Azizi Gibson - Boom Rewind Lyrics

Go, go, go
Muthafuckin Z y'all

Ey, bitch I'm yo bread and butta
I put these niggas down like they in the gutta
But they ain't bout this life they just muthafuckas
Yeah they just muthafuckas
But look you lil muthafuckas
You lucky that your sista and yo mama love us
If it's not for them I swear you would be 6 feet under
Yeah I swear you would be 6 feet under
That's the bitch you put your feelin at
That's a whole lot of money you ain't used to yet
No offense but that's somethin' that you niggas get
That's somethin' that you niggas get
You need to learn to manage money
If not you won't ever go to Benihanas
So get used to french fries and that shit McDonalds
Yeah that shit McDonalds
I'm only here to fuck you up
At least get you jealous so you make some buck
Cause you pussy ass niggas look like givin' up
I swear you look like givin' up
You wanna be a friend of mine?
Well I'm sorry cause you don't even know how to grind
So don't ask me for a friendship bitch you're out of line
And eyes on you niggas out of line
Cause I got mine
So get your shit together
And even when it's light
I feel like a feather (float away)
Fuck you lil niggas cause I'm doin' better
And now that nigga gettin' better

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