Azure Ray - Don't Make A Sound Lyrics

You could go anywhere anytime and find someone
but how will you know if he's kind
the sun is out but happiness
only reminds you of the people you hurt
mistakes that you made when you were down
and where are you now
you're sweeping up these sorry streets
and i knew somehow when you looked up and over me
that you could look up these words
but you still won't understand
they mean nothing to you
so write them in the sand
and watch the water wash them away

you could sit on your front porch
and watch the wasps dive down
you could go out every night
and force cheap beer down
you could go all day
and not make a sound

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Azure Ray Don't Make A Sound Comments
  1. acalarmarrrr

    I need the instrumental!

  2. Rafaela Helbing

    Ok, já coloco seus direitos autorais!

  3. Álvaro Alejandro

    Muito obrigado por postar essa canção. E sou eu nessa foto do balão.