Azizi Gibson - Polidicks Lyrics

"Dear Mr. President
I put this lovely letter together today for you
I hope you aren't too busy to read it

Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Aye nigga don't play us
Tired of sitting in the shower
You niggas don't fade us
Even after all these times
You really don't pay us
You said [?] country was clowns
I'm a hop out the rood right now
Merk everyone in this bitch then bounce
You niggas have gone too far
Okay you niggas have gone too far
Okay you niggas have gone too far
Okay you niggas have gone too far

Yeah, yeah, I'm in this bitch, [?] get to the shit
Go 'head hand me a clip, go grab some sticks, light up the tips
'Cause we an angry mob with fire, we gonna make sure you fried
Torture you on sight, we finna let you die
We don't give a shit about what we've been told
Cause we gonna be here when you old people gone
Why we tryna make sense about some shit you don't know
They tryna raise rent when everything for you is cold

I don't get the problem
We tryna figure out
Thought you guys wanted to buy a bigger truck [?] like that
No? no guns anybody? okay
Like honestly, how the fuck is somebody who's never grown up in the environment that I've grown up in, hung around them motherfucking niggas we grew up around, people we hang around with today, how the fuck is someone like that, tell me, [?]
I'm tryna figure out what you made it out of
[?] or where you actually came from
I wanna figure out what resources you have, cause mother fucker we ain't have none
Resources ain't even in the vocabulary shit, hahaha
[?] what you really doing for us, right now

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