Azizi Gibson - Bass Lyrics

I give to you... thanks [evil laugh]

Okay give a shit if you speak
Motherfucker we don't ever learn we teach
And we guarded by the best we can never be beat
Shit we black as they come we can never be bleach sheesh
I creep, tell Z [?]
But I'm lovin' this life everything's lovely
Nigga you can be the bitch that's the dog in me
Lucky that my mom and dad they made me
Gave me the soul and chance to live free
But I ain't care till a nigga turned 18
Now I'm 24 minus 2 livin' on the scene
Realized the key to life it ain't grief
For me it's a happiness [?]
Dumb niggas like 'uhh that ain't make sense'
Motherfuck you and your ugly ass bitch
Got no ass got no tits
Just a round mouth to suck yo' dick
To a real G nigga that ain't make no sense
Fuck your job nigga rap pay rent
Rich as they come you got me bent
Just a cool nigga it was not out yet
Lookin' at the box ever since I was six
Or back when I found the first hairs on my dick
Wait for a nigga start smokin' on these cigs
Fuckin' these hoes
Rollin' these spliffs
Doin' this rap
Hustlin' to live
[?] Kid's got the humor in this bitch
Take 2 of these call a nigga 'round six
Ima roll up we'll all get lit
Change the dimensions at least take a pic
So we know that it's real not some bullshit in the spirit
Open up your mind 'cause your ears can't hear it
Do-si-do and a nigga don't see shit
Must be 'cause a nigga got these new tints
Got pulled over 'cause a nigga lookin' cool as shit
Ask my chick they took her whip
I know I'm off topic but fuck these pigs
The only reason why a God killer can't live
Lemme finish this weed then I'll pass it to the kids

(Sup lil' nigga, you wanna hit the end of this roach? Be a fuckin' man and shit? Let's go! Yeah lil' nigga)
You can kill my roach
You can kill my roach
You can kill my roach
Get a hit of this dope
Betta' clear your throat
Nigga please don't choke
(Murder that, I wrote [?])
Never cross this moat
Let alone beat this slope
Azizi Gibson hopes
Got my invisibility cloak

And I'm gone
Lil nigga
Honestly, what the fuck is the point of you even fucking point of you? fucking waste of nut
PreHistoric Crew, Brainfeeder

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Azizi Gibson Bass Comments
  1. Steven Schmitt

    I don’t get it

  2. Keenan Davids

    Got my invisibility cloak... still bumpin

  3. over dose

    your music is amazing for trips bro, thx I'm gone rn

  4. Reggie Regg

    One Way Guess you didn't know

  5. Gennosuke G


  6. Reppin Seattle 79

    the RAWEST shit ive ever heard!!

  7. BigBabyJesus

    Shit goes hard.

  8. Copernicus117

    Yea I know right

  9. KissMyMusicJAT

    FLOW is TOO sick breh breh!