Azizi Gibson - Misguided Lyrics

You little lonely bitch
Little phony prick
Nigga why so stiff?
Nigga it's okay
I won't punch your face
But I got something to say
I'm tired of your lies
I'm tired of trying
They been denying
They in denial of my sense of style
It just makes me smile
Mother fucker pipe down

I see what's in front of me
And I need all of ya'll
To get the fuck from we
All you shooters get the fuck from we
Can everyone please step awayyyy
Back the fuck up
Give me my spaaace

I switch it up real nice
Cause I'm off the ounce
Ima bounce right now
Why you niggas throwing salt tonight
Do forget who put you on
You ain't up on the one [?]
Sorry you ain't on the list tonight
Just trill niggas trill bitches on the spot
And we going up tonight
Don't let life go to waste shit face

Yeah we getting turnt tonight
Let's be gooone
No let's stay here
We'll chill for a bit
We'll have one drink
Fuck it let's get ripped

I won't be looong
I must keep goooing
This shits anoooying
Better watch your tooone
Headed straight for the throne
Got my gun to your dooome
Maaan, I'm tired of you bitch ass mother fuckers trying to say I ain't got style
Now you want to ride my dick
Please make up your mind
Your bitch tip toed over here in jordans
Ima take her ass down
She said, "Z, will you wait for me?"
I said, "Okay... Psych!"
Bitch I'm leaving then I'm gone
And I ain't never coming back
I ain't got time for the bullshit
I say that on all my tracks
I don't give a fuck who you are or what you rep
You niggas ain't real
You meals

We gon' have a feast to that
We gon' have a feast to that
We gon' have a feast to that

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Azizi Gibson Misguided Comments
  1. Angel Torres


  2. Charlie Lozoya

    Bitch i'm leaving then I'm gone
    And I ain't never coming back
    I ain't got time for the bullshit
    I say that on all my tracks
    I don't give a fuck who you are or what you rep
    You niggas ain't real
    You meals 🔥💯

  3. Biily Nutblast

    That "I switch it up real niiice" so clean goosebump shit

  4. NEL_ TH3rd

    This shit still slaps harder than a stepdad

  5. Jeremy R

    Verry often i wake up and i have this song in my head . Love it so much

  6. Flako 710

    I've been listening to Azizi for a solid 8+ years he's still my favorite I even got to meet him at his concert in Tucson back in 2016! Shit was lit.

  7. 710gold Miner

    His music had me feel soo Damn weird in such a good ass way ,azizi got the melody

  8. noah shaffer

    rip aziz

  9. Elciro

    bralessssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!1 xD nah for real sick song

  10. Leo Papas


  11. Jaay

    NZ rep!!!

  12. Gabriel Varney

    Arizona Gibson x Post Malone 🤟🏽😛

    Guided Being

    Gabriel Varney lol spell check rekt you??lol ..

  13. Minato Namikaze

    Happy 4/20! - 2018

  14. Leo Papas

    omfgggggg gave me the chills i love this song but i never got to see the video... i swear Z could sing anything an i would fall in love all over again with him an bump what the fuck ever he sings all day everydayyy.

  15. Jeremy R

    One of the best one fo sure

  16. Jeremy R

    This song is just a fucking pure amazing super méga Nice song

  17. Trey O'Driscoll

    This into is my alarm for the morning. It's heaven 🤣🤣👌

  18. zaya SPRAYA

    sick with it.

  19. Vatican Winters

    Real shit

  20. jacob mcafee

    She's trynna sell her soul for him but he's saying it's to late aha duck yeah Z ph till death

  21. 47most SOON

    This is a fucking masterpiece

  22. JB 02

    2017 anyone, don't like just asking haha.

  23. M.A Studio

    tech n9ne vibez

  24. Diverge Spirit

    its like Ludacris and kid kudi had a kid

  25. Diverge Spirit

    this guy can't make a bad sing

  26. X E N O

    Makes me wanna have somebody in my life again... Fuck is the world waiting for to embrace Azizi?? 🤔🤔

  27. Tyrell

    please make an instrumental version of this

  28. Deemz The Mage

    hes sounds abit like joe budden in this song

  29. Cheereo Bravo

    Ok WHAT THE FUCK!!!! All Azizi shit is good. Even the tracks I ain't crazy about is better then most other rappers. But I swear to God.....this nigga ALWAYS picks my LEAST FAV tracks to make video's for. WHO THE FUCK pics his singles? I think he would've BEEN blown up, (or at least got a lil more attention) if he just picked better singles. The DJ Khaled track is like the only 1 of my favs that he's made a video for. That, and "The Statement." Everything else, been the tracks that I be skipping. SMDH. Cmon man. Drop a video for "Prince George" or "Tropicana." Now thems my shit!

  30. julia Pollerana

    Thank you.

  31. Jacob Williamson

    Since Mankind.

  32. Mitch Mueller

    Man I just found out about this guy, all his stuff is so nice.


    Been with Zi since he dropped "The Collection Of Nothing"

  33. apackofred100s


  34. Js Deann

    been in love wit Z since I found him❤

  35. Adam H

    reaper apostle till death

  36. Cain perryman

    yea we gettin turnt tonight

  37. GML20

    Not gonna lie, azizi fans are some of my favorites. I love looking through these comments and seeing exactly what I'm thinking

    47most SOON

    You just read my mind, there ya go! :)

  38. The Chickenwizard

    he sounds like mick jenkins

  39. Ousman

    I dont give a shit about what people say about this video, its original and creative

    47most SOON

    This video is amazingly mysterious and creative. The producing is very good.

    Joel Gonzalez

    TheELLanOs its like he showing a glimpse of some Illuminati sacrifice

  40. Cory Lewis

    I had them contacts before back in middle school

  41. theFunk Nugget

    i love your music but this was just wack.


    +Billyy Bopps hahaha very funny 😂😂 good one tho 👍

    Phil V

    fuck nugget

  42. Tri Force


    Soso Lobi

    LOL :')

  43. Brendan Anderson


  44. beast junior

    "that's why i keep the psythe close to my side"
    still one of my favorite azizi tracks, dope every time

    Haydan Ehresman

    Bruhhh that's not even in this song or this mixtape in general!!! I'm not hating just saying

    Alex Gardner

    +Pebbles Suck i know exactly what it's from i just figured that quote was relevant because he is walking around with a huge psythe the entire video

    Haydan Ehresman

    +Alex Gardner hahaha I understand and that whole verse in explosive is one of favs be azizi as well

    Alex Gardner

    +Pebbles Suck facts

  45. ThiCity Pro

    Just beautiful!

  46. Jose Banda

    Azizi is going to blow up

    †capellus RD

    Jose Banda didnt happen bro i was hoping 2


    @†capellus RD truth hurts

  47. G Davidson

    Well fuck yeah.

  48. Everette Alonge

    I just smoked a oil bowl through my nose to this lol I got my wisdom teeth pulled today

  49. Everette Alonge

    this is a dope ass song but this was a pretty weird music video

    Evan b

    Everette Alonge ....maybe you should just shhhhhh and vibe with the music AND the video. Let the reaper fill your soul

  50. t - quit

    dope af

  51. soflo 32

    Been listening to azizi Gibson since 2013 still bringing out dope music . Keep it up my nigga

    Adam H

    Band of the hawk started it all for me

  52. Chase Knapp

    Good ass song but Azizi bro, stop bein so fuckin weird lmfao


    +Chase Knapp yeah someone should have told that to Lennon....smh.


    fuck no let him stand out

    G Davidson

    +Kipper Exactly

  53. A Dolan

    Kamandi and Azizi are fucking geniuses!

  54. will killa

    this nigga mixed with kendrick, kid Cudi , j.cole, drake wtf yup hip hop will be ok

  55. ThatsITBuddy

    the demonds are strong with this one

  56. ThatsITBuddy

    the demonds are strong with this one

  57. ThatsITBuddy

    demonds are strong with this one

  58. boltspeedman35

    Life changing song right here

  59. Nathan Marquez

    prehistoric till death fam

  60. Jasmine

    This video is lit, Azizi unique as fuck

  61. Elijah Rose

    kid cudi at 1:25

  62. Zach Hicks

    such fire

  63. Nate Welsh

    Watch this with CC on it's hilarious

    Forgotten Moon

    on one part it said
    obama staff


    "The Italian classes at a tranny bended nanny" wtf

  64. Vanessa Rocha

    Bom pra caralho

  65. Jason McCord

    Dudes a beast thats that, and thats all it ever will

  66. Matt Bell

    definitely going to see big things coming from this dude right here. just wait

  67. Nicholas Mwaniki


  68. dashor59

    zizi means dick in french

  69. elfalco101

    when the fuck are people gonna stop sleepin aziz

  70. Roland Smári Einarsson

    Liking the Hopsin style contacts ;) This is straight fire.

  71. juan rodriguez

    His videos are always a little weird but I fuck with his songs too heavy to have any real judgement on whatever the concept of the video is but with more repetition I find them to be pretty dope & maybe a bit more spiritual

  72. Kelby Wakeman

    bro wish more your jams would flow into spotify

  73. zigXzagXzigga

    This shit goes hard

  74. LaxCadoe

    Just bought his album and ep this guy needs to blow up. Come to Austin Texas soon azizi !

  75. 33tbird

    Good shit your time is coming

  76. SamTheWicked

    Azizi luv

  77. Jeremydog37

    Finally getting some of the views he needs

  78. Mugiwara No Luffy

    Azizi definitly in my top 10 rappers on this moment!

  79. tanner kallay

    This dude is a music genius i swear

  80. Christian Morales

    Dope af azizi coming up

  81. Mal Psi

    make more videos bro ;) ur music is sickk !!

  82. Allen Santos

    azizi is the shit

  83. Kirk Kimberly

    Fuckin love it as always

  84. Gerardo Loya

    Z killing it as usual

  85. Isley Joy

    Azizi bringing anime back into the mix. Lol.

  86. Jim Toots

    Love your style man keep doing what you're doing because it's changing the rap game for real

  87. Emdawg209

    This would be such a dope anime

  88. Heightened Sense

    The Next Generation Has Landed.

  89. JayRoddy

    pretty dope and sick visuals.. i'm up & coming, check me out when you get a chance!!

  90. Zzeeshu boy

    Awesome video......a must watch one.

  91. Jaren Urbina

    sounds like tyler...

  92. Benzo 777

    zizi tripping off 2 many shrooms these days lol good vid

  93. FlapCream

    great stuff man

  94. Warlock Vibes

    looks like death can be good when it saves life of woman

  95. Carlos’thecopyninja

    Do another LA show !

  96. TDGxxUnDeAd

    Loved azizi since day 1, misguided is one of my favorites too but I don't understand this video

  97. Jeremydog37

    Z raw like always!

  98. Anna Wilkinson