Azizi Gibson - Rihanna Lyrics

I'ma make you mine tonight
Let's get a little wine tonight
So I can get closer and closer to you
Just one touch and I'll make my move
The distance between me and you is
Breaking me down, I can't confuse this
My love is here, please don't refuse it
The way you move I'm going stupid

Can you make it rock? Ooh na na
I can't wait 'til tonight 'cause I am, ready for you, ready for you
Can you make it rock? Ooh na na
I can't wait 'til tonight 'cause I am, ready for you, ready for you

The sun don't shine but we still have you
I don't need time if I just have you
I love your ass, please send nudes
If it ain't you then it ain't true
I know you're the one
Know that you are made for me baby
I'm not here for fun, there's not parting ways with me baby
I just wanna make you life better
Not just the night
I just wanna make your legs quiver
The time for a new life

Can you make it rock? Ooh na na
I can't wait 'til tonight 'cause I am, ready for you, ready for you
Can you make it rock? Ooh na na
I can't wait 'til tonight 'cause I am, ready for you, ready for you

Can you make it rock? Ooh na na
I can't wait 'til tonight 'cause I am, ready for you, ready for you
Can you make it rock? Ooh na na
I can't wait 'til tonight 'cause I am, ready for you, ready for you

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Azizi Gibson Rihanna Comments
  1. I like Youtube

    Lmaoooo this is so bizarre lmaoooo


    Best song!!! I love u

  3. Dasha Malkevych

    This song makes me suck my girlfriends dick

  4. Jeremy Santos

    This shit should be at a billion views

  5. Madison Kunaiti

    Picture Mick Jenkins featured and
    Smoke dza with Azizi The Great

  6. Makhosini Siyabonga Nzima

    "I love your ass, send me nudes"😹🔥

  7. Key Jimmy

    Feeling it from Algeria 🤟❤

  8. Key Jimmy

    Feeling it from Algeria 🤟❤

  9. Chef Stanley

    Do a song with tech n9ne!

  10. Codi Kader

    Found this song on Spotify and I'm obsessed ❤

  11. kovalik

    This song got me laid I think thanks Zizi

  12. Mukiri KING

    2019 still here like

  13. Jeremy Santos

    We in Seattle in November my geez fuck you mean

  14. Eduard


  15. Francis Montes

    No naked bitches , good music awesome video


    I love you man

  17. Alexander Bulychev

    хорошая музыка братан!


    Hidden gem

  19. Jeremy Santos

    I'm so mad how this shit ain't at a billion n shit fuck goin on? This shit slap

  20. Iulia Kay

    Ready for you 🔥

  21. DextrorseSmoker

    Why tf all these people watchin but not subscribin

    P.S Much love to you Azizi my man

  22. Azaan Smally Hirji

    Track is waaaaay too under-rated! 🔥🔥🔥 #ShoutOutFromTanzania!

  23. Jude Ghang

    When a girl ask me what is my fav song i just send this.

  24. Chino Linkavitch

    Azizi 👌 🔥

  25. genti mamo

    God gave you amazig talent bro . Praise the Lord

  26. Narko Man

    His voice reminds me of Nate Dogg...

  27. Danyelle Ealey

    What genre on music is this?

  28. men.i

    Same beat. Different writing. Don't let the Industry keep you at a plato.

  29. supa savage

    Track starts off so promising and then gets weak


    supa savage sorry you feel that way bout this dope ass track

  30. Elle Mcgilbra

    Who do you have editing mixing and synchronizing your videos because they are trash on god. Material is fire plus the track. But I could do better on the final cut

  31. Andrei Musetescu

    The beginning is like nothing I've ever heard

    pedro h1

    one dance

  32. My penis is incredibly tiny, but

    Das tuff

  33. Mariana Netto

    omg im love with ur songs!!!!!!! youre magic man

  34. Azizi Gibson

    Get tickets to Backwards Books 2 Tour here:

    Betty R


    Jeremy Santos

    Nigga how nobody jumping on this yo this video should be at a fuckin billion bruh we gonna support homie watch.

    Tom Harvey

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY g. The moon is in half tonight for libra! Stay the king of originality. Fan since first album.

  35. Terry Hughes

    I fell in love as soon at that amazing beat dropped 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. shpala

    Охуенно, птичка в клетке!

  37. Twisted Legend


  38. Anton Kazmerchuk

    And grown-man lyrics only make it better

  39. Anton Kazmerchuk

    This song is just so good, 100% hit, currently still a sleeper hit. The groove TAKES you, especially the chorus. The chorus is completely majestic. I am blown away by this song. Thanks man for this one!

  40. Sergio Espejo

    I love this new style of his.

  41. Ali Sleiman

    ma che cazzo stai facendo ???!!

  42. Hot Shot

    This dude sounds like Mick Jenkins

  43. TektonicShifteR


  44. Black Dragon

    this is like some type of dancing music...i LOVE IT...but i can't

  45. Jereth Lozano

    Damn my nigga blew up most song only got 1k views keep at at brother Z 💯💯🐲🔥

  46. Rodolpho ZM

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 luv you Bro ✌🔥

  47. Alyssa Thomas

    Okay just shoot ys shot😂

  48. hiphophead555


    YouTube Watcher

    hiphophead555 what is cringe?


    YouTube Watcher literally everything!!!

  49. Elciro

    the way you dance xD nah for real nice song :)

  50. blacktruthtelevision

    This Video is Now Playing


    I remember when this had 30k views now its blowing up 🔥🔥🔥

  52. polished rust

    Would love to smoke a blunt with azizi and hear his take on life and space.stay up bro nice to see you getting bigger.

  53. danielle y

    what is up with all these songs being named after celeberties?? 😂

  54. Kaiba

    if your youtube account is tied to your google account and your google account is tied to google, does entering in certain search queries / phrases into Google get you better recommended's?


    I think it does


    I think I just found out something major


    I think I just made my youtube a safer place

  55. Bestia GeoNic

    You have a big future coming on.🔥

  56. ilyeso apichou


  57. mukiri king

    now i know ...azizi first time to hear your?kenya was here

  58. SleepyAK

    Azizi is so underrated

  59. 710gold Miner

    My type music since 2014

  60. Clxssy- TiLt

    You look so much younger in The Statement 😩

  61. Themba Leshaba

    Zizi the boss 🔥

  62. Xa Cerase

    Damn, this is wack. I haven't listened to mans in a while hope he's better than this.

  63. F.E.R Officiel

    too much AZIZI GIBSON not hesitate to subscribe to my youtube channel is take a look thank you america

  64. Daniil Kravtsov

    This is amazing! Why you still doesn’t popular !? 😩

  65. Kana Beats

    this man has some of the most eclectic music ever haha

  66. skamster29

    Thank for your music, bro!

  67. Will Donohue

    In the beginning he sounds like DRAM

  68. RAD 19 N

    Love song 👌

  69. Veoz

    This is hella lit, greetings from Germany💪🇩🇪

  70. Vinyl Rec.

    from Russia with Love!!!!

  71. BLK13

    This joint is going to hit the club having everybody just grinding on each other 🔥

  72. mctzprap

    Слушаю эту песню по кругу 30 раз...это крэк какой-то!

  73. Ousman

    im sorry z, but i didnt feel this one

  74. Cybin Shroom

    corny sellout

  75. Its FitJess


  76. D P

    Azizi is where it's at

  77. Elif


  78. Brianna Alvarado

    Still in love!

  79. Suscept

    make more chill music azizi! so good!

  80. Moises

    Not exactly my kind of music but this is golden

    Gloria Fox

    Awesome jam my son got me to listen to his music now im hooked

  81. Bianca Da Drummer

    I been here since pillow talk 😍🤷🏼‍♀️💯

  82. fuck_crunk

    awesome mahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  83. KA JA


  84. Papi Andre

    u gonna make it big just dont stop with your music this mainstream artists aint nothing like you i just hope u never go commercial and stick to your style

  85. Bernard Heiferburger


  86. yung malikai

    Azizi is the future

  87. Bailey Beck

    “i love your ass plz send nudes”

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  89. Jonathan Tamba

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    It’s fucking stupid how someone this talented could be so underrated

  92. Jeremy Santos

    Summer vibes 🔥🔥🔥

  93. Sayboy Yohan


  94. Дмитрий Михайлов

    Nice track! Hello from Russia!

  95. atsa atsa

    yo azizi we bumpin it in brazil

    R U G A L 7

    atsa atsa de verdade

    Stacie Hansen

    Bumping it in Idaho USA🤣😂

    Rodolpho ZM


  96. Nissi fyfe

    I'm in love with the song

  97. Malefetsane Gwyneth

    Azizi Gibson you the best ❤️💥💯