Azealia Banks - Paradiso Lyrics

You can sun if you want to
Fun if you want to
Stay in the shade all day if you want to
Villa with shore view, 'punzle I adore you
Bitches rock whatever she say they can afford too
What'chu know about open out key west, relax, recess, all up on the beach, yes
Beach sandy, look at little bambi in the two piece set looking like a banjee
Can we kick it in the Hamptons?
Residing where it's fancy
Porto Pino with a champagne
She a leader and a champion
Coco dream things, aqua green scenes
Palm trees caribbean queen
A paradise with me is so amazing
So elevating, switch up on the beat and scene

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Azealia Banks Paradiso Comments
  1. Toussantlbisso

    📣AB's A Hottie Regardless 😍!

  2. tony m


  3. Jazy1993

    This bitch gave us a 50 second bop and it was enough to get us all together and scalp us

  4. Efficient Moves

    I thought it was you can send if you want to friend if you want to

  5. Stefan Vukadinovic


  6. Kate Wood

    when is the full version released?

  7. Adam Smith

    too talented

  8. Mariana Correa

    I spent like 15 mins tryna find this song and it’s only 49 seconds 😭I did too much

  9. Maureen Gill

    still here in 2018 lol

  10. Nande Lungelwa Notyalwa

    Oh my gosh that Brenda Fassie underlying beat!!! She totally remixed a South African original!!!
    Did anyone listen to Weekend Special after this??

    Free Lander

    There's a remix featuring both songs! It's somewhere he on YouTube

  11. 88Senpai Soul88


  12. Argent GD Javan

    This girl is genius

  13. 88Senpai Soul88

    It end abruptly and I thought my music had stopped lol

  14. Nick Flores

    Paradiso part two this summer yay

    J. Vishae

    Nick LeFleur yikes

    Dat Boi

    @J. Vishae LMAO

  15. ασεμε


  16. katinlove

    im 666 like woaahoooo this song is siickkk ♥

  17. Dat Boi

    Paradiso ll is gonna be on Fantasea Two and i'm ready to be scalped

  18. Josh Brown

    Come ownnn fantasea 2

  19. Asc Csawk

    I’m 105,it’s a very snowy winter night, my children came over to my house for holidays and are now sleeping, this song is gonna be played while Im in a bathtub made of gold with exactly 666 candles around the bathtub and I’m holding a glass of the world most expensive wine in my hand.

  20. cheyenne


  21. r t

    Paradiso Pt 2. is gonna be on Fantasea 2: The Second Wave!

  22. Kelvin Luiz

    i need a version with Mariah Carey

    Carlton Sylvester



    good idea

  23. Theoh Williams

  24. Roell Maldonado Barragán


  25. lutalica

    the longer version will be on fantasea II and i'm too pumped!

  26. Moon Yeah

    One of her best song out 49 sec but so so good

  27. Andy B

    cocoa dream queen aqua green scene!

    Moon Yeah

    Andy B a paradise for me so amazing

  28. Liz Seashell



    Liz Seashell what?


    From Brenda Fassie (South Africa ♥♥♥) to Azelia Banks, #yeahyeahyeah :D

  30. Travis C

    I wish this was longer ugggggh!!!

    Enosse Makinta

    Full Song is Brenda Fassie - Weekend Special

  31. YZ YZ

    she finally extended this😩😩🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    ChipSkylark VEVO

    Stop playing with my emotions bitch

    lamuar smith

    It's gonna be on fantasea 2nd wave

    lamuar smith

    YZ YZ not anymore because dr.luke produced it so she might not release it


    omg i dont even care ill just pretend a rapist didnt produce it i need it

  32. Oren freeman

    I need more ughh too good lol

  33. tikitarget

    She leaves you wanting more

  34. Linda From Square Space

    I'm hoping God squats down and blesses us with the full version of paradiso on Fantasea II

    Caroline Diamond

    Linda From Square Space This summer!

  35. Shirley Jean-Baptiste

    On repeat!!

  36. Shirley Jean-Baptiste

    Why isn't this longer???

  37. FZ Highlights

    A paradise to me

  38. this is real this is me

    this is my favorite song off Fantasea, I know it's :49 but it gives me so much nostalgia for nyc


    people... where is the full music??? so awesome this music

  40. M. A.

    I wish it was longer

  41. King Neptune

    why is this awesome beat and flow cut so short? lawrd why azealia why?

  42. Sinnia García

    She a leader an a champion.

  43. Accused Witch

    u can sun if u want too fun if u want too stay in the shade all day if u want too villa with the shore view punzel I adore bitches rock w/e she say she can afford too what u know about going out key west relax recess all up on the bed


    feet sandy, look at little bambi, in the 2-piece set looking like a banjee. Can we kick it in the hampton? Reside where it's fancy? I love this song, lol

  44. G ALI

    fun if you want to

  45. Paul Paradiso

    An Azealia's song named like my last name, weird.

    Christian Dennis

    Im subscribing juat because thats awesome how theres a song named after ur last name 😏👍

  46. JustinPeabody

    she released da tracklisting and i dont see this song on her album, sorry guys, guess this is the best were gonna get : (

    Jordan Martinez

    This song was already on her 'Fantasea' EP

    311 Jazzy

    Extended version coming on fantasea 2!

  47. cognial42

    This I can vogue to

  48. kevin y

    where is the full or extended version.... :(

    Kelvin Luiz

    Sophorn Z she Will work on it

    change it no matter

    Coming on Fantasea 2.

  49. Anthony DeVeaux

    God, how I wish this was longer.

  50. naobe5

    JUDYS brought me here too!

  51. Ryzlene Fenty

    Gosh this song is so amazing <33

  52. hswest west

    Judys brought me here

  53. Sam Carter

    Longer plez

  54. AkemiMoriboshi

    I wish this was longer...anyone know of a longer version????

  55. therese fassie

    this is a song by south african artist BRENDA FASSIE. i hope Azealia clarified it cause i really hate when american artists cover african songs and tell to the whole world that they wrote really pisses me off.Michael Jackson did,Shakira did,Rihanna did,etc.

  56. Freakonomics89

    It should not be legal for a song this good to be so brief!

  57. Baby Ethernet

    Thanks :)

  58. JustinPeabody

    beautiful description

  59. JustinPeabody

    i can only imagine your first time hearing this song you must have been quite elated to hear her sample this. sad it isnt longer i wish someone would make a longer version

  60. JustinPeabody

    i hate when artists make my favorite songs the shorter songs on the cd. why lord why please make this song longer :(

  61. Jahiyla Johnson

    that mermaid is to FAB.

  62. Rebel Love

    Only crime is it wasn't longer.

  63. Shawn Gooden

    thank you for the original reference

  64. prettybashful773

    this is like a summer jam

  65. trezz18

    OMG words can't explain how much I love this chick!!!!!!!!

  66. snortsandgigglesfest

    i know right! I flipped out when I heard this sample, I grew up listening to this song

  67. SorryEntertainer

    OMG this is by Brenda Fassie:D .. I'm so proud to be South African

  68. loxymandles

    its a south african artist , Brenda fassie the song is WEEKEND SPECIAL

  69. circasurvive04

    totally! back in the 80s ;)

  70. Theon Matthews

    i hope so :D

  71. my_first_username_

    @HeyJeremyC It ends with "End scene." So i don't think so.

  72. Theon Matthews

    this song is too good n too short its like im getting teased she is amazing with the music <3

  73. Duarte Catela

    WT?? This track deserves to be 10m long!! Fresh Prince!!!!ahah

  74. Baby Ethernet

    Wow, it makes me feel like I'm in a jazzy casino, playing slot machines.