Azealia Banks - Neptune Lyrics

I-I-I-I'm alri-I-I-ight
Tonight I-I-I'm alri-I-I-ight babe

[Verse 1: Azealia Banks]
More breeze in your hair, huh?
It's the one that your blick took her chance on
Damn should've have shacked breeze with the champion
Looking for my nigga my feast is the phantom
Phantom this is that young bitch Lil Keke
I needed a plumb with the cheeky
Chill with some fillers from end the shikies
I'm a get 'em get 'em so come hit the repeat

[Chorus: x2]
Baby about it
Baby you know
Can I turn you out here?
Can I turn you on?
Tell me now what is your fantasea
Can I hear about it?
Tell me what you need

[Verse 2: Shystie]
Hey yo mister come whisper
Hey what's your sign, tell me what else is you into?
We can make your ex girl real real pissed
Take it off your wishlist, can you feel-feel this
I'm the type of girl yo mama warned ya about
Stop fucking with your head, blow your brains all out
Tell me what you like, me a real bad gyal
Give it to you good, make your head turn mad now
Not vanilla we're cinnamon sticks they'll be killing bitches
I'm on my liquorice shit 'til the niggas diggie it stiff
Like Agamartis, riga-rigamortis tipi tipi on his lips
We could take flights to the West Indes
Check her dipping out the sea with a mermaid please
Sip of liquor, bit of rum right under the trees
Tell this London girl, what's your fantaseas, boy?

[Bridge 1:]
Everybody got though
I've been bad you know
I-I I'm trying to give that cat toy a kit-kat
I can't fight all night

Baby about it
Baby you know
Can I turn you out here?
Can I turn you on?
Tell me now what is your fantasea
Can I hear about it?
Tell me what you need

[Bridge 2:]
I'm a search you I'm going out of mind
I'm a lady that's eating my pride
But do you know mine all the night
I ain't even gon' be the light
Boy atleast stay on my mind
Can I wet you up?
Baby you know
Am I sexual enough?
Can I wet you up all night?
I ain't even gon' even lie
I don't wanna play with your time-time
Alright Alright
Alright, tonight, ahaaa

[Chorus: x2]
Baby about it
Baby you know
Can I turn you out here
Can I turn you on
Tell me now what is your fantasea
Can I hear about it
Tell me what you love

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Azealia Banks Neptune Comments
  1. Ms. Wilson

    I def hear 212 and licorice here. I LOVE it

  2. Júnior Carter


  3. Tay T


  4. Eduard Knols

    Amo essa mulher!

  5. Gregory Johnson

    I love this track!!! 🤗💛💖

  6. Miss Carriagé

    shystie ruined this for me. can t listen to this track because of her

  7. Hugo Lemos

    fantasia amor pro menino ❇💫

  8. GooseTailzTRex420 Banana

    I love her vibe! Tropical Atlantis Neptune blue planet magical boss goddess.

  9. Nick Flores

    Can I wet you up boy? Am I sexual enough for ya?

  10. Isaiah Balladares

    we need another version without flopstie on it

    Dat Boi



    Isaiah Balladares LMFAOAOAOOAAOAOAO!!!!!!!

  11. aussieapril

    is it me or does the first part sound like 212, then it sounds like Liquorice then the end sounds like Luxury...

  12. Edwin Rosas

    A to the Z

  13. Angel Del Rëy


  14. Caio S


  15. Nikofierce

    I love shystie part contrary to the others. Azealia banks is my queen her vocal abilities are stunning !!

  16. King Neptune

    This used to be my theme song like two years ago, it still is, i love the instrumental, you can actually hear how good the beat is.

  17. GIAAA net

    fantasea has to be one of the most slept on mixtapes/albums of life


    Should've been an album.

    hey it's me Azarle

    singerliljermz ikr she has a lot of samples to clear though lol

  18. sbhr

    I always skip shystie's verse :/ sorry shystie lol

    Eugony Oktopussy

    +DayDreamProductionTV I thinks Shystie's verse is the most lit of the song. I almost listen to this song just because of this part

    Luiz Gustavo

    +Eugony Oktopussy same

    Fat Diddle

    Eugony Oktopussy This song is why I started listening to shystie

    Isaiah Balladares

    right.. so irritating

  19. Godzilla Verses

    this song is thug as fuck

  20. Iam Pear

    this whole album is beautiful.


    +Margaret Bakare *mixtape

    Iam Pear

    +Ryan Solomon yes i did mean that but if this was relased as an album it would bang too

  21. Accused Witch

    Neptune Mars Uranus Pluto Jupiter are fabulous also azealia

  22. YellowLemonPatch


  23. Faith Iyahen

    This is too Hard <3 

    Faith Iyahen

    ew who the fuck was i in 2014

  24. Alejandro Vera

    The seapunk is the new vaporwave style.


    seapunk is old as fuck tho

  25. Ryzlene Fenty

    great song

  26. Blake Gildaphish

    why the fucking eye??!

    Art Gozzip Nation

    Blake Gildaphish because mermaids get hypnotized by the moon

  27. Keanu Marino

    sea punk

  28. tracy tangs

    speed up

  29. EtherealDarkling

    One of my favorites <3

  30. Gabriel Bernini

    She previous/samples her new songs through songs :)

  31. Jerrick Barber

    Oh ok gotchu... She doesn't sound like minaj thooo. Minaj cant compare to her lmaoo

  32. Fruitlotion

    i saw saying she sounds like azealia banks because people were like '' oh she sound like nicki minaj ''and comparing her to her.

  33. Jerrick Barber

    I would hope Azealia Banks sounds like Azealia Banks, unless you mean Shystie sounds like Azealia Banks...

  34. KennedyAndersun

    I just love this song that much <3

  35. Harmony Rosenberg

    i love this song except for shystie i think she ruins it wehhh :(

  36. SSxProductions

    The bridge of this song is just so orgasmic .

  37. KORI KAT

    i haaaaaaatee shystie's verse

  38. dueceonepound

    I bet this shit would be a hundred times better if they slowed the tempo a lil.

  39. TheMinajTV

    mine is Luxury

  40. IN T

    Best track on the mixtape!

  41. OH Global

    I thought I was the only one who noticed

  42. Raul Duarte

    212 1.2

  43. a yo

    it's not an album lol

  44. EnigmaSlo

    yah i noticed and also in the song they keep referencing them

  45. Spiritual State

    I love it that at 0:21 sounds like "212", and at 1:13 "Liquorice"

  46. HanaF

    When is this album out in britian?!

  47. Philanthropist


  48. petitepearl15

    It's a collab, they're good friends, when Azealia comes to the UK their always speaking to each other.

  49. Cha Trip

    erykah badu and azealia have no similarities. im not sure how a song with both of them would sound...erykah is a very lowkey wise level headed singer. azealia is a fun hilarious badass female rapper.

  50. j69d

    is this a proper colab or has one been recorded over the other? if it's a proper colab im over the fucking mooooooooooooooooooon for shystie! bless'

  51. BreikuBuransu

    Azealia and Erykah Badu would cause a rukus in the sky if they did a song together....oh the places we could go!!!!

  52. Fruitlotion

    She sounds like Azealia Banks

  53. xr2kid

    M.I.A. has a more simplistic style, sick flow and always a political message. That's why I love her.

  54. xr2kid

    She do got that avant grade swagger like M.I.A. that's why they worked together.

  55. love peach

    i like :)

  56. Edward Bagley

    This song is growing on me big time... I use to not be able to catch the beat.. lol but I caught it!! LMAO

  57. trezz18

    Love it!

  58. wolfgang16

    from what i've heard: range of vocabulary, rhyme novelty, rhythm complexity, speed (meaning more content usually) - all beyond most of mia's stuff imo. not to say mia isn't catchy as hell.

  59. wolfgang16

    cept much quicker, smarter, smoother?

  60. Sam Pickles

    Reminds me of MIA a biiiiiiiit.