Azealia Banks - NEEDSUMLUV Lyrics


You don't really wanna leave her but you're tired of her
She know you don't love her either and you lie to her
But if I was her I'll be on ya day and night
I'd take back what's mine because your kind is hard to find

But if she ain't gon' be watching means you gotta skip
Skip to the lady with that Ohh because she well equipped
Forget your pride, let me free your mind
Let me get you high, boy I do just what you like

Cause I'm down for everything you need and who you are
And my door is always open and I'm never far
You are the star

You tell me the story bout' who was right before me
And how she became boring, you make her look so corny
You ain't in love with her but she still lives in your heart
But you be in my apartment, tearing me apart and

Jingling my jewelery, you don't know what you do to me
I feel like you be using me
I know that's where you choose to be
She stay where you choose to stay
Not tryna' make you choose today
I'm tryna' get you through the pain
I'm tryna' smoke this Buddha Babe

You know what's up
You said you need to roll another O

Because I'm here for a reason and you know what

I need some love, ohhh, I want some love
Oh I need some love, ohhh, I want some love
Oh I need some love, ohhh, I want some love
Oh I need some love, ohhh, I want some love, want some love

Oh I need some love, ohhh, I want some love
Oh I need some love, ohhh, I want some love
Oh I need some love, ohhh, I want some love
Oh I need some love, ohhh, I want some, want some love

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Azealia Banks NEEDSUMLUV Comments
  1. 7theroc

    Thanks you!!!!!

  2. 7theroc

    Finally I found it !!!!!!!!!!! I always use to listen to this 2011 2012

  3. vrs32869002

    Love her lips , god dame

  4. Abdul Al-Shaikh

    She had so much potential! She could have made so many classics! I learned a lesson from her!!

  5. M&A

    Six year old me dancing around to this without knowing the lyrics though 😬

  6. Insta itsmattq

    Why am obsessed with watching this 🤨

  7. isbd

    Never realized Lunice was in the video until now

  8. sdrftgy fcgvhbjnk

    ...omg this song turns 9 this year??

  9. Priscilla Jimenez

    I can’t deny how fire this is

  10. Eddie Bottoms

    Just goes to prove how talentless people can become famous.

  11. V N

    she;s still making bangerssss

  12. V N

    a talented but problematic sis. a JAM nonethelesssss

  13. DR toast

    What the fuck just went down on my phone screen?

  14. Garth Mckewen

    Geez if only the spice girls youssed there pussycat power like that..thug loving kia

  15. Jayden O'Halloran

    She runs her mouth on social media, but you can’t deny this goes HARD.

  16. Mike Coby

    I'll always come back to this song. She is my favorite artist alive.

  17. Nicolaj Nielsen

    9 seconds in.. Im just saying this now for EVERYONE whom still don't believe that youtube's algorythm is BROKEN!

    If this is NOT HARDSTYLE then that should be PROOF that youtube's alorythms are BROKEN BEYOND REPAIR!!

    Have i spend the past 2 hours listening to ONLY hardstyle? Yes.
    Was this the video that was top of the RECCOMENDED VIDEO's list????
    Yes.. Yes it was...

    Wtf does this have to do with hardstyle?
    I will find out, probably not.

    Nicolaj Nielsen

    Yup. Called it.

    I skipped ahead a minute and
    1. I don't like the music (THANKS YOUTUBE!)
    3. THIS IS NOT FUCKING HARDSTYLE!! YOUTUBE GET IT FUCKING RIGHT NEXT TIME!! Oh look.... there's list a list of shit in my reccomended now... Thaaaaaaaanks ......................................................................................

  18. ATechnews

    I thought she was British
    Am I the only one getting British vibes from this


    The producer is British

  19. Jarnotaurus

    Too bad she sacrifices chickens.

  20. Instructor Yazo

    Is this the new Doja Cat? Where's Harley? Pretty FIIIIRRRRE!

  21. Aleksandra Hr

    ok but that Mickey sweater swag tho

  22. OPbarbiana Barbz

    I used to think she was English!!

  23. Ghost

    What was the lyrics

  24. thicc joon

    she really stopped her own’s a shame cause her music slaps

  25. Leyla Yagmur

    Ты крутая детка💥✌️

  26. Lewis Clarke

    2020 still fresh as fuck

  27. J. B. Bost

    This is really fucking good. A classic, easily.

  28. Frank Diaz

    Anybody else here after listening to dojacat flow on bossBi** i don’t care what anyone says about Azealia banks but this is definitely a time when you do separate the art from the artist her shit still bangs

  29. Stacy Vega

    If she just shut the fuck up she would be big lmao


    Can somebody explain me what happened???

    Stacy Vega

    Rocket_Bear she just talks so much shit about so many other artists. Shes racist. Shes just a fucking bitch! Look up all the tweets and comments and just celebrity fueds shes caused. Shes a fucking walking disaster lmao


    @Stacy Vega She has mental problems. So does Kanye. The only difference is she's female so people refuse to take her seriously. Talent-wise she's at the level of Kanye but she can't get way with the same shit he does

    Stacy Vega

    Smiles shes not even close to the level genuis kanye is.... lmao

  30. Kourtni Pullen

    Can someone please tell me what she said? I don't have a Twitter.

  31. Bryan Pacheco

    I didn’t realize the video was black and white till the third time I watched it

  32. SweatyBoner69Hoobastank

    I wonder if when they finished making this song they knew how fucking good it was

  33. Grace O'Reilly


  34. Tiffany Alvey

    This shit flipping sucks honey grow the heck up your a mother right with hot hubby get it in check or if you haven't already done so you gonna lose him and you suck by the way

    gogo yubari’s wig

    Tiffany Alvey what are you so mad about lmfaooo

  35. coeur femme

    Download Monese and my referral code REGIN284 and you. win 5 dollars . Thank you in advance

  36. Bles

    Still the finest black chick ever

  37. u subby me how

    This my wedding dance song 😁

  38. Dominique M

    I could write a dissertation on this song

  39. Dominique M

    Azealia is so talented. A Harlem genius PERIOD

  40. Aaron Frank

    Who's back here after listening to Boss Bitch? 😂

  41. Darryl Brooks

    Literally her only claim to fame


    She has a lot of good songs

  42. Carmelo Santana

    Ok so this girl is really talented.

  43. Nameless sickness

    So, what went wrong with her?

    Damn Von Bon Daisy


  44. Unnecessarily Honest

    I love how slow part has clean lyrics and fast part is full of cuss words.

    Licorice Trix

    The slow part is hardly clean

  45. nap cruz

    Boss bitch by doja cat sounds like this lol. Im sure shes coming for her neck for this

  46. Isaac Cadena

    This the bitch that was cryin and lying and starin shit with everyone?? Lmao they should’ve got cardi on wild n out instead of her fr and her music cringy asf too 💀💀

    Est Rinaudo

    Isaac Cadena You must have zero taste if you think farti b is better than Azealia 🤮

  47. Aisha ༄

    people in 2011: azelia will be the queen of rap in the future!!

    the future: “FAT LIZZO I HATE YOU” 😡🤬

  48. Lisa Emmerson

    She cdv been so successful if wasn't for her offensive mouth. I saw her do a small gig in Newcastle years ago and she's bloody talented.

  49. caitlyn who r u

    Why did she have to ruin her career 😭

  50. caitlyn who r u


  51. SuperLushprincess

    what a song! my pussy aches for women just hearing it x

  52. YEEZA

    imagine if she was as nice as her music

  53. youtube videos

    Racist ugly weave head slag.mouting out bout irish people.cant even sing with her crusty lips

  54. Barbra Lind

    Shes really really underated! I love how she can say this whitout, dressing like a hooker👏👏 shes right eat or get out, fire track👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤜🤛

  55. Kiril Jerigin

    I know who Missy is I know who that boy Brown is.

    This here is a diamond of a century.

  56. 813mario

    Bruh y’all actually think this shit sound good oh lord this shit ass

  57. David lalrin

    So fooking cheap

  58. David lalrin

    Ugly ass bitch

  59. A W

    What does she keep doing with her mouth?

    Slowed As Hell

    Idk but its kinda satisfying


    Gas going still

  61. andrea nascimento

    A música é uma bosta

  62. Antonio Brown

    Hate this bitch

  63. zCharged

    been looking for this my whole life

  64. super nova

    So I was watching something on yt and. I got so angry because u know who was being mean to other rappers such as Cardi,Skai jackson,Beyonce,Rihanna and I forget who else but that's just not right no offense.oh and ewwwew her face

  65. CuriousWoman89

    2020 and still fuckin lovin this gal 💙

  66. David Cook

    She is fuckign brilliant.

  67. Cream SoDa

    beat sounds like it was made on fruity loops mobile

  68. ariana grande’s toenail

    *completely forgets this song is by Azealia*

    ariana grande’s toenail

    this song is still a jam tho ngl

  69. Spacequeen47

    She a Gemini fosho

  70. Alan Felipe157

    A tal cara de em lobrado a cintura ignorante no barraco tem fiel e na rua tem amante bug sie a tal luche e tudo que eu mais quero

  71. Catia Garcia

    Does this song ever get old!

  72. Ultra unboxer 350 Tor-browser

    2020 vision ear drums stayed in the early 2010s

  73. Zyphera

    I found this song some months ago. I dig it really hard. What is the tldr av what shit she did?

  74. Genna Allison

    In pitch perfect this is one of the songs she uses in the remix.

  75. Richard Crammer

    jumper is pretty cool, my friend Louise has a T shirt which is similar

  76. Miguels Girlfriend

    I had no idea she was the artist behind this.. I fucking love this song

  77. boulderarms

    I honestly could care less what she is saying and I don't think anybody she attacks does either. Mofos out here beating, murdering, raping whatever else they do and yall still consume and appreciate them. She's got talentbso imma just appreciate the music.

  78. Chan V

    she should just make songs and stfu. too much talent to keep on wasting it omg

  79. Sydni Stringer

    it rlly sucks she’s such a nasty person😩..

  80. Den

    she's literally an amazing bitch

  81. Sabrina


  82. Mr.Ander Sonn

    Damn that secret commercial totally bit her wtf

  83. Julio Bengochea

    2020, still the best female beat of the hood

  84. Rico_1234 Suave

    What was the issue with her again?

  85. Hell Makeover


  86. Sam Coupé

    Please can u help me post this link on Wikipedia Sam coupe page I got at least 100 views a month when it was up on the site

    Oh and if u could a username n password for

  87. Trent Ledford

    This song is so genius. Damn 🔥 I really wish she didn’t make an Instagram or Twitter and kept working with Lazy Jay.

  88. Darren Evans

    She is sooooo fit 💓😍

  89. Brady The Star

    When banks try’s to make a concert she gets booed for fat shaming lizzo rihanna and body shaming Beyoncé and fails her concert even when she gets awarded at the bet awards

  90. Kacper Wikarius

    Jest szansa 1/76000
    Że zobaczysz ten komentarz
    A jak go przeczytasz po polsku to już jest cud 😎

  91. Вася Васильев

    Давай шоколадка! Жгииииииииииии!!!!!!!

  92. Michael Ferd

    Which is better, this song by a azalea banks or work by iggy azelea