Azizi Gibson - Grim Guide Lyrics

How do I keep it gangster till I die?
Here's what I found on the web for "How do I keep it gangster till I die?"

All my niggas gonna ride, we don't give a fuck
All we know is southside till our time is up
Yup, roll a few blunts when this shit get tough
And find a bad bitch, I need to bust a nut
Got to much stress, need to loosen up
I need to pour a cup, get the goose rushed
And bitch your mouth stink, get that toothbrush
And you better step back 'fore I do bust
Cause I got motherfuckin' issues
And I don't give a fuck if you brought a gun with you
No this shit is not a fuckin' game
Don't let this shit poke your brain
Nigga, I ain't tryna clean the stain
Nigga, don't you even make a peep
Don't front like you want the beef
Before we have to put your ass to sleep
Like rock-a-bye baby
Is it time to die? Maybe
Few bullets, I'll be gravy
It's fuck you, pay me
Living life is hard, 'specially when you come from the dark, all they say is see God
Get pussy, get robbed, you ain't teach us shit, blame yourself, stop hatin' on the cause
Roll up in the 'Rar, let's get high, you are now smokin' with the gods
What the fuck the odds? We gon' live large, but my niggas won't live long
No, this shit can't be the end
Gotta die for my pride, I ain't worried 'bout friends
No, you can have the jams
I just want a few bitches and a muthafuckin' Benz
Two dogs in the fence
Give my girl a little something so she know that she exists
And some kis for me to flip
Because I'm on some gangster shit
And I don't depend on shit
But nigga that's how it is

These little busta out here?
They don't know how to act player

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