really ironic, to listen this song while it's 5:38. I can't sleep .

    Dionysian Beast

    its 5:40 when I read this!

    Eren Işık

    @Serenity the Insane hahah :D

    Eric M.

    +Eren Işık +Serenity the Insane 4:53 am now

  66. Orest

    Such an amazing work of art. This song is perfect for this time of year for the transition into fall with the weather getting colder and leaves changing colour.

    Max A.


  67. WebExaminer

    32 people aren't serious about journalism, "Runway" or any publication. That's all.


    You are brilliant

    Devendra Pratap Yadav

    The numbers have increased.. Today


    Bahahahaha!!! 💯

    Rachel Taylor Roth

    I love this because its from teh movie which we both love and adore! you go!

  68. Albert

    This song is played when the character (andy) thinks about put the job over the friends and family.

  69. Aron Popo Head

    Faker sempai uvu

  70. Rolce Spasojce

    It' fucking 8:00am and I can' still get to sleep, so...Shit, at least song is good!

    Max A.

    Don't do that. You'll get bags under your eyes.

    Rolce Spasojce

    hehehe nooo! :)

  71. Angron's Stepson


  72. freeme10

    This brings me back.  I spent so much time listening to this album in a freezing car looking over Lake Bomoseen in VT.

  73. D E L A N E Y

    This is such a beautiful song I listen to it all the time before I go to sleep

  74. Teri M

    omggg beeeen looking for this since the devil wears prada

  75. lala yoo

    It reminds me some feelings about classic era.

  76. Sophie Iavicoli

    Like this if Taylor Swift you here lol

  77. strictmachines

    Shouts out to Taylor Swift for name-dropping this song.

  78. Emmie N

    such an amazing song

  79. Orion Noir

    I wonder if I should call her and tell her how I feel


    Orion Noir did you end up calling her? I hope you did 😭

    Banana buttons

    did you call her?

    Saoirse Rosenstock

    +a. e. I fucking love you for this reply 😂 🌸

    Saoirse Rosenstock

    +Saoirse Rosenstock oh I just realized this is exactly 365 days later! 😮 x

    Mike Russo

    Did u get head??

  80. Tr0nzoid

    I didn't realize those rocking women from Little Red Rocket made it this big.

  81. LeckMichImArsch

    5:14 A.M. now and this is the song I chose to hear when taking a break from my thesis work, lol.


    wisdomleader2017 good luck!

    Donna Gan

    Same feeling...

    Greg Weeks

    5:15 here where I am. Oxford in the UK. Used to listen to this during GCSE’s, here I am after successfully completing my A levels.

  82. Pita1217

    Discovered a few days ago. Can't get the song out of my mind. Just beautiful.

  83. Jule

    Beautiful ♡

  84. Sparky Plugg

    I can see "Andy" walking the streets of NYC in The Devil Wears Prada when I hear this song.  It's so pretty.



    Beto Deep

    Me too 😂😂

    Rachel Taylor Roth

    so true Sparky Plugg I even came here to comment this! ha! silly girl!

    chris oerly

    Actually I though of Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink when I saw the movie... I've been listening to Azure Ray since 2001 when my son was born... Burn and Shiver put him to sleep every tine I played it.

  85. Syazalia Razali

    this is the kind of song i'd like to listen to when i go for my morning run, before the sun comes out.

  86. Jake Adelstein

    A beautiful song about insomnia that actually uses makes me sleepy. 

  87. Allison Hampton

    who knew a song from the devil wears prada soundtrack could bring me to tears

  88. Patrick Lozano

    My boyfriend (at the time) told me to listen to this when we were breaking up. 

    V V

    That is sad.

    Krisse S

    Is it bad that I want to do the same thing?

  89. i kieokieo


  90. Jesus Abreu

    Beautiful melody....I just love it...

  91. YooByn13

    The Devil Wears Prada  xD

  92. Bre-ann green

    One of my favorite....

  93. Lassus

    The greatest song that ever made me want to die.

  94. Luca Scognamiglio

    Tocca il cuore

  95. Santiago Morandin

    This song makes me cry.

    Mateus Zuqui