Azizi Gibson - Smoking With The Gods Lyrics

You dare to hold your knife to a ninja?
You must be king and your name must be Simba
I'm so high up, hit my head against Jesus
He called me a heathen, said I'm lucky that I'm breathing'
My bad God, I'm just getting lifted
He said 'oh shit, that's a spliff, let me hit it'
Wala, hopped in my lowrider, picked up Allah cause
We heard that he got the kush today
He been selling ye, he the weed man round the way
Sell you shit and he down to play since that gram he made every next day
Got it if you really into that
My nigga I do this, don't you dare pass the blunt to Judas
He a traitor motherfucker, are you stupid?
Man are you foolish? Turn down, fuck is ya'll doin'?
Shut the fuck up little nigga, keep it moving

Bitch I'm high but not high enough
Let's get more to roll
Let's get lit, hop up in a ship
Fly to space and go
Rollin' raws on our way to Mars, my house in the stars
Au revoir, let's get fucking high
You smoking with the gods

Bitch I'm high but not high enough
Let's get more to roll
Let's get lit, hop up in a ship
Fly to space and go
Rollin' raws on our way to Mars, my house in the stars
Au revoir, let's get fucking high
You smoking with the gods

Now Zeus?
That's my ace coon boon
Smoking all day, weed naps on the moon
Throwing lightning at you coward ass fools
Got Aphrodite and Athena in a room
Taking bong rips from my nigga Pharaoh out the tomb
We so loud, think we trippin' out on 'shrooms
This that good shit that make a hundred plans, don't do shit
The answer, take a whiff of this and hear music
I swear, I'm rollin' and all my weed is golden
This shit so strong, it's gotta be descendent of Odin
Said I feel so on, I hope I'm not fuckin' with no omens
My trees are gone, fuck it we gon' have to get some more then

Bitch I'm high but not high enough
Let's get more to roll
Let's get lit, hop up in a ship
Fly to space and go
Rollin' raws on our way to Mars, my house in the stars
Au revoir, let's get fucking high
You smoking with the gods

Bitch I'm high but not high enough
Let's get more to roll
Let's get lit, hop up in a ship
Fly to space and go
Rollin' raws on our way to Mars, my house in the stars
Au revoir, let's get fucking high
You smoking with the gods

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Azizi Gibson Smoking With The Gods Comments
  1. iheb ghanmi

    2020 ???

  2. Stoned420Guru

    when he said " and my trees all gone, fuck it we gonna have to get some more then , shiiiieeet" I really felt that.

  3. Anthony Dietz

    What is she saying at the beginning?? I think it's Thai

  4. عبدالرحمن عاشور

    اهْدِنَا الصِّرَاطَ الْمُسْتَقِيمَ صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنْعَمْتَ عَلَيْهِمْ غَيْرِ الْمَغْضُوبِ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلَا الضَّالِّينَ


  5. Parish Johnson

    Smoking with the Gods 2055 anyone🤘

  6. A3d6a9m -_- A4c2e0

    Damn I'm so high, I thought u pass the J...

    Edit: 2:57

  7. marcellus lafleur

    Bitch I'm high, but not high enough

  8. Drayton Pitts

    Got stoned at work on break.. I'm welder so I'll weld all day long for 10 hours.. anyway came back after break this song was jamming never heard it before on iHeartRadio and I just stopped and danced in the middle of the floor... I immediately paused it. Connected it to the shop Bluetooth anf the whole shop started bobbin

  9. Luis Ramos

    Isn’t it forbidden to depict any of some of these gods according to their religion 😂😂

  10. Luis Bill

    gods fingernails be nasty

  11. hateyouth

    Здарова из РФ

  12. Jazzy J

    Lit! most under rated fire track ever!!!

  13. Brandon Begay

    ive used song in so many smoke sessions with the homies, its cool

  14. TragicTsumi Stream

    tell me why I found a qr code leading me to this song

  15. Drayton Pitts

    Very good

  16. Sam uel

    I bet god is pissed as fuck that Jesus has gone off the rails

  17. Jordan Diane

    yo why tf my cart qr code send me here

  18. carmex barelskiis

    one of my favorite songs!
    mr gibson you are sooo handsome! yummy!💋

  19. googlo plex

    I'm high but not high enough let's get more to roll you smoking with the gods

  20. Noah Martinez

    I got here from a levitate cart bruh

  21. Necropire Official

    Most badass video ever i wish i was lit like Azizi with the Gods this is my smoking song from now on when I'm lit with Azizi hell yeah.

  22. chris

    I found the video because I scanned a QR code at the back of a wax cartridge pack

  23. Jesse

    Love this!

  24. Alexa Lee Taylor

    loved putting my catholic grandma on this <3

  25. HolidayState

    LEVITATE, if you know yk

    Ri Zzzz

    HolidayState yessir😂someone please explain this

  26. HolidayState


  27. BigChuloATX

    Who’s still listening ?

  28. Aaaa Bbb

    how tf is this songs barcode on the back of my dab carts package ??!

    alyse finch

    Ever figure it out? Does this mean the carts are fake??

    Aaaa Bbb

    idkk just randomly brought me here

  29. Jay Spence

    Jesus over drugs 😂

  30. NIHILIST 666

    Surreal lopoveee

  31. MetroTt

    Spit fire in 2019

  32. SPACE PANDA420

    He said oh shit its a spliff let me hit it

  33. Sir LagsAlot

    2019 and I’m still slapping this

  34. lina ch

    it's been years and I still can't find the meaning of what's said in the intro, help?

    Kushtrim Ballazhi

    Hey lina ch,

    After some fumbling with Google’s Translator, it spewed out “Su Kancha Man Pranchau.” Which is also “ సు కాంచ ద ప్రేంచౌ “ or even “Su kān̄ca da prēn̄cau.” Google identifies this language as Telugu.

    Wikipedia states
    [Telugu is a Dravidian language spoken in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and the union territories of Puducherry (Yanam) by the Telugu people.]

    The meaning behind the intro, “Su kān̄ca da prēn̄cau,” is still a mystery but at least I gave you a starting point.

    P.S. - if you do find the meaning, do you mind telling it here? Thanks and have a good day.

    Kushtrim Ballazhi

    Hey lina ch,

    Me again...

    On Google, if you translate “Su kān̄ca da prēn̄cau” from Hawaiian to English, then you will receive “Let them be skeptical.”

  35. Andrew Black

    Why game slept on this masterpiece

  36. Sagar Chawla

    Damn nigga, why you gotta bring Allah in this, i hope you know thats not cool. you gotta keep yo music safe for all yo audience.

  37. listerine strips

    lol this is funny

  38. Adrian G.

    Shit so strong, it's gotta be descended from Odin.
    Line's fucking classic.

  39. Thomas Cook

    Im must be living under a rock this shit go hard.

  40. Cody Wienke

    Imagine him and dizzy wright on a track

  41. Kyle Rush

    Wow thumbs up bro

  42. the best student

    My bad god I'm just getting lifted. He said oh shit that's a spliff lemme hit it

  43. Папа римский


  44. Juel Love


  45. Juel Love

    First song I ever heard.. done flooding u with my mania now haha. I just love this shit

  46. Patriot Teen

    damn taking me back to middle school and shi

  47. Ricky Taionkeo

    One of the most underated rappers in the game

  48. Malkawi4K

    Fuck youu 🖕🖕

  49. George George

    azizi let me smoke ur weed xD come to georgia !

  50. Nilanjan Chakraborty

    They been smokin in fronta green screen all that time.. kinda weird

  51. untitled_3.jpg


  52. Katrina Антонова

    Its fucking dopeeee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. Alexis Verday

    this song goes soooooooooooooooooooooooo hard

  54. Phantom.Kristall

    Like honestly worst/ best thing to watch stoned AS FUCK

  55. nurd 2end z

    0:38 he got dat real og rapper face

  56. Alex

    I missed this concert cus my mom sent me to a juvenile detention center OVER PUNCHING A FUCKING DOOR i was beyond pissed off

  57. Numb sad bad Fear tear changed

    Intro is say สูบกัญชากับพระเจ้า is my nation language thai language

    Sagar Chawla

    what does it mean?

  58. Ангелина Алешина

    Go in Moscow, pls.

  59. kabelo

    Looks like Jesus was freaking out..

    Smh it was probably his first time smoking

  60. Will Oblenes

    You must be king and your rhymes must be a dripping

  61. Erek E

    "..and my trees all goooooooone!!! FUCK IT, we gon have to get some more then shiiiit" -favorite line

  62. Super_Gotenks

    Ich bin Clark Kent!

  63. King Rez

    First heard this song in hs now I’m graduating college lol lit af

  64. J H

    Offset should hop on this lol

  65. Aaron Romero

    Azizi for xxl 2019

  66. [][][][]

    This was wild idk how to feel good job tho👏

  67. The ZooZ Experience

    didn't have to say anything to the super m bitch this is me on my christmas like no one besides me ever met Zeus Buddy Buddha Jesus Pal

  68. Azizi Gibson

    Get tickets to Backwards Books 2 Tour here:

    Aye Pursin



    See you in Az fam!!!!! Can't fkn wait. FKNBETS

    Lil Help

    Loved seeing this live in nashville #Prehistoric

    forrest gourney

    When your in cali lmk this song got me through some shiit

  69. Chiton Kid

    Let’s smoke, babe.

  70. Николай Миронович

    From Russia with love! You must be number One!

  71. Sebastian Cruz

    What a disrespect

  72. PaNdAz_AbYsS

    The most underrated rapper

  73. ojoe pasak

    ลองฟังดีๆคนไทย 0.07 สูบกัญชากับพระเจ้า

  74. Miss Miller

    my favorite song for sure, thank you Azizi you're the Man💯✌️❤️

  75. Miss Miller

    that part, still here in 2018!!! 💯✌️❤️

  76. Frankie Ramos

    4 years later and this still is fire swear

  77. Leo Butchaiwang Phanichphant

    สูบกัญชากับพระเจ้า at the beginning tho 😂😃

  78. TheDarKnight 57

    444 triggered religious-freaks.

  79. Aneeson Collins

    I can't believe this ain't remixed

  80. no__one

    lit * -* <3

  81. I Definitely Don't Worship Satan


  82. Cristiano Maestro

    that beat

  83. Jeremy Santos

    3 years later still underrated but we love it tho

  84. qizaai—暁

    2018? 🔥🔥

  85. Christopher Briggs

    2018 still slaps

  86. Gloria Woke Garcia

    all time favee , no doubt . spark it 🔥🎵

  87. Oscar

    directed by Bole Cenett

  88. Guilherme Tomas

    I just think it was wack of them to have a portrayal of allah bc yer not supposed to do that according to islam

  89. Elciro

    420 dislike <3 amazing xD

  90. Alvin Haze

    My people y’all sleeping on my mans azizi

  91. Johnluke Garcia

    We're can I get that bong at 0:16 I need it

  92. Jordan Sailors

    even god spoke through the burning bush

  93. Jonnyb 710

    Underrated af

  94. Isaiah Macias


  95. Zane Rasmussen

    Happy 420 🔥

  96. Minato Namikaze

    Happy 4/20!

  97. Jay Mason

    Jesus was black