Azealia Banks - The Big Big Beat Lyrics

Guess who up in this bitch?
Catch you duckin' this clip
Dick, who want it? My nigga it's nothin'
Them boys young drummers, y'all niggas keep gunnin'
But y'all niggas ain't gutter like me
Look at this bitch, magazine covered and shit
Young, sex seller, yeah, bitch, keep mumblin'
Fuck how ya feel, a young bitch keep thuggin' it
Nigga, I'm still in these streets
Look at this wrist, look at these colorful chips
Look at these tiddies, double D's, it's the double-dutch
I be on the strip, dungarees with the bubble butt
Pumpin' that kiddo, that ki!

A to the B
Dance to the big big beat
Dance to the big big beat with a bitch like
Dance to the big big beat
Dance to the big big beat
A to the B
Dance to the big big beat
Dance to the big big beat
Just like this, the big big beat
Dance to the big big beat

You've been 'round the world
Looking for love in the strangest places
Don't you think it's time you confess your love to me?
Shining diamond
All of your facets you've so many faces
Bet your evil smile'll convince anyone who sees
You've been 'round the world
Looking for love in the strangest places
Don't you think it's time you confess your love to me?
Shining diamond
All of your facets you've so many faces
Bet your evil smile'll convince anyone who sees

Ooh, boy, ooh, boy
Ooh, boy, I think I know just what you need
Ooh, boy, ooh, boy
Ooh, boy, yeah you need a taste of ecstasy
Ooh, boy, ooh, boy
Ooh, boy, I think I know just what you need
Ooh, boy, ooh, boy
Ooh, boy, yeah you need a taste of ecstasy

Pocket them dividends, christen that bezel
We plottin' on niggas, you pickin' that petal
How could that little young bitch from the ghetto hit the jackpot, ran off with the cash pot!
Keep jockin' this jiggy bitch, jigglin' - hello!
That gymnast body, black feminist rebel
Spend a hundred thou' on the Jesuit medal
Just to prove y'all dudes what it be!

Just like this
Dance to the big big beat
Just like this
The 1, 2, uh
Dance to the big big beat
Just just like me
The big big beat
Here comes the big bad witch from the big big beat
The big big beat
It's the big big, uh, beat
The big big beat
Here comes the big bad witch from the big big beat
Niggas I'm in these streets
Ice cream, butter roll
Chips with bubble gum
Nails with the tips
Gold chains - what a gutterbutt!
New York City everyday what the fuck is up
Haters, I hit 'em real deep in the jugular
Look at this sex - bet ya wanna fuck

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Azealia Banks The Big Big Beat Comments
  1. ef YOU

    i just like it from 0:00 to 1:18 tbh🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Patri cia

    I've heard this Damn hit on malls and loved it and finally found it. Unfort, I love lana del rey :(.

  3. Gabriel Silva

    80% of the dislikes are from Brazilians. I remember when she attacked Brazil and we had a "dislike party" in her videos

  4. chris wilson

    she is not sexy

  5. I VL

    She is super talented. Her music is fucking’ great

  6. Notur BB

    N-bombs and bitzh in every sentence..

  7. Notur BB

    Imagine if she'd NOT use the word "nig g a" and "bit ch" in every sentence.

  8. Notur BB

    Imagine if she'd NOT use the word "nigga" and "bitch" in every sentence.

  9. Notur BB

    Imagine if she'd NOT use the word "nigga" and "bitch" in every sentence.

  10. Noah

    Back here after 3 years since this song came out. Absolutely love this song and Video, she looks and sounds amazing. The video is just overall cute. She is that Rap bitch. People hate on a woman who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. I personally tend to agree with most of what she says. Most of the time she speaks truth and people don’t see that. Not only can this woman spit and rap, but she can also SING. All that on top of her writing her own stuff. An example of a strong and talented humble woman. Always a fan.

  11. Alexis Johnson

    Girl please Stop
    You are trash just like your music
    BEAT to that

    Est Rinaudo

    Keep lying to yourself


    Stfu, you must be a nicki garbaj fan

  12. Loy


  13. Grenfive 5

    that disgusting video Rihanna is the best

  14. Damn 070

    Honey, Beyonce and Rihanna can only dream of this magic...

  15. Victor Neves

    So iconic omg

  16. Samuel Hopkins

    It's good!

  17. Miranda Reyes

    Trash 🗑

  18. monkeys55

    Anyone bugged by the stuff Azealia says needs to get over themselves. Period.

  19. Mateusz Majka CNA

    If her personality irl matched her style/talent/potential, she’d be way ahead of the game

  20. motel magic

    So good. I went from blocking her on Spotify to streaming her songs everyday


    motel magic 1:19 hits different

  21. Jonathan Baker

    Art + Hip Hop = Azealia

  22. Roonil Wazlib

    This is so hypnotic, the beat, her lyrics, the video, everything. Azealia is so talented, I hope she gets help for her mental health issues and can make a comeback.


    Absolutely agree with you, have always loved this song because of everything, she looks so good and happy in this video. That voice too 💕 the woman can sing and rap

  23. Ivy Wells

    QUEEN ❣️

  24. Dong Janjan

    It sounds like Queens Everywhere by Rupaul?????

  25. Nathanity123abc

    My wife

  26. Allie :)

    Idec about the controversy I love her music

  27. sarah

    this music is still awesome to this day

  28. Angela Morsani

    I can't get over how long her limbs are

  29. johncalderwood1

    Omg I was feeling so down today, but I put a bit of banks on and now I feel peppy and productive lol

  30. Cyaneyed77

    This has such a 90's vibe

  31. Allan Tj

    Y'all don't have to like the artist to like the music

  32. Isardella

    Your point?... I mean Lana Del Ray has songs 50× with more meaning

    Justine Lane

    Isardella she’s not Lana tho


    @Justine Lane She said some terrible things about her tho.. So!!

  33. Goth Boy


  34. Paula Bock

    I want to party with her! She is cool as hell

  35. Door Tech

    That sample sounds like Biggie Smalls. Can't make out what it is though?

    Panamanian Muffin Garrison

    Yeah its Biggie but I don't know the lyric. Ive been wondering too.

  36. j g

    this is artistic excellence. that iggy azeala shit is not excellent.

  37. Keeana

    omg she fierce af

  38. samantha polly

    SHES UNDERATED! shes iconic to the point as soon as you hear the beat/voice you know its azealia banks<3 only if she didn't open her mouth soo much off the mic

  39. Mirco Valmori

    oh God please be my wife!! I am very good at coocking!!

  40. Spooky Spoon

    Mum was the dad!

  41. Spooky Spoon

    I adore you! Grew up 3:5 boys

  42. Spooky Spoon

    Be kind! Mothers love their sons. Most humans are kind.

  43. Spooky Spoon

    Be strong but be KIND

  44. Vagelis Mihalis

    1:19 always catch me hard,close my eyes and dance

  45. howard mckenna

    It's a shame the art and artist can't be separate entities. I'm a 46 yo wm and even I can see serious talent.

  46. angelina

    1:19 omgg

  47. Luis Fernando Galviz Corrales

    billie style


    Luis Fernando Galviz Corrales this was made years ago before bobby eyelash came up but ok

  48. Joe B-e

    Maybe like many other discriminated against humans, she's going through an emotional phase. A lot of people defended and rocked with R Kelly and what he did was hellish and I don't foresee her doing anything like that so I will rock her music regardless.

  49. Lucas H.


  50. Queen of the Nile

    H O T D A M N ! ! !

  51. Fallen Seth

    Woah this music rlly suck eilish is Better

    Francisco Delgado Ruíz

    Yet it came before her and you're here listening to her instead of Billie Ellish? Can it, troll.

  52. johncalderwood1

    She does what we all do when we get that new wig!


    She says black lives matter but is a full racist and says the n word in every sentence of this song all she does is hate on ppl success bc she will never get it

    Est Rinaudo

    MYMYINGRAM Life So what? Other black artists use the n word in their songs all the time so why cant she? And she's definitely more talented than most out bad the music industry tainted her into a bad image which she really isnt. She's just a misunderstood person who bluntly speaks truth and always gets bashed for it

    po jsis

    @Est Rinaudo every sentence in song? i'm sorry are u deaf?

    Francisco Delgado Ruíz

    Sorry wrong comment section, you must redirect to Cardi B where the comment actually applies


    She’s black she gets to

  54. Katarina Samojlovski

    Iskreno, ne razumem komentare u kojima ljudi pisu, volim njenu umetnost ali ne I nju, da se ne ponasa tako, bila bi uspesnija itd... Mislim, zamislite da ne postoji ona, bas takva kakva jeste, ne bi postojalo ni njeno stvaralastvo... Zar nije poenta prihvatiti osobu u potpunosti... Ona ume provokativno da se ponasa, ali mislim da ima dobro srce I dusu... Cesto ljudi koji su kreativni I stvaraoci imaju pravi pakao u glavi, I cesto su hipersenzitivni, cim ona ima takve reakcije sigurno da I dublje I emotivnije prozivljava zivotne situacije...

  55. Azul Bee

    I can't believe it's been 3 years

  56. Sean

    Hi I just wanted to say this,
    Repent of your sins and trust in Christ! Jesus died for our sins on the Cross and took our punishment we deserve so we wouldn’t have to go to hell and be separated from Him for eternity. The reason He died for us is because Heaven is a completely pure place, but we’re not, we lie, steal, lust, and the list goes on and that’s why we deserve to go to hell, which is a separation from Jesus and His blessings He gave us. Nearly all your cells have a complete copy of your genes. Each gene is the instruction for making just one particular protein. Now, I don’t believe millions of instructions in all our cells could have just happened by chance, there has to be a maker of those instructions to stuff all of that information into our bodies and that’s the God we’re going to be facing after we die. Now all we have to do is repent of our sins and trust in Christ and He will give us everlasting life! Please think about this because I don’t want you to end up in hell, I want to see you in Heaven. God bless you

  57. nemzzzy

    her BEST song

  58. Daniel PerezRodriguez

    IDK what’s this video about

  59. Gabriel Moreira


  60. Oprah Winfrey

    Confused, is she in a prison?

  61. Wanderlost

    Skeleton dancing in corridor. 💀

  62. Top-_-Notch


  63. po jsis

    azealia is sooo full of life in this video and i love it

  64. Tommy MacNina

    Like erykha badu said “i tried”

  65. Gn Bn

    When Billie eilish steals your swag 1:55

    Rebel Panther

    what video are you referring to?

  66. vanessa rios

    This chick is raw

  67. po jsis

    i always liked her quick-switch in the songs like it's changes the feeling

  68. Anna Kolee

    2:36 did Billie Eilish copy her 👀

    Rebel Panther

    Why from what?

  69. Anna Kolee

    Her music is for the male gays. I just get that vibe

    po jsis

    house music is not only for gays how y'all cannot GET IT

    Latoya Ward

    House music is for everyone. Salt -n-peppa made it and so did Queen latifah. Listen to some of her mixtapes, she’s very diverse

    Anna Kolee

    Latoya Ward it’s sad when people are really so dull with no personality. The comment was a semi joke. Obviously anybody can listen to her music.

  70. reesa beee

    She has no rhythm

    Est Rinaudo

    reesa beee The fact that she does

    reesa beee

    @Est Rinaudo

    reesa beee

    @Yung Rapunxel

  71. Drew

    From the beginning, she was and always will be my $212 piece of liquorice with the biggest beat in winter, thank you for keeping me warm.

  72. Rene Mejia

    This ain't big beat mario

  73. Ethan Jarskey

    I might not support the artist but I sure as hell support the art✨

  74. Aiphiae

    Goddamn. That 90s vibe is *heavy.*

  75. Alex g

    she’s still well spoken and very talented regardless of her opinions, it’s the music that matters 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄

  76. Ra-sone Rucker

    Purge meets NYFW

  77. Abbi Vanessa

    2020!!!! Every few months I fall in love with her all over again as if I’ve never heard of her before because the music is just so fresh every time you listen

    Jake Steed

    supposedly she's dropping album in two weeks. ive been on a female rapper spree lately and she stands out the most. definitely regret sleeping on her the past couple of years.

    Sharing Sharing



    She’s trash

  78. Emma Marie

    If she did not talk crap and had learn to control her mouth then she would be a good artist. Not to lie, I would be a fan.

  79. Emgee777

    lmfao wtf. I never heard this before but as ru paul says... SHE BETTER WORK

  80. Lapis Goddess1

    This gon be my alarm clock for 2020

    K A R L S S O N

    You Will hate her XD


    K A R L S S O N she maybe problematic but she makes bops

    K A R L S S O N

    @hunter You're so fucking right


    K A R L S S O N ikr😍

  81. BeatboxMitchel

    Saltiest artist ever

  82. zubair khan

    Can see where example sampled his tune from :')

  83. Jim Impas

    I swear, Azealia drives me crazy. On one hand I want her to blow up but that probably means she’ll have to shut up and kiss ass and bow her head but on the other hand I love how articulate she is and firm with her opinions, she just needs to manage her delivery and pipe down the name calling. Other than that, I really feel like its not Azealia without being just a bit coo coo crazy.

  84. Jasmine Charles

    Her attitude in this video is so fucking sexy

  85. Ariana Duncan

    Azealia wants to be hating on lizzo ,but she does have a good voice herself ,so I don't really don't understand cuz she doesn't really have a good voice, but she's hateing on someone that does? What?


    Ariana Duncan 1:19

  86. Edu TBT

    Hot and talented I love her style this is real music L

  87. missgigi

    She’s my problematic fave..damn ab why u scalping me for? Ughhh this song is a bop

  88. Fluox Trix

    2020 ...

  89. Beck&makeup

    I love the song but think the video lacks something.....

  90. Shan Dance

    Lady is NICKI MINAJ

  91. Ashley Morris

    A lot of people in the comments are praising her talent but WHERE IS IT!? She rented a hallway for maybe 2 hours and sang to a dance beat, not even lyrically inspiring. She was boring then, irrelevant now. 😜

    Est Rinaudo

    Ashley Morris you probably listen to cardi b or something

    Ashley Morris

    Est Rinaudo what a bangin’ clap back 😂

  92. Luisa

    This song should be in GTA VI

  93. Kalpana

    come on ab give us year of mystery we'll all beg for it


    Just ONE year of mystery

  94. Amy

    She is so talented and makes hits but I feel like her actions online have held her back from being even bigger. She would fit well with like the charli xcx type vibe ygm. Don’t know how to describe it lol

  95. rcrp7

    This video is everything and makes me wanna catch them NY vibes- from your cousin in Chicago 😁💕💕💕💕