Azizi Gibson - The Statement Lyrics

Yeah, We back again with some old smooth shit for that ass
The preHISTORIC crew, just doing what we do

It's "Give a bitch D" day, third eye with it like Hiei
Pussy so good had to put it on replay
On the 10-West thinking sex with my lady
I just met her last week on the strip getting jiggay
Girl your bitten gloves with my weed tucked in 'em
Fresh-fuck fit with some trill-ass denim
Main reason why: with some trill-ass women
Why the fuck you always hating why you always in your feelings
Shit (Shit) Now don't make me go cop a clip
Been smoking so long that I think I'm a zip
Fuck what you repping, the gang that you with
Out with your bitch and she's trying to take pics
Instagram, fucked up as shit
Put me on blast while I'm smoking my spiff
Now the whole fucking world know I get high as shit

So here we go
Neck tats stamped, it's a fact: I'm getting pussy bro
Taking down women who was raised off the tootsie roll
Watch me speak Spanish to this girl I don't even know
Have her puff weed till she bleed, no venereal
Hahahaha, she just took a dab
She's coughing so much that she just made me laugh
I might have to call her a cab (you alright? I though you was like
"I smoke all day" and shit. Shut up.)

Getting high to the sky with my motherfucking niggas though
Looking down on the world like "Fuck 'em, I don't need 'em bro"
Going up, going up, going up, where else to go
In the clouds, smoking pounds of the loud, see a lot of hoes

Okay, back on my grizzy
Act as a javelin and stab through the city
Metro-bus used to take a buck-fifty
On my way to see my bitch, give a gift, suck her titty (I'm bout to get some pussy)
Play PS1 till I sleep for a week
Till some shoes come out that I really really need (I'm bout to cop some new J's)
Or my weed run out and the chilling ain't cheap
Fuck around and have to play the villain this week
Okay, you don't know
I smoke 'Dro, don't do blow
Live life long, bitch I'm cold
Bitch you old, grandpa Moe
No no, we on the same old shit
We get turnt up, cut a few bricks
Rollin a hundred spiffs, watch two flicks

Nigga that's just how it is, {is, is, is, is, is}
Nigga that's just how it is, is
Nigga that's just how it is, is
Nigga that's just how it is, is
Ah yeah sound like D'Angelo, telling somebody just how it is, just how it is
Okay, here we go, oh oh-oh, here we go, oh
Okay, here we go, oh oh-oh, here we go, oh
Can't neat me, run in circle like a Cheerio
Here we go, oh, oh

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Azizi Gibson The Statement Comments
  1. Mario Meza

    You see japanese anime is made for all ages. Those who grow up watching anime will most likely carry on to their adulthood. We never change at heart.

  2. I like Youtube

    Simpler times

    When all your friends knew y u hated them

    Now everyone thinks they’re special

  3. Remy Casas

    Can i get as many likes as possible ? just cus azizi is fire AF 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. adam vansickle

    Still banging 2019

  5. Mahammadou Tunkara

    Sheeeeeet danmmm

  6. Justin Zuniga

    Nate Dogg

  7. Patty


  8. Shinobu

    Lol there are some weed on manga pages 😂

  9. John Chappell

    Good flow..thanks Buddha

  10. ***********

    I did this once

  11. Skunkwork909

    Need beats? I'm just trying to get out there. So if you could check my channel out i would truly appreciate it.
    I post every sunday, subscribe to see what i post next?


    Dab gang 💯🔥 710 420 smoke wax gang shit 🤙🏼🤙🏼💯💯🤪🤪🤣🤣🤯🤯😋😋🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  13. Kevin Laing

    F*cking with yo shit all the way from South Africa 🔥

  14. Lucas Rionda

    Ur a legend

  15. Cathrina Tactay

    Shmacked out ready for a chill ass nap. This is beautiful.

  16. Emilien Albarit

    Bonjour, est ce que quelqu'un connait la marque de son pull noir avec le mot "Sane" sur le ventre et le signe de barbe blanche dans le dos s'il vous plait ?

  17. Azizi Gibson

    Get tickets to Backwards Books 2 Tour here:

    Elena Aguilera

    Santa Barbara gonna lit bruh ! See you there Azizi G ! 💯🤘🔥

    clorox bleach

    Can't wait to see you in sac town

  18. Cybin Shroom

    simple really

  19. Nathaniel Baker

    naaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh the Captain Whitebeard Shirt is Cruddy

  20. Albert Jukes III

    here we go cant beat me running circles like a cherrio


    im back

  22. Pharrell Taylor

    fuck yeah yu yu hakusho

  23. Shane Stone

    Still in rotation

  24. bg _boii

    FUCKIN 🔥🔥🔥

  25. Bob Idk

    Still bumping this shit

  26. I'm forever Chillin

    Certified classic

    I'm forever Chillin

    Still a classic

  27. Mackenzie Deschenes


  28. Mary Loom


  29. Lil Fiji is love Lil Fiji is life

    Why Ab-Soul in this shit

  30. Matthias

    Azizi x Underachievers

  31. Sktchy Steve


  32. AmpryTV

    Am I the only one that still bumps this?

  33. Matt Bread

    Needs to work on his flow but I think he can be up there with the more popular underground rappers

  34. alfredo padilla

  35. Rodrigo Salazar

    Am I the only one still listening to dis?

  36. 90chely7wely44

    this is still one of m favs of all time. DUDE YOU NEED TO COME TO L.A./ LONG BEACH CA! WE LOVE YOU OUT HERE!!! 90731 THE DRO! HA ALL DAY~!

  37. Mando Reyes

    Who still vibes w this in 2017 still ? #goodmusic

  38. harloom

    what happened to slave ship video

  39. Nine Tailed Thot

    The beezy in the vid is fugly

  40. Brandon

    heard this son a little over 2 years ago on my way to football practice, never left my playlist since. This shit is my fucking life anthem, play this at my funeral.

  41. Christopher Gibson9mm

    this guy stole my name

  42. Angel Sk8

    Wtf. My friend showed my Azizi Gibson 2 years ago. it was smoking with the gods. and i was really into him since i was discovering pouya,Xavier wulf,bones,$uicideboy$ etc. and he was unique and had his own style. and really i wish he had more recognition with his old stuff

  43. Jacob A

    Indigos on the rise👀

  44. Michael

    Flatbush Zombies ft Azizi Gibson will be a dream come true

    Jacob A

    Fuck yeeeeah, Flatbush is dropping new shit soon🔥🔥


    na underachivers would be way more lit

  45. Suu Mai

    Good Music !!!!!!! Azizi!!!!!!

  46. 90chely7wely44

    half the motherfuckers listening to this don't even know what he's talking about.... traplyfe.. "that's just how it is"

  47. Angel Nunez-gonzales

    creature trying bit my nutz trade cutz now I know I love hoes them right try leave another day what I say I beat pussy and pass out snuggle buddie lets cuddie creature I'm slow but I need to on feature. might drink a bottle breach devil's in God eye evyday a mess drain my brain in blood rest in piss.

  48. spacecab1

    My homie told me to check out the Captain Murphy album and after hearing one track with this dude been listening to all his solo stuff. I been sleeping on hip hop hard.

  49. SupaRush

    Mickeys in the 40oz glass bottle.. damn good days

  50. Sonny Bravo

    Couldn't find this on his page. WTF Azizi. Come on man. You don't get enough promo as it is for making this bangin ass shit! Keep it up tho.

  51. Pop Off

    My friend told me im weird cause im black and watch anime i was like "NIGGAS love anime fuck you mean ?

    Random Idiocy

    Drumma Dre word nigga I love anime


    Drumma Dre Nah man look at graffiti lots of fools get inspired by the artwork. I'm a white dude but my homies who aren't white love to watch Akira Ghost in the Shell and I just turned them onto Fist of the North Star just playing old VHS tapes.

    zconqueso Clips

    Drumma Dre as do Mexicans lol

  52. elfalco101


  53. Denise Celis

    was this filmed in longbeach signal hill ?

  54. bob joly

    where did you get that sane shirt lit asf!

  55. acetheinfinite

    It's give a bitch D day!

  56. DeVante N

    Yo where he get that jumper from that's hot , that WhiteBeard shit

  57. Brandon Hernandez

    The truth

  58. Jake Claudio

    Anybody hear that sonic spin at 1:44 🤔friking awesome

    Jonathan Gomez

    duuuuude you're so right!

    Manny Uruchurtu

    Jake Claudio Bro he loves sonic check his twitter

  59. 47most SOON

    The Underachievers x Azizi Gibson

    KyD PyRo

    i saw that red indigo hat in this video

    Rob Gonz

    Gay asf collab

    Ryan Pereira

    Would never happen cause UA still on Brainfeeder and Azizi Gibson isn't anymore

    Adam Gasler

    Doesn't mean they aren't friends anymore

    47most SOON

    Yo I meant they should collab

  60. Dank Boi

    00:20 YuYuHakusho<3

  61. poopmannelson1

    i liked this song as soon as he said third eye wit it like hiei

  62. Hurricane IsDead

    Red indigo cap beast coast "UnderAchivers"


  63. pizzatime

    this nigga wearing the indigo hat and talking about the pineal gland but wheres the substance?

  64. Emors

    This song just is great idk I've known about this song for 2 years and I finally found the name keep 💨✌🏼️

  65. AFAPcocky 94

    on that Yu Yu haskasho shit

  66. PHC_ Jay

    People really sleep on this man. PHC TILLDEATH

  67. Tigercj237

    its give a bitch D day 3rd eye wit it like hiea

  68. Jakub Miller

    where can i get the "sane" hoodie that hes wearing?

  69. Ionel Cizmas

    white beard!

  70. Brandon Chacon

    I ALWAYS put this song once I'm smoking.

  71. Dezz Crew

    min 1:17 Shirohige de One piece 😄👌

  72. ShamWow2016

    nigga flexing that YYH manga sheeeeeeeesssshhshshshh playing storm 3 sheeshhhhhh watching HxH this dude bout that life


    forgot where the squiggly thing is from

    Travis Rios


  73. savsaves

    anyone know the sample used in this song?

  74. Gennosuke G

    that anime life tho

  75. Charles Julion


  76. Todd Parker

    Dude ur shit is constantly on repeat. I need it like a drug...more musi, more videos!!!! stay up pH crew !

  77. TrippifiedTrips

    he has two rap voices yoo


    shit he has more than that. he's talented.

  78. oldsul

    Hyped for the album.

  79. Tw1nturbosupra

    his shirt is by @saneusaco on instagram!!! so fresh!!


    came here from DUALITY

  81. Isaac Bellefleur


  82. chupalacabra8

    Azizi Gibson is the best Fucking rapper alive real shit.

  83. Eman Tarabay

    When he's not thinning out the zombie population, Rick Grimes enjoys directing trap videos. It's vitally important he says, "to keep your spirits up 'round the walkers".

  84. ugh

    intro is so smoooth fuk. i just wanna soake my tree stfu let me b i just want ta smoke sum weed. i want more of thats dank shit yall feel me or naw

  85. Christian

    whitebeard shirt is dope

  86. 0606GNB

    the nigga at 2:24 look like ab soul 👌😁


    I found this song mid august I really like this song, it puts me in a good as mood before work, or just when im chillin no skipping this haha.thanks G

  88. LoveLiveLoyalty

    that nigga playing Naruto Ultimate Storm and watching Hunter x Hunter

  89. Jake Labastida

    that sweatshirt freaking siick

  90. Nick Donges

    Is anyone else noticing how azizi is blowing up lately? Forget dj Khaled's key to success we need azizi's guide to success

    Aldair Gutierrez

    I wanna say it's bc he's monetized on soundcloud and instagram

  91. NOMVD

    whats the anime on the screen at 1:57 ?

    AJ Berry

    +dapox7 Hunter X Hunter, if you've never watched it it's only one of the best shonen anime of all time.

  92. jerral kegler

    that boy had the indigo hat flames

  93. Monya Grant

    Sampled SBTRKT 😍👏🏾

  94. YGhemit

    one piece and hunter x hunter in this vid! TOOO HARD!! l

  95. I Like Apple-Pie

    azizi, denzel curry, robb banks, pro era, pouya, mick jenkins, jk the reaper, the underachievers, and many more should be whats mainstream. these guys lyrics feel so real unlike mainstream rap like drake and such.


    I Like Apple-Pie fuck Robb banks


    I Like Apple-Pie i agree!!

    Cybin Shroom

    I Like Apple-Pie there should be better but better dosnt care about making money

    De Ath

    Give them all credits including shalqsdope 💡

    Aaron Havier

    True so true I feel the same

  96. O nzi

    Ric Grimes brother to Grimes?;)

  97. swoog

    He likes Hunter x Hunter? Dope af