Azizi Gibson - Trapacana Lyrics

No mistake boy, Z be the best
Out in Thailand we don't take American Express
Cop food on the streets
Wear snakes round our necks
Never paid full price because you know we ain't rich
Bitch, you playing motherfucking Pokemon
Girl done left you
And why you still holding on?
You need to grow up, get a slut, get your nutting on
Take it from Z, I'm a pimp like Don Juan
Okay I got my special beam cannon
Goku hold him cause I'm finna kill Raditz
It's passion of the Christ it's a bunch of back slashing
And it's must be the 90's because my whole click maxing
I'm down right fierce high low key
You went low block and now your mouth wide open
Nope, I never slept with my eyes open
Got a watch dog for that my nigga fuck the bullshit

"You got no respect, you look like a women that I wanted to know"
(I gotta watch dog for that bruh gone fuck the bullshit)
(If I could just get all you punk asses motherfuckers to line up on the wall real quick and you hoes, haha)

So life is too short for me to give a shit
So if you want to leave a pimp then leave me biiitch (bye!)
I'd rather turn on my nintendo trick
Super Smash Bros online, winning tournaments
The reason why my grades was the way they is
Never trust them all, the niggas that started it
I ain't finna fall
I got a triple jumping up, b
Nigga Ima grab the ledge you ain't getting rid of me
Ask God I'm a real motherfucker
I missed out on some pussy just to catch up on my manga
If she want to be with me she got to read Ruroni Kenshin
AKA Butohsai
AKA not to fuck with
I saw the news the shit the hear Russian
Got bullets that fast bruh I'm a head busta
But I can't find my keys
(Z did you check your dresser?)
My bad they in my pocket
Man I'm fucked up on some other stuff

"You got no respect, you look like a women that I wanted to know"
(Fucking idiot)
God damn I'm fucked up on some other stuff
(You need to lay off the fucking drugs that's what you need to be do
It's like the third time in the fucking hour)
Got some old people music and shit
(Where are my keys wheres my phone)
(Do you even know you have pockets you bastard?)

Uhh fuck you
Yeah, Prehistoric that's the crew I ride
Do or die
We don't give a shit foo live your life
Live it twice
If you feeling lucky go and roll them dice
Take all of your money now your luck is mine
Okay you live and you learn nigga
If you don't like it you should have brought your hood with you
Your weed man sucks should have brought your plug with you
Get his ass straight, hit the bay find some good tickets
Only my momma taught me better
But my dad father taught my music
Now I'm making hella cheddar
And I'm riding In this nova that be pulling all these bitches
I learned this out in Cali from my OG killers
I read the Qu'ran and got intense with it
Then I read the Bible, man that shit was stupid
Haha, but you can't tell me shit
Brainfeeder be the fix
Listen while you light your spliff

Light up on you and your spliff nigga
I mean listen while you light your spliff
Or whatever rocks that hip bitch
Cause I forget
Haha it's funny being on the other side of the fence tho

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