Azealia Banks - No Problems Lyrics

She like my new talk
My new style, my new walk
This new whore
Open her mouth and I'll bruise jaws
Like ooooh awe, really like
Who her I'm a true star, this butch broad got blue balls
Hard pressed cause I took off, I'm farm fresh from New York
It's like because these wanna be's wanna be buzzed
Angels need Jesus, angles, features
Live show, PR then maybe baby, you could be us
That New York, That nuiance, that new star
That... that ah
212 to that blue blood, beautiful in my own hood
Up the hill It's all good, up the bills
I been born too, You're from fuckin' where, who are you?
Bad queen is my pedigree, bad bitch is my legacy
You mad bitch, you average, a rap bitch I'm rackin'
Stackin', money makin' Manhattan, mama cakin' that cash in
You ask them or ask him, I get it in
Harlemite citizen
You sloppy dyke, you wanna lick a bitch
You probably bite, I ain't about it bitch
You not my type, I need a hotter bitch
From New York with it, born and bred to get it
A home grown widditch, - I flip 'em and hit that spinach
Ooooooh y'all bitches and greatin' em with that fiddith (5th)
Ooh y'all bitches they leavin' you with that

[Hook x4:]
No problems,no problems
Yea, y'all don't want no problems
No problems,no problems
Y'all bitches don't want no problems

What's workin' girls
I'm a boss bitch
Got foreigners in my office
I'm clearly on, you a off switch
This sick charm, I'm gorgeous
Like really though, you a corn bitch
One wish movin' on
It's a warning, be honest
Your garm is to be garbage
Top drag, she lack class
Poof Poof be gone bitch
We own this, she came here
We own this, I claim here
It's my home pit,top pit
That chocolate banks baby deposit
AB Bout that profit not gossip
This that, stars to the hollywood red carpet,better get back
All these bitches wanna know how she get that
Don't ask for the price, let me get that
You a man with ya' dick back
You a sam with a slick back
You a ham in the pig shack
You was aim for the kit kat
Little bam hunned' grand is a champion chit chat
Stylin' in something you see not in vogue
Diamonds is shining they frigid , they froze
Wildin' I'm stuntin' I'm spendin' that dough
And when I step in them bitches they know
Them bitches they know
Diamonds is shinnin' these frigid, they froze
Wildin' I'm stuntin' I'm spendin' that dough
And when I step in, them bitches they know
And when I step in, them bitches they know


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Azealia Banks No Problems Comments
  1. Katharina Polivkova

    Beat and bitch. Best.

  2. lil miss vicious


  3. lil miss vicious


  4. mauriciogv93

    When Azealia was living her best life!!!

  5. truebluesonly




  7. Joe Escobar

    Loooove this! Her hair.

  8. Fatgal Vivi

    The hottest disstrack I’ve ever heard

  9. Universal Beauty Keeper

    A-B on these BEATS.... and her bars NOT JUST THIS ONE SONG.... SINCE EARLY 90'S... KEEP MOVING FORWARD

  10. Jay Anthony

    Too bad she’s batshit Kerrrrazy

  11. Bella Perreault

    your whole audience is white????????

    Tan Hen

    Its at an EDM festival, what did you expect?

  12. Benjamin Schmidt

    she looks so skinny here wow

  13. Mya Plum

    Styling is something u see not in vogue...

  14. Ella

    The way this song ends is so beautiful I can't stand it

  15. Uncle Marco

    And 4 years later they’re both in the gutter ssksksksk... At least AB released some memorable projects in her short time of relative functionality lol... can’t say the same for Angel

  16. bright p

    the beat is ALARMA-MACHINEDRUM

  17. Afrodisiac21

    2019 and this song still goes hard.....Azealia may be problematic but this girl rides a beat like a beast 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Whitney C

    I wish she didn't have that white fucker in the video. Why do harlemites wants soho whites as their friends. I want her to edit that fucker out

  19. daniel dalena

    I wish we could go back

  20. Прикол TV


  21. Fioravante Esposito

    Hello Azealia! Is a problem for if you have to kill Nicki Minaj ? Please give me a positive answer


    Omg so many good memories to this song😍🤩🤩🤩🎉🌃🎉🌃🎉✨✨✨🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡

  23. Camilo Leroy Daraghma

    the end is delish

  24. Leo Leahy

    She’s so GOOD LOOKING

  25. MichaelErnest666


  26. MissTia777

    Is this at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami???

    Judge Judith Sheindlin

    MissTia777 yup 100%

  27. Robert Greer

    This drum beat fucking SLLLLLLLAMS.

  28. Bongani Mveng

    "What's working girls - I'm a boss bitch!! Got foreigner in my office." AB the goat!!

  29. Pablo Rogger


  30. sjsk veryvery

    3:11 , 3:12

  31. 4GN WolfGang

    Still the only Azelia song I listen too,She got any others like this?

    4GN WolfGang

    @Baby Shark Im getting in tune now. Thanks!

    Baby Shark

    4GN WolfGang can’t do it like me is very similar in sound too

    Latoya Ward

    Heavy Metal & Reflective and Desperado

    Josh Elijah

    Go on her sound cloud look listen to "Be my guest" by her she released it tonight. Similar vibes.

  32. sjsk veryvery

    she fucking destroyed angel haze omg

  33. FKA Prudence

    WTF I've never seen this

  34. LanIost

    I fucking love this woman. So much respect. It very seriously brings me to tears thinking about how I used to trash talk her and how .. just how fucking wrong I was AT THE VERY least about her musically. My experiences with BWET was on a journey from complete denial to something that I very seriously would be proud to talk to display next to copies of Illmatic, Ready to Die, Arular (M.I.A!), Paul's Boutique, Good Kid MAAD City, all of Ye's classics, etc. .. seriously. It deserves to be up there, and why not? Because she's an imperfect human being? ... But so am I. I just couldn't deny my growing love of her music because of a trait that is .. possibly the most human one.

    I really wish I could apologize to her, face to face. She deserves so much more support and love than she gets EVEN WITH the stupid shit she's said. I've had people say "but she's reverse racist". ... No, she's pro-Black. To me it's clear that she's not anti-white. You can be both. She SHOULD be fucking proud of who she is WITHOUT needing my approval, and the fact that I know she IS, but also _WOULD_ care if I gave an opinion on her music as a music fan who really cares, it is just part of why I love her so much. Much, much love to this woman.

    At the absolute very least I couldn't keep watching her many, many videos (seriously, she just did one for SODA all these years later. I keep finding ones despite believing I've seen them all), and deny the fact that I've never seen ANYONE male OR female in ANY genre who looks like are just absolutely in love with what they get to do with their life. THAT nearly brings me to tears and I just can't hate a fellow musician who believes in the power of music that much.


    you've seen the light :)

  35. HOWÆRD

    did I just see steve aioki?

  36. i Harley

    can azealia and lil kim
    please do a song together! <3

    Panamanian Muffin Garrison

    Hell yeah!!!

  37. Felipe Brockveld

    and as Stefani, I want to reference Fiona's work.
    thanks mama.

    Felipe Brockveld

    not criminal, Paper Bag.
    I guess it makes a better prick.

  38. Felipe Brockveld

    is it true that Mariah was in the Stefani's incident?

  39. Felipe Brockveld

    unless I direct it all, I sincerely can't wait the silent corner, Stefani!

  40. Felipe Brockveld

    i want a dead unicorn

  41. Bongani Mveng

    Yah bitches dont want NO PROBLEMS!!

  42. fa666ot

    where is the live set of steve aoki ft. azealia in this video??? i cant find it anywhere on youtube

    Dee B

    I think it was at ultra music festival. Try searching with that included.


    Dee B already did that, still couldnt find it lol

    Dee B

    Hmm weird. Me either. Probably they've all been removed for copyright.

  43. Professor Emil

    Did anyone else catch that? She said, "You're a man with your dick back." referring to the practice of drag and how queens tuck their gentalia between their legs to appear female. That has to be the most creative way to call someone a man lmao.

  44. Josh Brown

    she looked like a different person here damn <3

  45. CeeJay Jones

    When is the "Big White Star" Diplo going to produce a song for her?


    when he pays her back her money

  46. Azrael Ezdrasz


  47. hannah michaels

    ugh I love her

  48. Ashley Neal

    this bitch is so fucking cool

  49. Marcus

    She murdered this

  50. David Ruiz

    How is this still not available in iTunes

    Latoya Ward

    David Ruiz it is now, on her Fantasea mixtape

  51. schmesar

    skinny legends only



  52. Michele Schoonackers


  53. boo wethers

    The beat alone is a monster

  54. Anime Junkie

    Azealia is amazing I can't stop listening!!!

  55. StarlightSeiya

    her best song still

    Panamanian Muffin Garrison

    StarlightSeiya agree

  56. bushy brows

    this bih was high asf when she made this music video lmaooo


    Honestly that makes me love it that much more haha

  57. Caio Alcântara

    so fierce omgg

  58. ayr raj

    This production reminds me of death grips a bit. She is something else

  59. Sebastian Cortes

    Can't believe she's returning this year I can't wait.

  60. Edwin Torres

    Bitches need to respect the fact that when it comes to rapping, A.B is 👑!!!!!!

  61. Ultraviolence Baby

    She is beautiful and she spits better than 95% of rappers that are poppin rn + her pen game nastyyy

  62. Mateus Domingos

    Umas melhores musicas do Fantasea, amo demaaais

  63. boo wethers

    A.B not bout that gospel bout prophet

  64. boo wethers

    She said your not my type for me too hi a bitch

    Quanny's Husband's mistress light bill

    "you sloppy dyke, you're not my type i need a hotter bitch"-AB

  65. boo wethers

    Been looking for this bam finally found it

  66. Jorge Arraiol

    666 - alarma

  67. Alistair Kaname

    yo imagine if she and A$ap Rocky on a beat like this together, they will slaughter it

  68. Carlos Palacios

    2:44 VENEZUELA :'3

  69. jbauer72

    Thanks, fuckhole, for posting this! 
    Huge Banks fan and haven't seen this video or heard this song. Don[t know how it slipped my attention. Glad fuckhole was there and helped us.

  70. Melissa Velasquez

    I love this fucking song

  71. Chantal Corleone


  72. MichaelErnest666

    Im In Love 😍😍😍

  73. Rukia BlackBlazer

    She was doing the mermaid long hair look back long before Nikki & B.

    Quanny's Husband's mistress light bill

    it's tragic how underrated she is

    Panamanian Muffin Garrison

    RukiaBlack Blazer ok!!!! You see it 💋💋

  74. azzurrav azzurrav

    Diplo xD



  76. alanmac36

    I still can't believe this is a diss track!

  77. Super Pen

    3:34 love her

  78. Tattiana

    Idk how I've never heard or seen this one. The beat is sick and whoever filmed this video did a miraculous job. Eye candyyy 😍

  79. Panamanian Muffin Garrison

    Ridiculous!!!!! My gawddddd. Eargasmmmm.

  80. Ana Mira

    What's up with the username? You're disgusting.


    Ana Mira it's just a username??


    Ana Mira it's just a username??

  81. Kakisha Saint Julien

    I respect her as a black women she doesn't show to much also she respect her body and her music man i can't get enough

  82. Nine

    Aoki & Azaelia 😜

  83. singerliljermz

    This is how u diss another artist without stooping low.

    Panamanian Muffin Garrison

    singerliljermz yessssss this shit is amazing.

  84. Junior Fernandez


  85. Andrev H.

    So sexy

  86. FREDERICK Lister

    If I Came Into The Game With Out A Male Behind Me Pushing Me And Promoting Me I'd Be The Same As Her.

  87. Fioravante Esposito

    So sassy

  88. N° Zero One

    more from this fucking shit, please !!

  89. Don A

    The beat is everything
    She sounds so fuckin ny



  91. Art Gozzip Nation

    me when i get money

  92. Art Gozzip Nation

    this is like a tommrrowland mix with coachella type of thing .... i love it

  93. Ashley Chester

    Soooooo fuckin talented she would kill alot of female rappers #salutewayfromlouisiana

  94. nmra johnson

    she really did snap

  95. Josh Brown

    Song still better than lots in 2017...

  96. Андрей Бобровницкий

    I recognized Paradox - Alarma and Aphex Twin - Aparatus :)

  97. Oftanova


  98. Jackeline Lima

    1 Milhão 😍😍😍