Azure Ray - Palindrome (Reprise) Lyrics

If I could love you better
If we could see what we'd become
Walking around like strangers
And I love some palindrome

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Azure Ray Palindrome (Reprise) Comments
  1. J To The A

    This video is brilliant! She keeps walking around in the room if she doesn’t want to😂😂 and the jewels and parrots sent me LMAOing! Well done guys!

  2. chuck pryorl

    Todd's hats are just......SOOOOOOOO YOU.....Orenda......very, very classy girl !!!!!!! excellent to hear you both shining again !!!!!!!!!

  3. Troy Fredheim

    I am so glad that you put out another album. I have been waiting so long to hear your magnificient voices! Thank you!

  4. Dancing Gold

    Well done Alan and Azure Ray ❤ So funny

  5. Zhi Chin

    Would love to listen to the full audio without the discussions that interrupted the video

  6. Unengelful

    so beautiful

  7. Tara Michelle Wilson

    Thank y’all for existing!! XOXO XIXI

    Bryce Flores

    Tara Michelle thank you for being light

  8. Chad Swiklinski

    So happy you're back! I love you guys. Every time you release new music it's a breath of fresh air.

  9. Pammela Rojas

    Loved it! <3

  10. Diogo Brüggemann

    This is amazing, so funny, and the song brings back memories of when I first discovered Azure Ray so many years ago! <3 Thank you for coming back!

  11. Gilbert Gosseyn

    Missed you...