Azealia Banks - Nude Beach A-Go-Go Lyrics

Teenage Verona, sippin Coca-Cola
Teenage Verona, Momma Can't Control Her!

Nude Beach a Go-Go
Nude Beach a Go-Go
You can do anything at
Nude Beach a Go-Go
Ram-a-lama-ding-dong, surfer Billy bing-bong
Nude Beach a Go-Go
Nude Beach a Go-Go
You can tag along, if you're young and strong
Nude Beach a Go-Go
Nude Beach a Go-Go

Black women's attraction
All the white girls join in the action
Do you jingle when you dingle-dangle?
Everybody does the bingle-bangle, Ow!

[Hook - Azealia Banks & Ariel Pink:]
Nude Beach a Go-Go
Nude Beach a Go-Go
Don't ya don't ya know-know?
Sun tan in the snow-snow

Everybody goes where the roses bloom
Come and enjoy the living rooms
By the lifeguard station by the coral reef
Hallelujah, Heaven, Hell and all in between
There's no clothes to wear
And there's summer in her hair

And chiffon and silk and wool and cotton
They all are forgotten!

Teenage Verona, sippin Coca-Cola
Teenage Verona, Momma Can't Control Her!

Nude Beach a Go-Go [7x]

Oooooooooh - Ow!


At Nude Beach a Go-Go, Ah!

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Azealia Banks Nude Beach A-Go-Go Comments
  1. Francisco Delgado

    I love this song! Omg!

  2. Aeayraun X

    Why this sound like a commercial

  3. Mattie White

    What was she thinking

  4. Forest McMillin

    Video pls

  5. firstname lastname

    the song is still great but ariels version is da real deal. this just sounds like a glee cover...

  6. shimwillynonkin

    WTF is this monstrosity? No. Just, no. All the life sucked away.


    You didn't get it

  7. spicyboi2000


  8. Brianna Nicole

    somehow this version feels whiter than Ariel Pink’s

    Devyn Abdullah Bush

    It was to represent cultural appropriation


    I can hear this as the soundtrack to a Coca-Cola ad, which is not a positive thing.

  9. BunnyBabe666

    i live for this josie and the pussycats fantasea

  10. Evan A1

    It has a christmas vibe.

    Jack Mac

    I agree

  11. SuperKewl Dood


  12. V Biscuts

    My least favourite song of the album I didn't get it?

  13. Chris Taylor

    So Verona's own mom is powerless to her destructive coca cola drinking!

  14. Obey Amma

    Lmao this is so catchy

  15. yung cailou

    Ariel Pink PRODUCED THIS, and is singing with her in the CHORUS. Stop trying to DOWNPLAY THIS AMAZING SONG, BY SAYING SHE TRASHED IT.

  16. Timothy McPherrin


  17. Donovan Harden

    Ariel Pink’s songwriting if y’all were wondering. His vocals are in the background.

  18. Daniel Perez

    This version is a fuck ton better

  19. Neel 2000

    This version is so terrible compared the the Ariel Pink version. In which Ariel wrote the original song that Banks took first!

    Mr Conglomerate

    Neel 2000 they wrote it together you idiot!

    Neel 2000

    Noirpoet H The pink version has alternate lyrics, instrumentation, melodies, etc. And it's so much funnier and more enjoyable than what Banks wrote in her version.

  20. Trey Earnhardt

    This Truly adds nothing to the original. Not very good.

  21. Gilbertify

    Nowhere near as good as Ariel Pink's version.

  22. Joopy Jellopy

    Is that a music from Disney's Teen Beach Movie?

  23. Carter !


  24. doobie soda

    She is fucking genius.


    She was a genius picking up this song. It was Ariel Pink's song, but they collaborate together to made this jam. He also did backing vox for this song.

  25. dani be honest, I don't even understand how this cover exists. Original is perfect.

    Jalen W

    girl..... google exists. literally look up the lyrics she changed a verse


    Jalen W I'm asking what the different message is i know the verse is changed


    hahahaha i think this is a parody

    Jack Clare

    ariel wrote it for her

    Sophisticated Luna

    @doobie soda I had to come to witness the atrocity

  26. J Vst

    This is so like a blondie ("Sunday Girl"?)/beach boys/gnarls Barkley ("

  27. Rafael Almeida Ferreto

    I can picture a great music video to this song.

    J Vst

    Lol. When I heard it I totally pictured a B&W Abercombie ad...(not that this is a great idea but I can totally imagine it)

    william oliveira

    A beach on 70's and people doing a nice coreo

    J Vst

    I picture something in the fifties where the parents are unaware of their (of age) teenage kids going to the nude beach. Or like some juxtaposition of Conservative and young people pushing what is acceptable (something w a sense of humour!)

  28. Aimee Hilsenhoff

    I just don't understand the hate for Azealia. They always say put her feelings in the music and this song is literally about cultural appropriation and it is the least popular track and one of the least liked...


    This is an Ariel Pink song lol

    Fans Galore, LLC

    Got to confess, in the summer time I like to listen to this song for my alarm clock. I can’t get enough.

    Baby Rodrigues

    I agree aimee!!

  29. Henry Goop Taylor

    this shoulda been on fantasea 2

  30. jackbaradog

    did this come first or the ariel pink one?


    @LuisGarzaHo so they worked on it together?

    Nashville X

    ariel got all production credits

    Mister Mister

    This song was written by Kim Fowley and Ariel Pink.

    Nashville X

    This version has some of Azealia's own written lyrics

    Donovan Harden

    Ariel and Kim had it written first for Pom Pom. Then banks wanted to cover it before they released it. So she changed a few lyrics.

  31. Sam Warren

    this sounds like a high school musical version of the original. I mean I know Ariel was involved, but shit this version can't compare.


    it literally objectively sounds 20 times better but lie to yourself bc you dont like azealia i suppose

    Brianna Nicole

    BunnyBabe666 hun, no one is lying to themselves. I’ve got nothing against Azealia but this song wasn’t written for her. If you listened to Ariel’s full album that his version of the song is on you’d know that his version is objectively better. it fits in with the entirety of his album and with his sound. I like some of Azealia’s music but this isn’t her, it isn’t her sound, her style, her song. You’re entitled to your opinion but there’s no competition when it comes down to it, this is a watered down cheesy teenage pop cover of ariel’s experimental pop version which is so much more complex and ambitious sonically

  32. JayGJoy

    I thought this was a Spotify ad at first...

  33. Kierra

    This reminds me of some teen beach movie

  34. Kimbelle10

    Is this entire song shade? I love it either way lol! 

  35. OoMASEoO

    One of these things is not like the others...

  36. Jessik Lopez

    Essa música tem nada haver com ela 
    Mas é foda