Azealia Banks - The Chill$ Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I'm a pay check checka, homewrecka
Somethin' like an open panel leather in cold weather with no sweater
No cheddar is no pleasure
He won't even get to eat the box if it gets wetter
See an opportunity to hop if the chips better
But I ain't a fat bitch, I'm a go getta
Let a chick come to war, I'm a go get her
And feed her ass to my bitches like old dinner
Right off the bat I got ya nigga pullin' shit outta hat
Cause I can look em in the face while I'm arching my back
Check his microphone
Suck the gristle off his bone
Like tryna quench your thirst to get your hands on his phone
That I don't condone
He's fucked up he ain't right
And a bitch is prone to lay back and take pipe
Fuck the drama I'm too pretty for a fist fight
Keep my money comin' and I keep all of my lips tight

[Hook: Peter Bjorn and John]
Your tonque is sharp
But I miss the taste of it
(They be puttin' up the digits
If he if he wanna hit it
If he if he wanna hit it
If he if he wanna hit it)
You say time heals
There's not enough of it
(Be puttin' up the digits
If he if he wanna hit it
If he if he wanna hit it
If he if he wanna hit it)

[Verse 2:]
I be takin' brother's cousin's uncles like the war in Iraq
I eat his cabbage like a savage then I'm sending it back
To his wife you ain't a lot of oxygen in his wallet
If you tryna fuck with Banks you better make a deposit
I be herpin' niggas early like they tryna cop Supreme hats
But I do switch up for the buck like homie let me see that
Always strap up for the fuck he could be where disease at
And a dude like us he can touch but I ain't tryna conceive that
You got them demons in you semen Nigga keep that
One drop of that white stuff can severly fuck my life up
And you know I keep my site up
And all I see is fetty
No I don't need no babies and no rabies in my belly
Adoption ain't an option; strap up or pack up
Try somethin' slick and get your dick hacked up
So you can either hit the door in peace
Or watchin' me hit the floor in pieces, believe this


Pussy be the x, but I don't pop pills
I put it on his top lip like "Got milk? "
Wetter than the sea a nigga might need gills
The type of shit that make a dude wanna pay bills
Next thing you know he got me written in his will
And I'm waiting on the day that I can come off with the mill
Niggas offer me shit like they all a bunch of Buddhists
But I ain't a golddigger
I'm a fuckin' opportunist

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Azealia Banks The Chill$ Comments
  1. Cry Chicken

    Big up!👌👌

  2. Sagittarius420 Cheefie

    At least she admits to being an opportunist. Sometimes it seems she is about to start some drama when she bout to drop something. 😄

  3. Toussantlbisso

    NY can make a person ✈🏆💯

  4. Mmala Mokone

    I'm jamming to this man! Queen!!!!!!!

  5. Obscura’s Fantaseas

    “but i ain’t a phat bitch, imma go getta” lmaOO

  6. assdsd asdasd

    i rly enjoy this

  7. Moon Yeah

    How she do this... it's insane

  8. katinlove

    whats the sample?

    Emma Buck

    the chills by peter bjorn and john


    THANK U ♥

  9. Vyllaness

    why is this nostalgic

  10. Alton Hunter

    Flow is off the chain

  11. Andres Sartre

    Everytime she says "one more time" I replay the song.... like 100 times.

    Frank Vilaça

    Andres Sartre Same 👏🏾

  12. Jack Beazley

    I'll be takin brothers uncles cousins like the war in Iraq

  13. Papermoon

    This was released in 2009? Wow almost 7 years ago, hard to believe

    Dax Starwind

    More like 10 homie

  14. Montrez Stokes


  15. tikitarget

    shes a bit too good.... idk how the fuck she hasn't been nominated for best female rapper aye

    Terrelle Jones

    she has but BET stay riding Nicki Minaj's dick

  16. mud bone

    if you trying to fuck wit banks you better make a deposit

  17. Anthony DeVeaux

    I knew I recognized that Peter Bjorn and John voice. God I love the thought of this.

    Colleen MC

    agreed! so happy i just found this

    Mekintoš Larja

    Is that a separate Peter Bjorn and John song that was used, or?

  18. Precious Mosley

    "Fuck the drama, i'm too pretty for a fist fight. Keep my money coming and ill keep all of my lips tight"

    Kosmos Withak

    +Precious Mosley I read this literally as she was saying this. Its my first time hearing this. CHEERS!


    Well those lyrics weren’t true......drama actually ATE her career

  19. chauncy primm

    "You got them demons in your semen, Nigga keep that, One drop of that white stuff will severely fuck my life up"

  20. 06tc07

    @pesce canotto dafuq are you talking about?! -.-"

  21. marzipin

    this stuff is so much better than her new stuff

  22. DJ Kicks

    i like how she was 17 doing this..she's a boss bitch

  23. LaDou McCoy

    If a word is not made for a group of people to say then respect that! It's really that simple! Like, children (a group of people) aren't allowed to curse. We can say it because this is our word; for us! If a white person says it is disrespectful because we took rights to the word. You can say what ever the fuck you want to, just know that when you say it to the wrong person don't be upset about the consequences. Why is this a problem for you? Do you feel like your life would be better?

  24. psyduck161

    omg not adoption tho

  25. Ribbi Alexander

    If you don't understand reclaiming a word please don't even argue about it.

  26. trezz18

    Man she went OFF in this song.

  27. Tanner Hockey

    I have two points to it, The hypocracy of saying the word you don't want to be relevant in all cultures, I mean isn't that just racism? Having a word be okay to say in black culture but not white? But then I also understand how black culture repurposed the room, An interesting topic really.

  28. efrainxavier nino

    one more time xD

  29. HollowDaGatMan

    Azealia got bars and a great taste in music from her samples

  30. Lifestyles7777

    I like this....sounds good with the bass turned up!!

  31. carlsbadtuber


  32. HerNameIzDeniz

    I ain't a golddigger, I'm a fucking oportunist. LOL

  33. DDomino Geronimo

    sounds a lickle like Left Eye!

  34. home9dog2blue

    its not hard to flow at all. these rappers stay ONE or two tones & keep the same vocals. a pioneer needs to come in the game to break that habit to bring back that old hiphop/bounce feel

  35. crit1227

    my girl crush damn she's bad as fuk

  36. digitalcatking

    Im gettn mad that I like this girl so much...

  37. el3ctrocuuute

    OMG, I can't believe she covered Peter Bjorn and John! She has amazing taste in music.

  38. Cebuana7

    Nothing lame about it, those lyrics actually have a meaning (maybe your mom could've used them before she made you). Her flow is good too.

  39. Jauhne

    Ctfu cute

  40. Daniel Kennie

    and she's like 10 years younger lmbo!!

  41. clo

    Yes, she has good taste in music :)

  42. Lauren Maguire

    love this song <3xxx

  43. Ade Adesanoye

    Just STFU, Nicki Minaj, Racism, Niggaaa. Why you giving a shit just listen to the damn sexy flow and the song.

  44. Medusa gordon

    This is because,Caucasians used it as an insult many years ago.But when all that ended,we now use it as a word of brotherhood and unite.But if and should not a Caucasian uses the word it brings back bad memories of killing a hard labor,If I was A Caucasian I would not use the word at all.That is how you either get slapped,punched beat up.

  45. MaryFrances Dagher

    OH MY GOD PETER BJORN AND JOHN AND AZAELIA AT THE SAME TIME. i thought my itunes was playing the chills in the background lol.

  46. Rita James

    I love it! Where is her record deal? She need some guidance..I think she could be bigger than she already is...

  47. trezz18

    Love this song :D

  48. Ashes Marie

    I love that she used this song to flow too but don't get it twisted Cali all day LoL

  49. ☯Zen☯

    I'm sure you don't

  50. Vanessa Valdes

    I literally have no idea what you just said.

  51. ☯Zen☯

    way go smart ass you want cookie or gold star. dont be an idiot i already know this shit wont end to many dumb ass people in the world im just gonna find the ones that are not bitches

  52. Jaenell Cowart

    that second verse is aaaaaaahhhhhh done.

  53. Vanessa Valdes

    Yeah, that will work. I'll use my white privilege to simultaneously disregard all racial suffering AND erase all diversity.

  54. scorpiogt1

    This bitch wack ass fuck. Pop non rappin bitch.

  55. Anerdi1

    Azealia been on that hotness from way back....even before we knew of a certain Barbie Bithch!

  56. Marissa Walechka

    i give you madd props. one of the most real here. im now obbessed.

  57. Amour Bakari

    Awesome....Azealia Banks this z dope

  58. mecatthedynasty

    Yes I agree..This is fire!

  59. inasez

    I don't blame you for not realizing what started this thread since it's so long buried, but it was a specific reply to a specific convo, only tangentially related to this song. Please calm down and enjoy the song.

  60. Phil Madigan

    OMG you clearly are unaware that this is a song. Please give your half baked political opinions to someone that gives a shit

  61. j.neutron

    why are there so many long stories 0_0

  62. iamMTCHLL

    this is FIRE!!!

  63. Diamond A. Washington

    ughh! can't do this anymore! way too many long paragraphs to read. lol

  64. inasez

    OMG. You clearly know nothing about European Racial Taxonomy. They call the Maori and Aborigines black all the time. Native Americans are not black and they are not able to speak for black people or the N word. When did I say they were? If you included native americans in a list I must have overlooked it. But you are really seizing on this small point to discredit my whole argument and the larger point about only people who get called the N word should be talking? Bad faith, sir. Bad faith.

  65. inasez

    I doubt your sincerity, as it comes dripping with sarcasm. In general I suggest you research texts of well known anti-racist scholars, those of color and those of white people. An accessible white one you might like is Tim Wise (tho he's a bit pop for my tastes). He even writes you back if you write him. You'd love derailing and inventing strawmen on his forums. Peace.

  66. inasez

    2 referred to the white cultures you yourself listed. Being that they were classified as white they were exempt from the exploitation directed towards non-white peoples and nations. That's one of the privileges of White Supremacy, not being targeted in this manner. Not sure how to make it any clearer than that.

  67. inasez

    You are not making any kind of sense now. I am saying two very simple things. 1) White people continue to benefit from White Supremacy even today, and 2) people who aren't black have no business lecturing black people on the N word. You seem to think that the Maori and Aborigines of Australia being called the N word somehow proves me wrong on both counts? You are the one who is ignorant. Or crazy. I have no idea, but it's time to end this conversation. It's no longer productive. Peace.

  68. inasez

    You are getting so defensive that you aren't even able to follow your own thread anymore. Aboriginal cultures have indeed been decimated by White Supremacist Imperial policies. You are trying to make it sound like I said only african american blacks have suffered at the hands of white supremacy is called a strawman argument. I never remotely said anything like that. Go back and reread what I actually said instead of trying to have the last word, dude. Better yet, just butt out.

  69. inasez

    No you only speak for yourself. And right now you, a white person, are speaking to me, a black person, about MY alleged lack of knowledge about the N word's usage(!!!??) And you still don't see what is racist about what you are doing. You, who have never been called the N word in seriousness and never would be, think you know more than I do about how the N word affects black people and who gets called what. Unbelievable!! see THIS is why well meaning white people need to just BUTT THE EFF OUT!

  70. inasez

    1. Never said they were. European Imperialism targeted specific peoples in the "New World" order to expand their empire. The people living indigenously in these targeted areas suffered the most under the new Racial Taxonomy, invented precisely for this purpose. Turkey is the Old World. Europeans were tired of invading it already lol.
    2. And yet all these groups today benefited and still benefit from Global White Supremacy, whether their nations participated directly or not.

  71. inasez

    Yes they do have a dog in the N word fight, as I just explained. But YOU don't so why do you insist on lecturing black people as to whether we should be using the N word or not? Do I get to lecture you on how offensive you should find the word "spic"? Thanks for successfully derailing the convo AWAY from white supremacy again, tho. Once again whiteness finds a way to blame errrrrr'body else but white society for its ongoing racism.

  72. inasez

    Yes there were always people who were classifiable as white in the racial caste system who actively and vocally objected to racism. They were and still are a tiny minority of whites thru out history. But even these anti-racist whites were never called the N word (tho they may have been called N lovers). Therefore their opinion as to black people using the N word among ourselves is irrelevant. And white people lecturing blacks about using the N word is White Supremacy in action.

  73. inasez

    Native Americans were not one civilization. Literally hundreds of indigenous civilizations were annhilated in the americas. Just like Africa is not a country but a continent of individual nations, the Native Americans weren't one country either.. they were, and still ARE, individual civilizations numbering in the hundreds, spread over two continents. And yes the genocide against them is effed up!! Even the language we use today in support of them erases and minimizes them instead.

  74. inasez

    Well somebody with 99% european ancestry probably looks white and identifies as white already. The "one drop" rule isn't a scientific standard, it's a racist custom invented to accommodate racist social policy. If you can pass for white and choose to do so, then you ARE. As far as how black people self-identify, we we are forced to be black by a racist society that does not allow "black looking" people to self define in any other way. What's your point?

  75. inasez

    It's not different at all. It's highly problematic and personally I believe nobody should be using that word ever. But those same citified blacks you quote were also called the N word themselves and they had to deal with the psychic fallout from that. White people and non-black people have no history of being targeted by this particular racial slur. They have no dog in the N word fight and they have no right to say what black people should or shouldn't call ourselves. THAT was my point.

  76. inasez

    Lastly, the Race concept as we live it today is itself the result of White Supremacy. Differences due to geography of evolution are real. But declaring there are 5 distinct Races is proven pseudo-science and the result of racist colonial social policy more than of any objective scientific thought. Thus "Arabs and Africans did it first" before the Race Concept even existed shows how normalized racist thinking has become, distorting our understanding of history and of racism in the present day.

  77. inasez

    Was this reply to me (you replied to yourself)? Because that's not what I was saying at all. But if that's what you thought I was saying, then you're right to call it out. But I'm not saying that. I'm saying that black people who use the N word to refer to themselves do it for their own reasons. White people and all other non-black people who use it do it to APPROPRIATE a slur that was NEVER used against them. Blacks doing it=Questionable. Non-blacks doing it=UNEXCUSABLE.

  78. inasez

    But see i AM taking it on a nation by nation basis when i talk about the history of the N word and its use by White people, which was the original focus of this thread. It is disingenuous of you to jump in and change the topic to how other nations 'started it' et al. The history of racism and Colonial Imperialism is complex, but the context in which we all live TODAY is one of Global White Supremacy and its direct effects. Discussing that is crucial, and yet no one wants to let it happen.

  79. inasez

    PS clearly you need to do more than just a "little bit" of research. I can recommend several resources if you're genuinely open to that (which I doubt).

  80. inasez

    Nice try. I do not extend blame,. I discuss facts. White Supremacy was and is a real thing. I did not make it up. It is documented fact and up until 50 years ago, existed openly as mainstream Western culture. Why is it that everytime somebody tries to discuss White Supremacy someone dives in to say ""but but but the Arabs started it!!" Have the courage to discuss the reality of White Supremacy WITHOUT changing the subject. I challenge you.

  81. Renee Marie

    Is it me or is Peter Bjorn and John in this?

  82. TinaTiny24

    Or it's best it's not used at all.

  83. Alexya Brown

    isn't this a place to discuss the video? i mean. either way, this is dope.

  84. inasez

    seems like we are having two different conversations. of course i agree hate is bad and that making friends is good. i'd hope that'd be a given for anybody who isn't already openly prejudiced. What i'm telling you is that hate doesn't cause racism. it's the other way around. Racism, white supremacy, etc... left unexamined, undiscussed and in tact, is what causes Hate.

  85. ☯Zen☯

    see thats what im saying we dont talk about hate we stop acting like it cant be changed despite western culture, stop hating doesnt matter if there group of racist or not. that shouldnt stop any one from making friends with every one they can black hispanic asian white ect.

  86. inasez

    Lastly, talking about race and racism is NOT about trying to make white people pay for crimes they didn't commit. Please stop framing the discussion like that! It's about acknowledging the existence of the bias and injustice we are all forced to commit, yes even TODAY, by virtue of living in a white supremacist society with all its racist institutions, language and cultural practices intact.

  87. inasez

    focusing on the kkk and neo nazi groups is a simplistic diversion from the problem. fact is they are just a vocal minority. They are merely fundamentalist believers, if you will, in the larger worldview of White Western Culture, which up until VERY recently was openly White Supremacist. Nobody wants to talk about white supremacy tho. Easier to talk about hate, as if "mean people" were the real problem. No the structure of western society and its racist norms and institutions is.

  88. ☯Zen☯

    but hey here's the funny thing is you dont know all people you make sound like there all working together. yea they do need to stop white supremacy kkk, nazi. it will happen but we have to stop focusing on the hate. they did this they did that, but no one should pay for the crimes they had nothing to do with. and the racist that are white call them what they are nazi they are there breed because they choose to be like a gang even a lot of white people hate them along with kkk

  89. inasez

    it shouldn't but it is. It would be great if white people (and their protectors) would accept that and REALLY work on dismantling white supremacy and its racist legacy, rather than trying to shut down every conversation about race with tsk tsking and MLK quotes out of context and whining "what about meeee" etc. They should. But....hey.

  90. ☯Zen☯

    yes thats true for most things but it shouldnt for race

  91. ☯Zen☯

    i didnt say racism is in the past. i meant were not part of the slave trade. how would he be disappointed in us cause we need to see people and not race to stop hating over something in past which we have no control over. i dont know you, but it seem like from your comments you focus on the hate. we are all human were all the same

  92. inasez

    But in all seriousness. I'll just say this: Those who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. And so we do, each and every day. All of us. Yes, even me. Even you.

  93. inasez

    Oh it's Racism Is All In The Past Bingo night! My favorite game. "But but but we weren't even around back then. History's events are isolated, never cumulative!" check. "Martin Luther King would be very disappointed in us if he heard this convo today!" Check! "There is no point in ever discussing how current social structures perpetuate injustice over time! Let's just all sing Kumbaya instead!" Check. "Racism is a personal character flaw and NOT at all instutionalized." BINGO! What do we win?