Azealia Banks - Succubi Lyrics

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Since Fantasea quenching your thirst
They want the mermaid bitch to water they verse
These bitches is bad, but AB is worse
These bitches is sad, but lately it works
I'm crazy with math, add me a purse
Plus you a hearse, minus that church
You dead on the first, divide from the jerks
Supply 'em with work
Fishscale, seaweed get ‘em higher than church
Taste me, saliva to squirt, hot lava
Erupt and a burst

Ain’t no bitch been better been birthed
The Luxury Witch, Galliano the skirt
From today I reign, tomorrow is hers
Pardon my curve, these basic niggas rattle my nerve
Why battle a bird? a Harlem girl flip ‘em
Bag 'em and sell
These niggas snitches, tattle and tell
Watch where you dwell, these niggas bitches
Hair braided with gel, the pussy I smell
Why these niggas push me? I get spooky as hell
You local fucker, I’m kooky with spells
These niggas suckas, be groupies as hell
Comment my hair, comment my nails
This nigga’s a girl, you want diamonds and pearls?

Designer clothes, attention and stares?
You’re a man though, why would you care? (Boy)
You’re not a fan though, cool off my air
My man ho, come jones on this dildo, while I pull on your hair
Yea, look at this queer
His booty prepared, your uzi is where?
Liar liar, never fuckin fire fire
Here’s a reminder, Hymen
Tru Life, stole all your chains? (Yes)
Max B, wrote all your flames? (Yes)
Montana, rode on your wave? (Bet)
Killa, called you a lame
It takes a Harlem bitch to execute a Harlem bitch
You pop shit, I pop shit, no problem bitch

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Azealia Banks Succubi Comments
  1. Sushi Boy

    "You're not a fan though. Cool off my air. My man ho, come jones on this dildo". 😱😅😅

  2. Tam Dawson

    Man Down Man Down... Told Him “It takes a Harlem bitch to execute a Harlem bitch”... 🔊💯💋 I Died!!!

  3. Nicolas Carminatti

    i still think about this regularly

  4. SHAPELESS/Shape From The Bay

    She shine. Thaz raw. Wish she took better care of herself.

  5. rafael da silva

    straight garbage!

  6. Cory R

    Still one of my favorite Hip Hop moments.


    cory u fine

  7. Lucky Fischer

    2019...still shook if anyone is wondering

  8. SuperBruno666


  9. outumn

    I wish this was longer

  10. Josh Brown

    Need one like this for everyyoonneeeeee on her Twitter lol

  11. hazel

    O MURRO!!

  12. r2ro

    If only she had this energy on wild n out


    people watch that shit?

    you're a lame.

  13. Edwin Torres

    Hands down the most ill'est diss record from a girl against a guy!

  14. Cory R

    His booty prepared, your uzi is where?

  15. Roshun Shah

    I can't wait till a prominent rapper comes for AB and she responds. No matter how much she does on twitter, nobody is brave enough to come for her after this.

  16. Dat Boi

    The description 😂

  17. Buldoggi tv

    Fuck Jim Jones

  18. Luiz Almeida


  19. Cory R

    She set him on fire

  20. Vinycius Martins de Paula

    You're not a fan though cool off my air 😎

  21. Eli Exotic

    cardi dont want it

    hey it's me Azarle

    Cardi can't have it


    she really doesnt

  22. Battle Hands

    This shit sound so scary and dark ... "I get spooky as hell im cooky with spells"

  23. Nina bi

    Omg!!!😍😍😍 She's so goooood😍

  24. Edwin Torres

    I think Azealia Banks is Foxy Browns daughter they both flow like niggas

  25. Kelvin Luiz

    These bitches is bad, the AB is worse,
    These bitches is sad, but lately it works.
    I'm crazy with math, add me your purse
    Plus you a hearse, minus that church.
    You dead on the first, divide from your jerks
    Supplier for work.

  26. Vokab Beats

    she called him a hymen .."The hymen does not seem to have a specific physiological function or purpose." basically called him a no good pussy ..LMFAO

  27. Edwin Torres

    Azealia Banks is crazy but name 1 genius who isn't😎! All these rap broads sound the same yet claiming the crown, Azealia Banks has a sound that these Women of rap strive 4 but never achieve! Azealia Banks deserves the 👑!

  28. Jo Dunk

    listen to the song closely, azealia is emasculating the hypermasculinity. that's the best way to get at these fragile niggas.

  29. Cori Rogers

    This diss song is highly underrated

  30. Starmie Productions

    This and Remy Ma shether are the ultimate diss songs recently for females

    whizzard blizzard

    Omg, yes, I always wondered what Succubi extended 7 min edition sounds like. She really wasted this on Jim Jones though.

    Starmie Productions

    @whizzard blizzard Ikr if it were 7 minutes ooooo man she probably insult everyone she hated back then, lady gaga, Pharrell, nicki, iggy, angel haze, etc

    Nyar ttaffom

    rocky O star this go harder.

    daemond arbel

    please dont compare AB to remus .


    shether was filled with bullshit rumours about nicki though

  31. beohlai

    i'm still shook from this honestly it's been 5 years


    beohlai totally...

  32. Neisha Nine Starz

    She needs to stop the fuckery and get back to making bangers like this. 🔥🔥🔥

    Mikey Oto

    But this is the result of a little fuckery diss

  33. Jo Dunk

    "since fantasy quenching your thirst. they want the mermaid bitch to water their verse."

    Nobody spits like ms. banks 🔥🔥🔥

  34. Fetus Fatale

    A voz dela é perfeita para um ritual de macumba de queimar galinhas :D

  35. AC Wyatt

    I don't care what nobody says. This was dope.

  36. Nyueh Kr7

    Olha o pacto com o diabooooo

  37. Mariana

    Quem é voce querida?? Brasil <3

  38. JessicaEvelynSouza Souza

    segura o deslike 😂
    bjus BR 😘

  39. Gabie Oficial

    RAINHAS DAS FLOPS xenophobic bitch

  40. Bianca

    Vim dar meu deslike nessa merda. E não ofende brasileiro não vadia

  41. Michelle Dias


  42. Yasmin Lazzarini


    ana gabrielle

    Yasmin Lazzarini arrasou! amg..👊😂😂

    Yasmin Lazzarini

    É nos, ela nos bloqueou\ou apagamos o FB dela, eu n sei, agora o alvo é acabar com os videos dela.

    ana gabrielle

    Yasmin Lazzarini partiremos para o insta

  43. Gabriella felix

    só vim pelo deslike msm

  44. Maria Helena Oliveira Sousa


  45. Jean R. Camilo

    passando pra dar meu deslike. Aqui é Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil. Ninguém fala mal do Brasil aqui tem internet sim 💪😠

  46. Brenda B

    Bora dar dislike manos

  47. Vick bellutty

    Essa sandalia canta muito ruim pqp 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Oscar Alho

    Respeita o Brasil sua filha da puta.

  49. Lucas Sá

    Passando nesta merda de timeline para deixar meu dislike 💩👎
    "Sucumbiu" o que um dia chamou de fama!!!! kkkkkkk

    Turning on this shit from timeline to let my dislike 💩👎🏻

  50. Paulo Lima

    Terrible job.


    I can call this bitch flop, racist, homophobic 24/7, but I know this bitch can't be touched by nobody when she is holding mic lmao

    queen izy

    JEEZAS LAWD by nobody is going overboard

  52. Chocolate Sheep

    dammmmnnnnn!!!!!! this shit goes!!!! lit ting

  53. Eric Toribio

    Man, the last verse is hilarious. xD

  54. Yago Barbosa

    She could kill everyone! this song's so fire

  55. Lamine Diallo

    Sonically pleasing

  56. Chris Zaghi

    She called Jim Jones a hymen!

    Toogud xo

    i had to google that ahhaha

  57. Chvnce Svntana

    Inccubi ;)

  58. Iris Freedom

    omg! I fucking love this song

  59. Aeternus

    Underground artist never really make it to commercial success. But underground artist have longevity and can perform without criticism or demands from a major label.

    Eli Exotic

    true, she will be touring for years and years

  60. Keyser Soze

    They may be flaming this bitch on social media but not a bitch in the game can touch her on that mic lol

  61. Latroy James

    Bardia is going to the gym with me and my mom and dad and my friends and Happy Mother's Day Troyann

  62. Alia Nssh

    There are only two rap queens. Iggy and nicki. So fuck off banks you nicki wannabe 😒

    Menswear Shiba

    She literally came out before both of them so idk wtf you're talking about lol. She was already a thing

  63. luke gibo

    wtf look up just succubi thats fucked bruhhhh 😂😂😂

  64. Daily Dose Of Lady Gaga

    does anyone know where can I download a collection or some of her unreleased tracks?

    Hieu N

    let me know if you find it because her shit is so scattered all over the net, it's honestly insane how many good tracks i haven't heard yet, like fuckin this one haha


    Девуля лечит)))

  66. TheHotFalafel

    What's the beat sampled from?


    Phear phace - earthquake

  67. Dareyon Barber

    People don't even understand the impact of this diss song. She not only made a whole song against another Harlem rapper, Jim Jones, she also used this nigga producer 😂😂😂

    Zchs Lyfe

    Yeah but you could also say the same thing with Angel hazes diss to banks, she used diplo to diss banks

    Dareyon Barber

    +Zachybear chrissy Yeah but Haze diss was weak even tho she's one of the best technical rappers

    Latroy James

    The best thing about this and that is the most important thing is I don't have to be able too see my tweets from last year and the only way you want me to get the hang of it and it was the only thing that could make the most important component community of a good day today hope you have a great weekend!

    Josh Brown

    Zchs Lyfe but her diss was absolute trash

  68. PAPERcakes

    The description made me laugh 😂😂😂

    Li'l UFO

    lmaoooo i love her so much i never read the description before 😂😂

    the necromancer

    lmao shes highkey hilarious

  69. Remain24

    this bitch talent should surpass all that other shit! i mean do u hear this shit? if shes not ur fav female rapper then wake the fuck ☝!

    Youssef Dekhili

    Remain24 did u listened to chi chi?

  70. Marquia Jones

    Gaaaawwwwddd. 😶

  71. Thomas K

    lmao jones got cooked at 1:48-1:58, shit probably hit his heart

  72. Joe Jackson x Ike turner Tax time pimp

    Her best song

  73. Steven

    don't appreciate the homophobic lyrics but

    it takes a harlem bitch to execute a harlem bitch

    she really showed that you don't have to be a male to have skills


    She's bi.

    lamuar smith

    +Bryan smarties no offence but what does that mean?

    Jo Dunk

    I think it's more so emasculating the hypermasculine. I don't think she was trying to be homophobic.

  74. Joshua Daniel Puckett

    Why does everyone have to be breaking down "what" this girl is.  What she is, is her own woman.  She is original She is art. Just recognize when something is finally brand new, appreciate that shit and stop trying to compare can't.

  75. Tyres Beaty

    Why am I just now hearing this?!?!?!

  76. Lovely Peaches


  77. Alex Uzuncay


    Domingo Payso

    Why did she do him like that man? 😂

  78. Jason Pizarro


    Jaboi Jiraff


  79. Mahogany Speaks

    I say again this girl is a mixture of Foxy, Kim and Naomi Campbell. She's raps circles around Iggy without even coming for her directly and the only reason why Iggy is where she's at is because of white privilege.

    Mahogany Speaks

    @Brian coleman peep this, When Nicki wore blond wigs, blue contacts and pounds of make up to grant the illusion of a lighter complexion she sold millions of records and charted in the top 10 of the 100 List consistently but the minute she started wearing her own hair, no contacts and minimum makeup her elevation lowered. When Nicki presented herself as an aspired white women who raps the masses threw their coins at her the long way but the minuted she presented herself as a black women who raps they kept their coins. 


    1000 percent the truth! talk about it ma!


    How do black people make it a white people privileged industry if they don't by white records??


    Iggy is on the same level as Nicki 3sum only difference is skin color. So this doesn't hold weight. AB should be above both though.

  80. Ozma

    'Local fucker' is such a diss!

  81. Thomas Miles

    This was kinda wasted on Jim Jones tbh. The instrumental is better then Ice Princess and the first half of the track is amazing. Succubi could've been her anthem. 

    whizzard blizzard

    RIGHTTTT! This is what Im talking bout!

    Balakumar Parajasingham

    @Thomas Miles what do you mean by this was wasted on jim jones


    @Pararajasingham Balakumar tbh succubi is fucking harder and rougher than any of her song and it could be her fucking mega hit along with the 212 if it was released for selling, not for beefing with Jim jones


    @Pararajasingham Balakumar I love azealia and love her BWET, but lets be serious.. L8R and succubi was real old fashioned hip hop which people nowadays want to hear

    Blu Waffle

    @Thomas Miles She was asking her fans if she should put it on her second album

  82. Lavoi Wilder

    Killed it

  83. Marj Blunt

    Murking Females this is bars she's dope hands down Iggy could never!

  84. Flo Mccool

    She went in

  85. potsy


  86. Ladyflo

    Why Iggy azalea more famous 😫😩😩😩


    Do we really need to answer that??? Lol no because of talent


    @🔥UNTV🔥 I know why I was just saying out loud not expecting an answer from anyone in particular


    Exactly she is only famous but is she talented...nooo way

  87. daniel garcia

    I am waiting for a track like this for iggy 💅💅💅💅💀🙌


    who? igloo

  88. Grobby Muleya

    "I'm crazy with math, add me your purse
    Plus you a hearse, minus that church
    You dead on the first, divide from your jerks
    Supplier for work
    Fishscale, seaweed get 'em higher than church
    Taste meat
    Saliva to squirt", those Bars, Damn!

    That first verse, ain't heard no female rapper spit like this before. 

    Tedi Kacani

    hmm...ever heard of angel haze?

    Grobby Muleya

    @Tedi Kacani No

    Aunestly Beautiful

    i have, she was tumblr famous before she started rapping. she's really dope and lyrical but she's not touching Azealia Banks, she's still a dope rapper nonetheless but not better than Azealia

    David Pavlas

    Tedi Kacani I have and I'm a fan but sorry, Angel Haze couldn't fuck with Azealia Banks even if she tried.

    Im Poppy

    I thought she said, "taste me" lol

  89. Zsilinszky Dávid

    this needs a music video ASAP


    Nothing's funnier than what's in my head.

  90. Al Rolls

    Oh shit, did she call this nigga a hymen? Why were we sleeping on this chick I am now a fan.

    Jonathan Bailey

    Seriously, how did I miss this chick?

    Balakumar Parajasingham

    @Al Rolls This diss i so hard that jim jones didn't even respond to this

  91. From Henry-Taylor

    Damn AB! Did she say that man butt was ready? Lol! Sheez. She called him a "hyman" too. #Dead

    This go's hard!

    Balakumar Parajasingham

    @From Henry-Taylor She bodied jim jones with this and i hope she does the same to T.I (she is currently beefing with him right now)

    From Henry-Taylor

    Really! Ditto that Pararajasingham. I'm so sick of TI ass. He needs to let his kids do there thing. He can stop rapping now.

  92. gyh gyb

    Angel Haze sounds like Disney Channel. Iggy sounds like Kareoke down under. QuIGGlY down under.

  93. Mr. Neal

    Shit goes hard! But why she commin at Jim Jones??

    whizzard blizzard

    Azealia was minding her own business on twitter, sharing what she thought the word 'vamp' meant to her. Jim came at her out of nowhere claiming that the word meant to him otherwise. It's really silly when you look at it now. And this is what came out, the MUVA OF ALL DISS TRACKS <3


    Uncle big bag Tom Cruise on YouTube

  95. Exe

    Booooooooy you're not a fan OOOOOOOOOOOOH GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRL

  96. O Raidan Ajuda


  97. Candy Ken

    Classic example of a female Spitting Harder and better then a dude!

    Balakumar Parajasingham

    @Candy Ken don't get me wrong i am not trying to pick a fight or nothing but is what you said sexist ?


    +Pararajasingham Balakumar no. it'd be sexist if he said, "girls shouldn't rap." what he said was a compliment to Banks but and an insult to males that suck at rapping. no sexism.

    miss orgasmo

    Balakumar Parajasingham chill with that new age reverse white knight shit

    D'Angelo Fulton

    Balakumar Parajasingham No you want to be sexist😭😭😭😭 Mutations are so unstable