Azizi Gibson - Rings Lyrics

Sometimes I just don't feel like writing shit

Everybody in my business
What the fuck is this?
But shit, how are you tonight?
I don't really give a shit, I'm just asking just to be nice my nigga
What's a real rapper anyway?
I bet you want better nigga
Fuck your prototype
I'm the real shit nigga, right here nigga
In your right ear with it
All you don't want to see me with the hands
Me and my mans, finna to start a fight
You better watch your ass
Before my niggas come through and slump your ass
And if you smoke like me, bring your weed
Let's get high as a kite
I got an ounce of weed
So all the fly bitches come smoke with me

It's about to go down, got my folks around
Got all my niggas in town (ayyyye)
It's about to go down, got my folks around
Got all my niggas in town
It's about to go down, (PH) got my folks around
Got all my niggas in town
It's about to go down, (Brainfeeder too) got my folks around
Got all my niggas in town

I'm about to blast off
Two months ago I remember me getting my cast off
Broke my shit in the middle of the street
On a bike that I copped from craigs dog
But look, lucky I ain't broke my leg dawg
LA rich but they can't fix a pot hole
Got these S.W.A.T. teams and these government things
They ain't never gonna end till I die though
But look I'm a young desperado
AKA young nigga eating tacos
I've seen the world with my eyes closed
Boy, you sound like an asshole
You're not fully developed, you like a tadpole
My brain E and J (ed) on his ass tho
But don't let that nigga drink no more
Swear to God he moving in slo-mo
You need to recollect and find go yourself
Cause we ain't fucking around we finna intercept
All the intellect
And the shit you rep
It's about to be ours we done sign the check
Take your vaccine and get over the shit
Hustle the flow nigga better whip that trick
Snuggle a ho and tell her to suck that dick
Cause she ain't shit but Ima bounce back bitch!
We infiltrated the system
Now we on a roll like Mega Man's sister
Now you niggas is seeing my wisdom
Better see that than your ass in prison
You can't do math you not in my division
What the fuck you mean? You my competition
Cut these niggas like a circumcision
Now the world trying to get me [?]
I just do me, fuck the fancy bullshit
Love my supporters but really I don't mean shit
Do my music cause it makes me feel good
Dope ass label Brainfeeder in the real hood
Label of the year, my nigga what's really good?
You under us, my nigga get it understood
We don't feed the animals
Nigga what you talking blood
I'm talking high we ain't even even smoking drugs
I see your endorphins cause
I get high off of our love
We don't got to fucking wear gloves
Cause I know about these hoes my love
You suck, nigga pay off my bucks
Before I stuff your ass in my trunk
And you get dumped nigga

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Azizi Gibson Rings Comments
  1. Angel Hernandez

    Dope still listening

  2. carlos anavisca

    lol i went to his concert with under achievers his music was bumpin alot of love

  3. ruggedboyuzi1425

    This is the best song ever swear to god <3

  4. Joel Gigax

    Azizi Gibson leading the underground movement

  5. Marty McFly

    Sick ass shit!!!

  6. James Underhill

    Brain feeder prob does, the underachievers tweeted about this mixtape

  7. Luis Thirdeye

    yea thats wassup BrainFeeder do u like The UnderAchievers?
    ..... check out the omem an other vids on my channel you might like em

  8. Josh Tobian

    This shit is so smooth and sick. Been bumping this mixtape since it came out