Azure Ray - Across The Ocean Lyrics

Now I've traveled across the ocean
with the same shoes just longer hair
still carry that picture in my wallet
from the photo booth
yeah it's still there

just give me some kind of sign
is this the right place or the right time?
is this the right time?

now I've landed in the midwest
where you lived so long ago
remember I was always freezing
and now I'm covered up in snow

just give me some kind of sign
is this the right place or the right time?
is this the right time?

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Azure Ray Across The Ocean Comments
  1. Blu Duvel

    What is a coffee prince?

  2. Meow Meow

    Its 2019 and we are almost 2020 and i still miss listening to this song
    Thank you Coffee Prince ❤️

  3. Rafiq Ahmad


  4. kpop fangirl

    Coffe prince brought me here but this song reminds me of life is strange game

  5. Moumita Debnath

    Amazing vocals and music.

  6. Bob Remel

    As one who kept on moving from one place to the next.... always on the water !

  7. lourdes estrada


  8. wolf 01

    Am I the only one here in the 2018(October)?

  9. Fatima AlJanahi

    the beach scene from coffee prince...this gets to me everytime i listen to it.

  10. aysha ap

    I just luv this song.... When u watch coffee prince u rly amaze which song on earth is this... OMMMMOOOOO amazg voice n lyrics.. It jst takes me anothr wrld

  11. • Ciara ツ

    the prince what did you do to me..

  12. Lianne Zonnebeld

    This song is Amazing!

  13. Czarina Galang

    I loved coffee prince but I wasn't aware this is song is included in their ost. Hehehe. My friend who's a fan of azure ray brought me here.

  14. momoo tdherll

    a man like Hangul ( gong yoo ) . I want him !

  15. dustin smith

    write what you need write it might be what someone needs to hear

  16. Mirla Aquino

    Love this song, whenever I have a hard time at work, I just put it on...

  17. Marvin Golmei

    love coffee prince and this song !😍

  18. Kili Oakenshield

    Coffee Prince brought me here as well. Favorite k-drama to date. Love this song!

  19. Anjali Vadakkeveliyil Sugathan

    I love this song

  20. jennifer nerd

    Shazam ❤ coffee prince ❤❤

  21. Sul6an_ 07

    I start love😍 this song from now

  22. Ellie Kimerina

    soooo looks like im the only one not from the kdrama, coffee prince? idk should I watch it then?


    Ellie Kimerina Yeeees!

    Hana nouch

    definitely... it's a piece of art

    Moonlit Planet

    Yes. This song plays during the most iconic scene in the drama.

  23. Huy Nguyen

    i'm proud i'm NOT here from some cheesy k-drama...i've been listening to Azure Ray for years


    not cheesy at all. Coffee prince is different from typical commercial k-drama. Don't jump to conclusions.

  24. Yonathan54

    es una de la canciones mas melodiosas que e escuchado y melancolicas

  25. Sofie Moxley

    this is really my favorite song to coffee prince ever, and it goes really good with the scene they put the song into... anyone agree? p.s.... I LOVE that drama
    , it is so good!

  26. sakshi goel

    I finally found this song! Could someone tell me the name of the other song while they were on the beach! Its a korean song and comes when they hold hands and when she says she likes everything about him.. afcourse as Hyung

    win Won

    sakshi goel
    BLUEDAWN 푸른새벽 – “Last Arpeggios.

    win Won

    sakshi goel

    sakshi goel

    Warin s. Thank you!

  27. kami kami

    singer name please.

  28. Xile Cortes


  29. Tiphaine Chauvier

    #coffeeprince... such beautiful and sad scene, yet even one of my favourites
    The song and especially the acting had overcome me... so emotionally powerful :'(

  30. Rayi Zegeg

    I am still looking for that stripes hoody that wore with go eun chan when she go to the beach with han kyul. Uugghhh love that beach scene

  31. Tima elei

    Coffe prince ep 9 song <3

  32. Любослава Власовская

    I cryed in this song... it is very sad

  33. Nerdlove

    I found a decent tab for this.

  34. Saida Karinauskaite

    This is shit

  35. Elizabeth Delgado

    What genre of music is this? ♡

  36. Rebecca Percoski

    You know I think 50% of that beach scene's beauty is owed to this song. The other 50% to Gong Yoos acting superpowers. XD

    GkrtL Gk

    best comment ever :)


    yea, best scene in ever the history of kdrama's

    Tania Alexandra

    I totally agree with u

  37. joicenomnom

    My sister and I recently binge-watched Coffee Prince. And it gave me the same feeling it did the first time I watched it (and that's like over 8 years ago). What a timeless Korean drama. <3 Also, this song is perfection.

  38. lilith Oronra

    coffee prince it was really boring serial after part 10 , i havent watched yet and i think i wont watch it but this song was perfect :)


    i agree it was the perfect drama up to episode 10 i think. i usually just watch up to 10 when i rewatch

  39. domu 00

    Coffee Priiiince 😭❤️

  40. Alejandra

    When I listen it, I want to cry 😞😞😞

  41. Maria Isabella Eusebio

    Yasss Coffee Prince☕️

  42. Ayse Yıldırım


  43. Stevanno Meliezer

    because coffee prince 💕

  44. Ashleigh Shepherd

    I'm here from Coffee Prince as well, hahaha!

  45. Alas de Angel Azul

    Coffe Prince beach scene. Amazing song. Perfect k drama (except for the last akward episodes).

    Moonlit Planet

    What do you mean, all episodes are gold.

  46. Fran cine

    Is anyone NOT here because of coffee prince? Lol, totally amazing kdrama :)

    Nora Turino

    Fran cine indeed!!! Great music!!! In love with Gong Yoo

    jason x

    Yeah. People that love the band.

    aysha ap

    Coffeee prince ❣

  47. Jocelyn Maldonado

    Really cute, I love coffee prince 🌸

  48. Bryan Hess

    i still remember the first time I heard this song. I was in high school and emo as can be. I secretly loved the hold on love album. i bought it because i heard the song new resolution as my introduction into the band azure ray and then was blessed to find so much more. such incredible depth musically

  49. Au De Leon

    Coffee Prince brought me here... obsessed with gong yoo

  50. Melissa Arrigui

    En Coffee Prince Aparece Con Esta Canción Las Partes Mas Tristes Pero Linda Canción & Lindo Dorama.

  51. I Sbammo I

    This song is truly incredible and beautiful. Plus high props to coffee prince, SUPERB not only in acting and script but soundtrack. Truly. Perfect song for that scene. It really moved me like, wow.

  52. MirzaEster

    ah, the beach scene <3

  53. mariam mallick

    coffee prince brought me here too  :) 

  54. shanny

    COFFEE PRINCE!!!!!<3

  55. Bones&Tombstones

    The feels! Coffee Prince. ❤ T.T

  56. Elizabeth Marie Cruzabra

    I love Coffee Prince! :)

  57. Yuri Churen

    Im here because of cofee prince, and because this song is beautiful :3

  58. Martijn van den Berg

    never heard of coffee prince lol


    @Martijn van den Berg you should check it out then

    Theophilia Bradley

    Martijn van den Berg can find it on drama fever or viki. one of the most famous iconic Korean foreign films of all time. I watched it years ago when it came out and had me stuck in Korean dramas ever since. nothing comes close to this drama. check it out you def won't regret it

  59. Sara Haleem

    this is really good

  60. bbbbBeaver

    What the hell is Coffee Prince?

    All V

    it's a Korean Drama( Soap opera) and they used this as the background song in one of it's most important scenes. The show is really good, I recommend it :)

  61. Xilena Cortes


  62. Mrs Nibin

    it hurts...

    paula hernandez

    Mrs Nibin it does.

  63. heyyitsjordyn

    Coffee Prince <3 Perfect for that scene

  64. Okeke Nnadozie

    *sigh* coffee prince....

  65. Rocío Millán Reyes

    Coffee Prince :)

  66. Hannah Park

    lol practically everyone who came to listen this song are Coffee Prince kdrama fans

  67. jason x

    I grew up with these two lovelies < 3

  68. Jessica Black

    COFEE PRINCE I love you! 🌾

  69. Nadine A.D.

    coffeeee princeeee!! perfect song for the perfect show...we want coffee prince 2 :(

  70. messymonster

    coffee prince~

  71. twobirdstone

    wow this song was literally perfect at that moment in coffee prince

  72. Nadinakin

    As soon as i heard in coffee prince and specifically. The beach scene....i just had to find this song!

  73. maegs

    The moment the scene came up I knew I had to Google it

    Sam Wu

    That is exactly what i did too. 

    aysha ap

    Me tooo

  74. cylia ish

    am i the only one who got obsessive with gong yoo after watching coffee prince?

    Nouf Alharthi

    cylia ish same here

    aysha ap

    Me tooooooo


    Nope, i'm right here at the end of 2018.

    Estación del Coleccionista

    Not only! Same here!!!

    رياض عباس عبدالله

    You not alone

  75. luluamu

    And then I cry again.

  76. Umeko236

    The beach scene... I'm crying again. Third time watching Coffee Prince :) So sadly cute!!

  77. Toyin A.

    yupp here from coffee prince episode 11, just had 2 find out what the song was called

  78. Roney Thomas

    Coffee Prince :)

  79. Lilidabaddest

    i love this song so much, its so soothing

  80. heizll

    Just finished watching Coffee Prince. Such a great drama with beautiful music!

  81. Shaelee Pletsch

    Ohh beautiful, perfect. I just did this and I swear I felt a raindrop on my hand. And I'm not outside. Yeah I guess I just have a weird imagination...

  82. DearChloe

    Haha, me too. Just now at 4am.

  83. gmoturtles

    play this song, open another tab, type in rainymood. you're welcome.

  84. echoalicia2011

    I just started watching the drama. And I heard this and immediately googled the lyrics so I wouldn't forget it.
    EunChan and HanGyul! FIGHTING!

  85. Sarah Hinojos

    Glad I watched the show, I would have never heard this song... Its soooo beautiful. THey used it for the perfect Scene too. They just so happened to be on the beach. ^_^

  86. nikflickz

    this song reminds me of coffee prince. and coffee prince reminds me Lee Eon. makes me really sad. :( RIP Lee Eon.

  87. Rabia Demir

    ahhh i love this and coffee prince

  88. BB Child

    I know this is from the Coffee Prince drama, but... it reminds me of The Devil Wears Prada haha.

  89. Kat Tsu

    the kdrama Coffee Prince brought me to this song and Azure Ray-this song touches my heart every time i listen to it! ♪ ♫ ♩❤

  90. Kat Tsu

    Same for me....i searched the web and iTunes just for this song....I LOVE this song!

  91. Kimmm

    Tearliner :O Omg I had heard a couple of songs from the artist and I thought that one or two songs from the drama were familiar! Also, I love this song, and the drama <3

  92. Miyuki Toma

    I love this song, I heard it on Coffee Prince so I had to find it XDDD

  93. Avalonwolf

    Yay! More Coffee Prince fans! My favorite scene too! Watched it literally over twenty times :)

  94. Tracy Wong

    Coffee Prince brought me here. This was the best scene! It literally brought me to tears. The pain and desire and confusion on his face was just ...Amazing. What impressive acting and what a perfect song for that scene. Hmmm Was this song in one of the Twilight movies too?

  95. Rachel Semones

    coffee prince <3

  96. Aoyagino

    #NP . i've come to love this song over the eps of Coffee Prince :D

  97. Uiji Ramírez

    I found this song on the Dorama coffee prince, That song it's amazing!

  98. KissingKeKe

    I freaking love this song so much. Just found out about it after watching Coffee Prince. Korean dramas are the shit!! #Imjustsayin