Azizi Gibson - Crown Violet Lyrics

Look and see what I see kid
My shoes don't fit, and my breath stinks and I
Don't know where this is
It could be hell it could be heaven and I
Don't know what the difference is
My phone don't work, my glasses broken
Now I can't see shit, and all my friends have got me so dirt

My nigga
Picture me high as shit
But don't try hard because I always am
Took me to the place that make sense
Cherry fields with girls with big tits
I just want to take a little dip
Go skydive and learn this heel flip
I just want to stay a same kid
Never grow up, never got to college
Wanna run around and make friends
Toes in the grass, wanna feel freedom
Tap into my ki
Meditate to the life this slowly
Use powers within
Heal the world before 4: 30
Those are the thoughts within
But I know it's never gonna happen

Last thing on a nigga mind was his education
Grew up learning was my number one weapon in an altercation
Never change your mind little boy don't be persuaded
Just keep the backwoods rolled up, sowed up, get hella faded
Smoke some bitch, my niggas trying to live it, get rich, give back to the kids and some more shit
My homie and got a bitch, cops always on my shit, always riding my dick
What's wrong with getting high
No one ever dies all we do is get fly
You're losing your pride, losing your life, if you're not worried about mine
Don't like our ways, fuck what they say, I'm going
I'm up and away, I'm not here to stay, I'm leaving
This wasn't my pass, this is my ass I'm rollin
Fuck you, have a nice day, peace, homie I'm going

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Azizi Gibson Crown Violet Comments
  1. xZeles

    why the fuck does this only have 19k views

  2. Michael Daniels

    My number 1 favorite rapper im telling everyone i can to look you uo man keep it up! Your amazing i love your music

  3. Andrew Wilhite

    Legalize weed!

  4. Mr. Didaro-san

    It's amazing 🔥

  5. Devonte Alberts

    Yor time inevitable i promise you

  6. David Posada

    Azizi's definitely one of my favorite rappers and artists. You can just connect with this shit and I feel it ya know my guy.

  7. Shawnzilla P

    “Fuck you, have a nice day, peace homie I’m going” goosebumps for daze

  8. Joshua Bogard

    Still a banger bro keep it up can't wait to see you in Texas again when you come back

  9. Kody Kretchmer

    My all time favorite Azizi!