Azealia Banks - Wallace Lyrics

Hot lava, hot lava
Hot high Lady Lucid, the city
What, what up? Rottweiler?
I might take ya to it, get ready

Friar flyer, I’m the Nostra-dyme and I say, say I says how do ya?
I cloud all day and night, outta sight
I’m miss “so-high” so I wore some eye wears and tie-dye
Alright, young blood, nice to know ya
Should I give my name, if I think ya knew it already..
What a brave design, what a time
Ay, Monsieur I’m so live and so world-wide

If that's what ya know
Wallace I say yo...
Come and talk to me.. Beam me up
When I reach that one do ya- wild out, I suppose
I been hot in Europe yep
Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Seoul. London, Toyko
Dawn is Dusk to me... Believe it yep
When I beat that drum boy, go
Wallace, I say yo... Come and talk to me..
Beam me up

He said it's just me Miss banks, a.k.a. Nestlé
A.k.a. best he, ever had sex he
Ever got licked, but he never got swallowed..
Bitch you know that nigga in the sugar-pop lotto!
He was on her Twitter, but he never got followed
I’ma chin-up with that win, I get the yen and pop bottles!
And um
Official with the hitter-hop, y'all know -
Ocie-beachie bathing with that, that top model and um..
He already know what it does
I got hair for ya nigga, keep it deep in the fuzz!
I chat-cheek-cheeky chickle, sip a giggly-grape
Yes I jiggle when I wiggle-shake it,, shook up the bait
Best to get her mister, for ya best one do
The jet-setter with the pleasure and the wet pum-poom
The Black-Cherry on her tickle when her breast undo
Ya lick the left one ya gotta lick the right one too, nigga!

Yeah, I'm styling a starlet a scene
Carve a diamond tiara, pour tea
One time for señora cherry, oh yeah
Yeah, I'm lilac and laurel a tease...
You’re a giant, I saw all your teeth
Rottweiler, let’s barter let’s see...

Bow-Wow yippee-yo yippee-yay
Poochie, you big dog, then bite for a taste!
Kitty in many cities, you licking for a lay
Claiming the big ticket then pay what you say!
Benji’s and Euro-izzy, The Yin for the Yang
Touring the world Crazy Make Rottweiler gray
Bottles of Gold frizzy, she’s frosty and chaste
Dead doggy-dog belongs in the Grave


Hot lava, hot lava
Hot high lady Lucid, the city
Rottweiler, rottweiler
I might take it to you get ready
Hot lava, hot lava
Hot high lady Lucid, the city
Rottweiler, rottweiler

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Azealia Banks Wallace Comments
  1. m i n h

    Takes a shot every time she blink

  2. Adrianna Allendria

    Sooo..... they can put trash on the radio from all these other trash female rappers ( except megan and nicki) but they can't put this out??? I listened to 10 of her songs already... azealia got TALENT!👏🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Wallace Ribeiro

    Obrigado linda!

  4. Ms. Wilson

    Her bass on all of her songs, is of the chain. 💜♥️💜

  5. fcgfgcfg

    she is naomi campbell's horcrux

  6. Raul Garcia

    You lick the left one you gotta lick the right one too !


    i thought she said beat me up instead of beam me up

  8. SuperBruno666

    so underrated 😭

  9. Matthew Poulter

    support me or ill cry.... again....

  10. Ms. Wilson


  11. Fioravante Esposito

    She is much more better than all the the Divas in the charts, more than talent, we talk about genially

  12. Stella Maris Ottoni

    Rainha do universo

  13. Mic Powers

    I think she has issues with others in the industry because she knows how good she is and how wack alot of these bigger artist are but you cant take away her talent.

  14. Azrael Ezdrasz

    i dont belive you is you in this world i see you som weare wer i don wont sey don materr i belive you be good next live

  15. Moon Yeah

    Well guys this Is what we call a masterpiece it’s pure genius and creativity she’s out of this world

  16. Ethan WALKER

    When you take shots at the reptilians

  17. Wallace Milburn

    I like to think that she wrote this song just for me :)

  18. frank a

    one of my all time favorite songs <3 really shows how talented she is. i just wish she was not problematic at all. she could have been one of the most famous female rappers to live. and she is a great rapper dont get me wrong. but her views and personality is too sh*tty and her attitude is annoying. rip <3

  19. Neal M


  20. Tanya Kaufman

    Bop. She's so underrated 😞

  21. Giva Nilla

    I love this woman, it's very sad that she is crazy

    Nomonde Momo Dyamara


  22. Joey DeBow

    she is absolutely amazing! Every song is perfection!

  23. DeeRock91 Cobbs

    She couldn't steal Nobody's man if she tried with her Shitty Jacked up Attitude and Personality most men wouldn't want that shit.

  24. 96NickBeats

    She's like a musical cross between Missy & Lil Kim.

  25. Alonso Montes

    Es la Astrid y su hija, tengan cuidado

  26. Charlie

    This actually was the song that pledge my allegiance to Miss Azealia Banks.

  27. st sp

    best rapper in the 00s

    Free Lander


    Francisco Delgado

    Best rapper of 2000's is Lil' Mama, Azealia is 2010's well deserved tho

  28. Yohji Yamahomo

    bro the vevo sign has changed again lmao

  29. Jay Cee

    Bopballow wap wallow

  30. Lesh Maseng

    Heart Emojis

  31. Kaan Öztürk

    I wish this, ATC and MOU was in her channel too

  32. Keenon Daniel

    She is so underrated...

  33. msconcreterose93

    This beat goes

  34. Road Rover

    I never knew she had so many videos.


    great song from a classic black beauty

  36. Harold Palma

    That lip sync ability is so thrash

    Outof Aboy

    Harold Palma the original video is interactive the person that ripped this for YouTube did the best they could.

  37. Emily Krause

    I downloaded Chrome for this video.

  38. Jay Burrelle

    2018 won't ever stop playing this

  39. Grace Nombe


  40. richard starks

    Okay but her breath control must be amazing to do this song. Don't sleep on her

  41. carwhisperer

    outfit of the day: goose bumps

  42. PHlyestofNerds


  43. Fran Salmerón


  44. Preye Yinkore

    Here for some more

  45. JC love


  46. Preye Yinkore

    And she even performs this live better... She is a complete artist (rapper, musician, drama queen Hehe and more)

  47. H L

    I love the deep drum sounds in this song!!!💥💓💥💥👐💥💥

  48. Preye Yinkore

    I see where Nicki got most of her sound style from...

  49. Preye Yinkore

    Wish I can like this 100million times. Replay button destroyed...

  50. Preye Yinkore

    This lady can sing!

  51. Preye Yinkore

    Everything about this bop screams excellence. AB is under rated but exceptionally skilled as a swordsmith.

  52. Preye Yinkore

    Love her artistic outlook. She is a breath of fresh air music content wise.

  53. Fábio Henricco

    Rainha do rap

  54. helloitme

    I’m back here in 2018 and this shit still hittin’ like it was 3 yrs ago

  55. _ _aymeno_ _

    Congratulations 1M views ❤👑❤

  56. rayoloco5000

    Azealia, you're so underrated

  57. Ankita Maheshwari

    She has been ahead of her time. So talented!

  58. lol

    1 million!!!

  59. Ernestine Wilson

    love wallace song azalea from your native girl Shannon

  60. Goddessyulanda Torres

    Love her music!

  61. Toussantlbisso

    📣999,738 8 10 18 2 40am 🎬🎥🎼🏆

  62. Ernestine Wilson

    azalea girl i love love this song oooo

  63. Steph E.

    I wish to meet her. If I do I would tell to stop dissing others and work with people whether you like them or not. Don't let shit get in between your 💰. You've been blocking your blessings. Humble yourself. People don't need to know EVERYTHING about you and how you feel about them because they wouldn't tell tell you how they feel about you to use you for just a collab. Stop being a twitter finger and collab with others and get your 💰 girl.

  64. Azrael Ezdrasz


  65. Pretty P

    Man please just come kill off everybody in the game...TeamAB!!! Idc kill it queen 👸🏽

  66. Edwin Torres

    U lick the left 1, you gotta lick the right 1 too, nicca! 👑Azealia!

  67. Edwin Torres

    If your only as good as your so called worst song, then Azealia Banks is Rap Excellence!

  68. Paris Carter

    Hot lava

  69. Javier Orellana

    She can't make a bad song. Even if she tried

  70. Taylor Hagler

    Oooooo her voice . I just love it . Ahhhh

  71. TheGrottoMotto

    I just realized this a fan made video. It's so well done...


    Mk Thp It's not? Cause this is not a real Vevo account.

    Theocharakis _

    TheGrottoMotto i know but its not a fan made video, probably I think she has deleted the video from the original account. :)


    Mk Thp Ahh okays. Thanks for the reply :)

    Theocharakis _

    TheGrottoMotto ur welcome :)

    Aunestly Beautiful

    not a fan video, but not the original. the original had orange in it.

  72. G-Dub 85

    The female Kanye West

  73. Colorful Codes


  74. Tito Puentes

    AB takes you to a ride. Even without drugs. I get high when listening

  75. Tito Puentes

    This BEAT MAN... So mesmerazing

  76. Mona Sharma

    My baby loves this video. He smiles back at her :)

  77. Zikomo7

    I wonder how things would have turned out if she weren’t so crazy. I do believe the system was set up against her, but she had a lot of big names backing her. Damn it Azaelia! You talented crazy bish!

    Steph E.

    Zikomo7 she set the everything against herself. I wish to be her friend to tell her the truth and to stop being a twitter finger.

  78. shpongle chunch

    this feels like such a trip its amazing

  79. Sheritha Brown

    They don’t want real talent!! Just fake butts and sluts.. I just hate she bleaching her skin. But she is one of the Best..🌈


    She dont do that anymore. Yeah she admitted it but she had bloches of irritated skin on her and she bleached it to have a even skin tone.

  80. NotUsingMyName

    I've been watching Azealia's videos for the past hour or so... her voice is everything the legends about Sirens talk about, and she's a gorgeous as any goddess.

  81. salvadoroars

    One of my faves 💓 also she looks like Naomi here. Gemini twins. Or Quadros 👩‍❤‍👩👩‍❤‍👩 😂

  82. Luka Johanson

    the lyrics tho

  83. Brierra Walton

    “A singer that can rap” Baby, see it now! 👏🏾

    Brierra Walton

    Vanessa Lauryn who? Hill?

    Caroline Diamond

    Brierra Walton Yes

    Shonny’s Lab

    Vanessa that would actually be really interesting, sounds weird, but I’m here for it.

    Francisco Delgado

    @Shonny’s Lab i want that too but i kinda want Lauryn to just rap, i LOVE her but she hasn't taken good care of her voice and her last "old Lauryn Voice" song was Black Rage, plus her rapping is amazing she did Consumerism live and it was like she just beat the fuck out of Eminem

    Francisco Delgado

    @Shonny’s Lab Roxanne Shante could be a better collab imo given that Azealia has many 80's inspirations and idk their voices and verses could match really well if you compare Skylar Diggins to Round 1

  84. Sapphire Gray

    This song is so UNDERRATED! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💖


    why not a million views yet - i love this - im weird tho

    SOULTRUST RECORDS this is not azealias official channel . that's why it doesn't have a lot of views

    SOULTRUST RECORDS azealia uploaded the Wallace video to some other page NOT youtube. but a fan downloaded the video and uploaded it here

  86. Favour Odoemena

    Lmao my dog woke up looking around at the end of this video

  87. James Thomas

    I think I'm obsessed with this girl's voice and style.💖👑💖


    James Thomas me too. It’s everything!

  88. ru bee

    i fucking love you

  89. Beau Cei

    Favorite song off BWET. I learned all the words the first day I got the album. Love you Azealia! You're super talented, these children don't understand dope music. Keep shining!

  90. Annonymous


  91. Jim B

    Tastefully appointed. This is a fine piece. Brava!

  92. Sal Greene

    AB keep it up! You don’t have to conform they do.

  93. Joy A

    I cannot get this song out my head

  94. B K

    She raps with an English accent...more like garage style...

    Youssef Dekhili

    ALA LA Try "desperado" , she raps over a pure uk garage beat

  95. marija g

    this is pure art. and i also like how she got balls to speak her opinion out. this isn't something that i'd listen to, but gotta give her props.

  96. Toussantlbisso

    Hot🔥 NYC Chocolate.

  97. Zinaya Nz

    She pouring tanlent an overdoseing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥azeilia

  98. Archetype Archetype

    So glad she exist. What a talent!