Azure Ray - Sea Of Doubts Lyrics

I told them all the ones I love
I'm leaving and I may not return
See lately I've been overcome
A feeling I fear has just begun
The pain I feel deep inside
That haunts us all that we will die
Never really knowing how it feels
To be alive
Through mountains and over seas
Through misery and disease
A spectator I played my part
But nothing could move this heart
Until i held the boys hand
The little one spoke like a man
He showed me death and said
This is how you know you're alive
A kingfisher in flight
You'll rise above the sea of doubts
Into a world full of clouds (Yea)

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Azure Ray Sea Of Doubts Comments
  1. Shane V

    We are a group of music lovers nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Doubt”.

  2. Bob Remel

    It,s been 50 years since i returned home ... stayed one week and never went back . Too much to do .

  3. J Lansdale

    They put a lot of spicy on this one

  4. Bob Remel

    Their music...stays with me ! Love it !

  5. Samantha Marie


  6. Miranda Vince

    this is my funeral song......LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.... <3 <3 "he showed me death...said this is how you know you're alive"

  7. BB Child

    Is there an instrumental version?

  8. andrea

    i like satan hes a pretty cool dude

  9. Joshua Wheeler

    we will all die, but some will choose to live forever with God through Jesus.


    Fuckkkk offff

  10. Verris54321

    Why isn't she more popular?

  11. abracadabrais

    Yes sister(s)/brother(s) WE have been feeling the same way.... many of us.... from ALL corners, colors, "faiths", and our so called differences. "We are the ones we have been waiting for" and then those once behind "the veil" invisible to most, are now visible . We ARE ONE.

  12. XbabyshakesX

    This is my fave azure ray song!

  13. PixieDraconian

    Pretty Song.

  14. Meshugana

    Thanks for posting this