Azure Ray - In The Fog Lyrics

When the hour is late
And all is lost to find
Nothing more can absolve
Can find its way out tonight

To find you

I see mist like ghosts
Over long these country roads
They part their ways for me
As I search for my love

For you
For you

Good love
I tell my song to find you
To find you
To find you
Find you

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Azure Ray In The Fog Comments
  1. Luis Morales

    Gotta admit that #talesofthecity has some bops on it

  2. Charlie Lin

    Damn can’t found on Spotify

    Charlie Lin

    Marty Harter this song on spotify?

    Marty Harter

    @Charlie Lin it is. I had to search by the artist. Searching just by the song didn't work

    Charlie Lin

    Marty Harter I search Azure Ray & Drawing Down the Moon, they both can’t find this song

    Marty Harter

    Sorry. I just typed in Azure Ray and found it. Not sure what else to say, wish I could screenshot it for ya

    Vitor Gabriel

  3. Leith Skilling

    I’m here because of Tales of the City...

  4. C Adam

    Tales brought me here.xx

    Isaac Bobonis

    Me too.

    Leith Skilling

    Me too!

    Monika Misiukaite

    Me too 👍


    C Adam omg !! Me too :)

  5. Shane V

    We are a group of music lovers nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Fog”.

  6. Bob Remel

    Their music gets hung up in my head ...and i remember it for days.

  7. delicate sounds

    Our song of the day.

  8. Hezza chan

    Wonderful! These girls are so talented.

  9. Hannah Lenz

    Anyone got the chords? :)

  10. AdrianF1994 Faustino

    great song.

  11. Jedrzejowy

    you're welcome! :)

  12. childrenoftheauroras

    Thanks for posting! :)))