Azizi Gibson - S.S.B. (100MPH) Lyrics

PreHistoric, metaphoric
Got a problem with the law then we floor it
OG shit, suck a dick, bitch

I do it for the niggas in the box
And my mama's dead pops
And the gun totin' niggas with the locks
And the hoes on the block
Don't forget the hard knocks, they the reason why a nigga real smart
I remember Tyrone, lil' hatin' ass nigga
But I bet the nigga real blown
Cause he broke as shit, ain't got a job, ain't got a bitch, and his little sister do porn
Don't forget Trey with the pills
Little backstabbin' nigga, don't give me liquor
I'mma fix the issue, I'mma get the missile
I ain't gonna miss you, family gonna miss you
Shit'll get physical just to clear up my mental
Look we can't enable crazy. Don't blame me nigga blame the God that made me
Don't do that if it bite the hands that feed me
So back up unless you want to box with satan
So, right now, my niggas trap for college
My niggas kill, but we all are scholars
We been broke but we all are ballers
And no bro its not about what's in your wallet
I forget shit sorta like watchamacallit
Fuck you nigga and your medal of armor
Betta' watch your back, pay up to karma
So fuck ya'll niggas I'm atomic bombin'
I got a big ego, plus a D ho sip Z.O backwards
And think bro about my destiny and if a ninja
Real or but fuck that shit I'm as real as it gets
Though fire in my heart I don't need a bic though
I'm mean joe green but without the kick folk I hopped out
The womb like what is my dick for? we're all God's sons...
Ya'll niggas better smoke sumn bitch if not you can suck
A dick niggas better know what it is. Z from the mother-
Fucking pre-historic crew we done made it out of hell
Nigga come and get a glimpse. now everybody really on his dick
Like an std with some herpies on the tip. baby girl don't care
Still wanna lick she'll do anything because she think
She getting rich fuck yo click fuck yo bitch fuck yo
Mom nigga fuck yo church I been this mean ever since my
Birth growing out limbs I don't even need dirt work work work work
Wack ass rappers always talking bout work
But they ain't did nothin' and just lyin' to the earth
So just break a nigga's neck and put his body in this hearse
Look, you want some scene with knowledge (nope)
You'll never know the secret of what's behind us
Need to read between the lines of obama
Now you know my shit just can't ask mama
Open up ya eyes or be flyin' behind me
Do like me leave the bullshit behind me
Tell 'em suck a dick and just keep on grinding
So in the pussy of your chick is where you'll find me

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Azizi Gibson S.S.B. (100MPH) Comments
  1. Mickey Paul Pafford

    Upsetting how underrated he is

  2. StrobeLightProductions

    Seriously good rapper

  3. Emilio Martinez

    Come back to Vancouver! You're fucking great live and that's hard to find these days!! Huge fan 👌🏾

  4. Wrothell Funchess

    Fire🔥🔥🔥 ,wanna see more from him

  5. beef noodle

    straight fire!🔥

  6. DirtyScience

    slept on so god damn hard


    DirtyScience somehow STILL slept on.

  7. Bryan Baker

    he's a fucking GOD

  8. James Roberto

    Azizi is a fucking rap god!

  9. 435Doozy

    Fuck them Flames tho 💯💯🔥🔥💨💨💨




    Lol bump