Azealia Banks - Your Heir Lyrics

I wish I could bare your heir
Mix your skin with my hair
I declare it's not fair
It's not fair

So meet me on the next plane
I hope it's possible there
Let us stick to the upper lane
I think he's already there
So meet me on the next plane
I heard it's possible there
Let us stick to the upper lane
Maybe he's already there, yeah

Imagine your strong hands, my thick hands
The plans manifest, our nest, where's our crust?
True success
True success, yeah

So meet me on the next plane
I hope it's possible there
Let us stick to the upper lane
I think she's already there
So meet me on the next plane
I heard it's possible there
Let us stick to the upper lane
I think she's already there

Or maybe they'll be born elsewhere
Maybe they're out there
I see them with my minds eye, I feel them near
Surely they're out there
We could be a family

So meet me on the next plane
I know it's possible there
Let us stick to the upper lane
I know they've always been there
So meet me on the next plane
I know it's possible there
Let us stick to the upper lane
I know they've always been there

(But I) wonder how they go (let's get ready)
(But I) wonder where they'll come (let's get ready)
(But I) wonder what they'll have for us to remember

Get ready
Get ready
Get ready
Get ready

Let's get ready
Let's get ready
Let's get ready
Let's get ready

Our training regimen
Meditation, organisation, communication, repeat
Our training regimen
Meditation, organisation, communication, repeat

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Azealia Banks Your Heir Comments
  1. Josh Brown

    Took months to finally love this

  2. Luca Mancinelli

    this song is so good but she either needs to fix the chorus or get another talented female artist who can sing the chorus in that range and doing that will make this song polished

  3. SuperBruno666

    Unapologetic bitch 😘

  4. Rue Jun 97

    A beautiful mysterious beast waiting to be unleashed

  5. Aku The Shapeshifter

    i promise i gave AB half of these views🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

  6. acruz92

    Such an incredibly beautiful song.

  7. Garrett Nickerson

    beautiful lyrics

  8. XCocoaCutieX

    I'm really feeling this song. Azealia is so talented, I wanna see homegirl win

  9. Rue Jun 97

    Wow her vocal range is amazing here

  10. Eslah Yecal

    it breaks my heart that AB isnt mainstream! shes wayyyy better than/ or as good as other artists but doesn't get get recognised.... it might b a good thing tho bc other artists get recognized they get wayyy too mainstream.... i love u azealia banks dont ever stop ur style

  11. Cory R

    This is a really genius song and her singing technique on this song is just beyond special. One day ya'll will appreciate it.

  12. Orsorton Laroche

    This dynamic...

  13. Lucas H.

    Vocal queen Azealia Banks!! 💜💐 take my money

  14. Atualizandoplaylist Now

    this music is simphony

  15. Bree D

    Shit, this is good.

  16. Mike Coby

    My own autographed copy from Azealia Banks just came in the mail today. I'm almost crying!!!!

  17. tgx

    If she wasn't a looney medication needing tri-polar moron she may be applauded for some talent. But because she is an azz hole cunt to people she will never be remembered for crap. Artists work hard for our dollars and to be recognized..she doesn't deserve shit..

  18. Source Truth

    I keep coming back to this song.

  19. Nick Flores


  20. xGeishaLTBx

    I just absolutely LOVE Azealia Banks !!! ❤️ she’s so unique!!!!

  21. Simba TheGreat

    She’s making it so hard for me to continue stanning. Her lastest beef with Kenny beats and Rico nasty angers me greatly. I love Rico nasty.

    Simba TheGreat

    Source Truth clearly I do tf. I’ve been stanning since 2012. Eventually enough is enough.

    Simba TheGreat

    Professor Emil she texted Kenny Beats from a random number telling him Rico Nasty’s latest album was trash and that she didn’t like it. Then she personally attacked him for working with Rico. Like is your deal? Rico and AB use to be labelmates but Rico is surpassing her in popularity by far which is where I think the attack is really stemming from.

    J. Vishae

    That should’ve affect you though lol. It has nothing to do with you


    @Simba TheGreat she said Kenny did her wrong with some of the production on the album. she's not beefing with Rico.

    ansa sniw

    Her critiquing and reviewing her peers in the music industry bothers you? She's not exempt from both media and having opinions. If you don't like it tune out. No one asked you to stan her or her personality/beliefs.

  22. makreto

    would have been decent without lyrics, her singing is cringey af

  23. Odai for 3

    Andre 3000 remix please

  24. Inland empire California

    Sad to know that she ruined her career with her mouth...dam I'm mad at her!!! Too much damage done she needs a great public relations person to fix this mess

  25. ciali


  26. Super Nabil

    I like this artist

  27. Roger Friedrich

    Smells like bjork

  28. Eb Bunny

    Is this leaked? It doesn’t sound done. I’m still here for it but it doesn’t sound done


    its a demo

  29. Marissa Monje

    She’s in her bedroom

  30. Colby Jackson

    Undrea 3000 tease?

  31. Rene S

    She doesn’t have the range

  32. Carol Simpson

    I love how AB keeps evolving new ways of using her voice. She hits so many different tones and vibes <3

  33. David Giles

    Iggy cardi or minaj COULD NEVER love you AB a true artist 😘

  34. Lando What

    AB back on her bullbshit with some breakcore tempo, and soul vibes, coming for the gays again. We've been waiting 💕

  35. Aadam Sheikh

    Soo Lush ✨

  36. PHlyestofNerds

    Yessss give me a jill Scott vibe

  37. Colby

    i am disturbed at how outrageously talented she is, but she just gets overlooked for other artists who just put out mainstream annoying shit. Colby Delarosa is the key to Azealia Banks. take me in Miss Banks!!! i will make you flourish.

  38. Jesus Briano

    This song, especially the last minute gets me so hype <3 feel good song

  39. Lady J Mathis

    I'm obsessed! Instant replay!! 🔥🔥

  40. Super Nabil

    Its 3 am the song is lounge wanna take a wine glass and seduce the miss 🇫🇷

  41. Wallace Santos

    Jazzealia Banks!

  42. Bagas Darmawan

    dang henny could SANG!

  43. Swamp Mermaid

    I imagine Cowboy Bebop when I hear this. 👀


    Swamp Mermaid SAME!!! it’s so nostalgic; it even gives me like PS2 90s or super early 2000s vibes❤️💚

  44. pleuvonics

    Wow so different I love it!

  45. herkimer frogg

    a very underappreciated artist.

  46. Toussantlbisso

    4/17/19 1:20pm est 📣I was just in AB's twitter playhouse n that Brain she got is Fantastic ! She and Mrs Jade Novah are both Hilarious melinated Geniuses.

  47. Ariel Hunter Fan Page

    she's so great at what she does

  48. Christian Sibaja


    Yefferson Blanco Olivar

    ur ass.

  49. Jason Ramos

    She could be the queen easily u.u

  50. CoCo Royale

    This song gives me lounge bar 90's. Loves it! (Who's with ME)

  51. Sylvester Guard Jr

    Flawless😍... best in the free world♥️💚🖤

  52. karlie jenner lip kit


  53. Raven X

    Doesn't sound like her

  54. Shalisha Sandey

    This is better than leftovers!💖💖

  55. Darrell Harris

    Is that Silky Ganache in the photo?

  56. jeweledthrone 2

    Well Azealia ,I actually like a song by you. Nice listen .

  57. Mrcityhorror

    WOW!! This is a work of art. Beautiful.

  58. diamond jada

    I love her. Such a unique beauty.

  59. Terence asethetics

    Just In Time For Summer !

  60. zara ak

    I see rihanna in the song cover 🤣🤣🤣😂

    John Alfred Melgo

    Rihanna doesn't deserve it. Azealia's music shouldn't be touched by the likes of Rihanna


    @John Alfred Melgo hanna takes tracks and buries them for real ! She took Petty Nonsense from Tink G and Poof ! Never to be heard cept Tink G's sxsw performance.

  61. Urso Polar Azul

    Só o único brasileiro aqui? Haha Amo a azealia pena que ela tem a personalidade muito forte, pois talento de sobra!

  62. me 90s

    Sing bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Jose Viramontes

    I’m getting erykah badu vibes

  64. Marie

    I wish Azealia would just shit up & let her music do the talking😭😭 If she went quiet form social media for a while & just came to let us know she has music her career would really take off. I want her to win whatever it means for her:)

  65. Purple Mace

    so sad that Azealia is rude and petty, she could have been of the greatest artist of history if she was unproblematic, anyway love her ♥️💅🏽

  66. TrollinYouNiggas

    Trash lol

  67. Jerry Bright

    monet x change actually sang this song


    are you serious? is there a video?

  68. volce wagen

    She got blue eyes! The fuck lol

  69. marcus dorman

    Love it!!!! Keep going! Their def out there! Ur manifesting it now!

  70. Γαh

    Lmmfao this sounds like Chaka Kahn or someone in that era tryna be on some hip shit lls then at 2:30 she sounds like syd 😭😭

  71. Ruth O

    So freakin talented. I wish she wasn't such a toxic person.


    she farts poison is that what u bout

    Professor Emil

    @shomina You better stop! 💀


    meanwhile cardi robs and drugs people and she gets a grammy LOL. Toxic indeed

    Francisco Delgado

    At least she helps homeless people and doesn't rob them lmaoooo

  72. Gregory Pabst

    This was a demo for Rihanna I heard


    It's not. It's a song her friend wrote.


    Nice. Now just fix your attitude, insecurities, & mouth and you’ll get what you deserve in life.

  74. Lucas Ribeiro

    Trás o Grammy por gentileza

  75. Jimothy Jameson

    A little auto tune goes a long way girl

    It’s not bad but... girl.

  76. Josh Powell

    I really don’t like this song and I’ve never said that about an Azealia Banks song

  77. Victor Yates

    The chorus needs fine tuning, but otherwise, I am feeling it.

  78. Victor Yates

    Not sure how I feel about this yet

  79. DeLaBritt

    Garbage 🗑


    you're crazy?


    Itamar this shit sounds HORRIBLE 😂😂😂


    @DeLaBritt just in your world


    this song is a demo


    Whatever you say🙄

  80. zZZ ;

    I feel like she’s getting inspiration from Doja Cat old tracks

  81. thecraigpaul paul

    Such a pitty she speaks too much of her mind coz her music is a piece of art perfection

  82. elm1230

    😂This woman is a creative visionary! A powerhouse in the industry. And I just laugh that people are caught up in the persona of an artist. Like any other exceptional artist she’s not without eccentricities. But her work is in a lane of its own.

    hey it's me Azarle

    Omg 'eccentricities' sounds so good to me to say lmao 😂

  83. Erica B

    I like witnessing her vocal improvement

  84. Laurent Simerey

    Erykah Banks or Azealia Badu. Love you

    Kenya Johnson

    Yes!, Laurent Simerey! Yessss!!!!!

  85. Carl Euegene

    Im so not feeling this. Where are your bars???? Like wtf. Is this a joke?

  86. bri mania

    sooo no rapping..?? k cool


    must every song include rapping?

    bri mania

    @isobel64 YES bye


    @bri mania Bye ignorant moron, you wont be missed

    bri mania

    @isobel64 😘 toodaloo bitch

  87. xigh


  88. Justin Gregory Ellis

    The New Wave of Azealia. Im ready

  89. Gerard

    She's extremely talented it angers me because her music catalogs are better than everything in the mainstream! Her skill as an artist should be celebrated!

    thecraigpaul paul

    Gerard same here ! But she needs to zip her mouth on social media


    We live in the era of basic and simplistic artists, she cannot triumph right now.


    she is a brilliant

  90. MC Nana

    This is sickening 🙌🏾 she just needs it to be mixed a lil better. Lol that seems to be her problem with most of her songs

    Lala Papa

    Yeah, you still can hear some errors in the mix.


    This is a demo

    Shontarius Thompson

    issa demo

  91. Adams

    If she didn't start fights with people all the time, more people would know she actually makes some pretty good music.

    Kaya Philip

    Nah if you want to know she makes some of the best music in the universe then you would know, no amounts of righteous discourse is gonna change that if you want to listen you'll listen and thats that on that.


    Yet people like Chris Brown get away with saying shit like, I hope people like CHVRCHES get run over by a bus, but ok.

    King Maximoff

    Omfg she doesn't need to chart anymore lol she made and continues to make an impact. I stopped following her SMs because she really doesn't shut up, but every once in a while Youtube will recommend anything new that gets uploaded. It's better like that, atleast for me. I remember when the Fantasea mixtape dropped before the mess, and I was mad strutting in the mall to Luxury lol dope times for sure. People listen to her on the low I wouldn't doubt that either.


    yet you know so how does that work

  92. Edwin Torres

    I still love Azealia Banks but why is it that darkskin female rappers, chop and screw there face? Shout out to Fox Boogie for keeping her natural skin tone and not falling victim to colorism!

    J. Vishae

    When did Azealia “chop and screw” her face? All she did was bleach her eyebrows lol

    Edwin Torres

    @J. Vishae she look like her cheeks are swollen, very lil Kim, and both Lil Kim And Azealia we're beutiful before the bleaching and all the work... Still doesn't take away from her art, and Azealia Banks is a true rap artist!

    Devyn Abdullah Bush

    @Edwin Torres all's she did was bleach her eyebrows

    Iman Joelle

    All she did was cover her brows with makeup for this unique look. She didn’t chop or screw her face 🙄

    I am so free.

    Edwin Torres it’s called make up lol

  93. bigdreamsolivia

    YASSSSS. this is what i am talking about. Vocals are coming throughhhhhhh

  94. elijha grey

    I find it funny that the same problematic stuff that people are mad at her about cardi gets to do with no backlash

    Francisco Delgado

    @Real Estate Tips by Aki Leach hate South America*** Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and others are still America, that y'all only consider North America the only America is your problem.

    Real Estate Tips by Aki Leach

    @Francisco Delgado your stretching. You need to change perspectives when you read my comments

    Francisco Delgado

    @Real Estate Tips by Aki Leach i'm not stretching? What continent are we then?

    Khristopher Bass Music

    Maria Lawson I promise you EVERY CELEBRITY HAS DONE FUCKED UP SHIT..... they are human


    tbh drugging men and stealing their shit is worse then saying all sorts of shit........


    I am charging my crystals to this


    One thing i love about Azealia is how she always tops herself. This is a DEMO. Not even an official single and she eats me up every time. This is my new favorite Azealia song and she’s not even near done yet.

  97. Kev E on