Azealia Banks - Salute Lyrics

Louis Vuitton on the hook
Wang's in 'em
A good shoe for a bad bitch
Fuck with her
Eating with Jimmy Iovine
Lunch with her
She's a get-money bunny
Jump with her

Bum bitches, bite my style, Dracula
Wear your Wu-Tang fangs
Novocane from Frankie

Your gonna need some backin' up
Super-save these hoes
Cape Town, Africa
Catch me in N.Y, Uptown, the Battles up

All ready to saddle up
Mami I'm no rookie, already the champion
Movie you not pretty, you lookin' like a regular
Blonde cuties, space cadets, astronauts
Most niggas booty or Britneys or Ericas
Come and get me, et cetera, et cetera
Any challenge I bet I wet 'em up
Berettas up

Salute, What's good
Salute a bad bitch you should
Salute, What's good
Salute a bad bitch you should

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Azealia Banks Salute Comments
  1. Otaviano AZEALIA


  2. Shakayla Gotell

    She killed it


    Wu tang fangz...😵

  4. bluehaze94

    All of yall loving this beat understand it comes from Hardstyle. So yeah...nothing new here but I still love her

    Dija Ouija

    Her personality is problematic asf but what other female MC can go off on a hardstyle track?! She's got ace music taste and can spit over versatile beats, so I'll always love her lol

    Logan f

    yeah its called a mixtape lmaoooo

  5. naturegurl83

    dats that original dipshit right dare

  6. Yayo De La Cruz

    whos the Dj for this song i need an instrumental or something 

    A Shot Of Rey

    Yayo De La Cruz You probably found him by now, but it was produced by AraabMuzik

  7. Marsha Carter

    I accidently disliked this sorry

  8. 42Johney

    kicked who out? They just tweeted about her.

  9. Efrain Nino

    it sucks how interscope kicked her out but they do it to everyone :c there dumb asf tho

  10. DaBottom215

    She shits in every female rapper smh

  11. 2short99

    This beat and song goes hard! I wish it was longer!

  12. Keshaun M

    this shit goes hard!

  13. Rebel Love


  14. trezz18


  15. xr2kid

    Cape Town, Africa!!!! that's my part lol

  16. Alex Walden

    Female Cam'ron on this track!

  17. 2k0wen


  18. michael browne

    i love the tune at the start of this