Azealia Banks - Icy Colors Change Lyrics

I see colors changing away
Every holiday is amazing with you
Happy holidays to you, baby

How do you feel about the pale moon and stars above?
All alone I anticipate the first fresh blade of green
The young hydrangea blue, in bloom
Pink rhododendron too will all be gone by June
But now that we have grown so near beneath the August sun
Lover of mine, let's catch some shade beneath the fading trees
Of all the seasons jewels, it took
One autumn afternoon to fall in love with you

The Benz is butter beige
I whip that Benz like "what a slay"
Got that good good
Make you wanna stay home for the holiday
This that flow you been missing
Dashing young Vixen
Fly like Blitzen, back on my business
Ice on my neck, frosty and vicious
What's on your wishlist?
Got what you want, my love is like Christmas
Candles, kisses, diamonds frigid, fashion district
Sip this witches brew, first class ticket to you
Fantasies come true when I kick it with you
In the winter wonderland when you hold my hand
Came back on the block where the guns go blam
We pick out the tree like Amsterdam, damn

When the leaves fall, I learn why
Icy colors change
To me you are the same old sweet
I need your love
I see you through my rosy colored shades
Sit on Santa's sleigh for me
Bet I'll keep you 'cause you're my cozy candy cane
When the leaves fall, I learn why
Icy colors change
To me you are the same old sweet
If I be yours and you're mine
Every other day will be a holiday for me and you
When the leaves fall, I learn why
Icy colors change
To me you are the same old sweet

See lights in the night, you could feel it in the air
Party over here, we getting naughty over here
Santa Claus know I floss and shine, Rudolph
Talk - New York, style - catwalk
See me in the streets like "how much that cost?"
Can't keep up with the queen, baby, that's your loss
You know I get dough
Kiss from the lips under mistletoe
Now you in my spell, ringing up my cell, hitting jingle bells
It's the hot coco, not for show
Lock n' load, rock n' roll, I gots to go
Pack your shit, start the whip
Ride with me, fly with me
Keep it real but you could lie with me
And you ain't gotta say goodbye to me

When the leaves fall, I learn why
Icy colors change
To me you are the same old sweet
I need your love
I see you through my rosy colored shades
Sit on Santa's sleigh for me
Bet I'll keep you cause you're my cozy candy cane
When the leaves fall, I learn why
Icy colors change
To me you are the same old sweet

A doe, a doe, a deer anew, a fawn
A doe, the day, the dew, the dawn
What sort of déjà vu's upon us?
Wood blocks of A-B-C strewn through the hall
And gold champagne for two adorers
A song to celebrate our love
Red garland drapes the tree like you
When your arms are 'round my waist, I feel the world
Our love will grow and take us farther
Now I've a reverie of you and you're a
You're a ray, a view of sun
A star ablaze the moonlit water

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Azealia Banks Icy Colors Change Comments
  1. Honeymoon Globe

    Doja cat used this beat in her song dizzy

  2. Rose Miller

    currently listening to this in a candlelit room, with flashing multicolored lights, in a cabin on a mountain. Perfection

  3. Rose Miller

    My favorite Christmas song

  4. DERMY WHO!?

    It’s holiday season and this will be played everywhere in this house✨✨

  5. markila

    Doja cat - dizzy

  6. Damien El-Diablo

    M U S I C A L I T Y

  7. SuperBruno666


  8. Wealllovemerylstreep !

    Me just finding out she doesn't like the song makes me want to listen to it more. 😆

  9. calaragazza

    She's so talented!

  10. MANI

    lone + azealia is everything!

  11. Domas Pijus Fabijonas

    I don't believe this would be a popular opinion, but, I love it when Azealia's songs are house-speedy, for example liquorice. And this beat, done by lone is a lot faster originaly, I just get this feeling that this mastering is a bit slow.

  12. Flower Gae

    Ok but listen to Dizzy by Doja Cat and tell me the beat isnt EXACTLY the same?

  13. QJAndra

    This is the only Xmas sounding thing Ill ever listen to EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR during this season coming 2019

  14. Lucas H.

    I need Azealia Banks x LONE album



  15. Aaron Derrick

    the chorus is so gooooood

  16. Nathalia

    Isn't this related to dizzy from Doja cat?

  17. big sexy 105

    2 chocolate girls on a song talented shut that shit DOWN ......I havent seen that for years.....make it happen all these white bitches these light bitches ......bologna

  18. big sexy 105

    You chocolate an it not alot of us in the game Terria whack I dig cau

  19. big sexy 105

    Show the kids ......YOU THE BEWITCH

  20. big sexy 105

    U blessed share your music an blend an show this bitches have to mix with others .....yah yah I kno I'm crazy but u need too .....your are a female PHARRELL ....why you think he work you fuck the feeling an make money an get on them lame ass Awards an just show them u are a fucking BEAST ...please 1st fan

  21. big sexy 105

    Azealia banks you can write make the money an write share your music .....OR YOU GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER U FUCKING DAMN TALENTED.......WRITE

  22. zeal tracey

    i love azealia banks ide love to see her make new music and some day get help for her mental health.

    taco bélle

    Her “mental health” is what gives her her energy and fuel. Most of her music is from her thoughts of rage and bad attitude. The reason you’re here listening to this EP is because she has the freedom to be herself and not some water downed calm bitch.

  23. Raven X


  24. zeal tracey

    this album is great but i wish it were alot bigger.

  25. Rebecca Dee

    ah finally aa new Christmass song, cheers or grumpass song fong...a fan or man or pan...

  26. Jay G

    Had no idea this came out over the holiday, 🔥

  27. Day and Night

    Mkay I’m getting tired of the little pussyfoot teasers where the fuck is fantasea 2 bitch it’s been like 10 years

  28. Luis klove

    I love you A.B ❤💞❤💞😀💞

  29. Finnovar

    Azealia, can you at least own your racism instead of denying it. I guess your cowardice is on a par with your ugliness and lack of talent. I had to mute the sound as your voice is like diarrhea sliding from a dog's behind.

    loyin ogun

    ur dried up

  30. Zetsword

    She sure loves Lone doesn't she

  31. LA LH

    If her attitude reflected what this songs cover picture conveys Azealia would be right there with Nicki and Cardi. Her attitude fucked her up so bad.

  32. Professor Emil

    My Christmas list to Santa:

    My edges

    P.S. Please return.

  33. B. B-Note Brown

    I admire any artist that embraces real House music (not to be confused with EDM). This genre has the best vocalists and the producers and DJs have continued to remain in the flow, whether underground or mainstream. Azealia continues to show her versatility while keeping it hot all over a House groove!

  34. Carlos Macias

    Not sorry but doja cat- dizzy is so much better

    Carlos Macias

    Azealia’s trash attitude ruins everything for her lmao

    Boy Wonder

    Carlos Macias u talking to yourself sis lol. Go over to doga cunt or whatever it is

  35. Ronie Land

    Damn...I didn't celebrate Christmas, but after hearing this magical Christmas bop, I'm all ABOUT Xmas! Tis the season 🎅💁

  36. Lauren

    We love our problematic bipolar queen💛

  37. mana'o lana

    fuck... this song almost brought me to tears, especially when i started thinking about how amazingly talented and eccentrically unique her artistry is and how she’ll probably never get to be lauded by the general public the way she should’ve been.


    You make it seem like it's over for her.... When its the complete opposite.

    mana'o lana

    TheOnlyTristen well, it’s gonna take a lot of introspection on her part. she needs an outlet for her pent-up frustration, other than social media. i think she needs more things to keep her busy. cheapyxo is a productive use of time, for example.

  38. Joseph Garcia

    Bless this track it's so smooth 💚💚💚💚

  39. Talib Moore

    keep it up Azealia

  40. Bad Girls

    it’s clear that y’all gays are used to her housey type beat songs lemme clear some shit up, she MAKES ALL TYPES OF MUSIC for EVERYBODY it’s not catered to the gays it’s just consumed by them.

    Nico Las

    So?..What then? Whats your point bitch'?

  41. messiah e

    she looks so regal and pretty wow🥰




  43. Howard Moore

    Hahahahahahahaha. This is absolute SHIAT toilet bowl music

  44. Manuel Batista

    Took some days, but now I'm totally under the spell of this beautiful song <3

    Joy One

    Manuel Batista thank you 🙏
    I gladly pronounce myself as the ghost writer

  45. Cris K

    does anyone know what song this samples? i can’t remember 😣

    Reiko Andushi

    Christin K Airglow Fires by Lone

  46. Griswold Calamari

    this song was good until she started "rapping" over it
    like wtf

    Griswold Calamari

    Youve already used numerous intellectualy dishonest debating tactics. You're making hasty generalizations, changing the subject instantly to a race debate, motte and baileying between trying to make me out to be a racist vs talking about a musical preference. All these rhetorical fallacies trying to win a non-exising argument. I made a statment expressing my distaste for this song. I can develop and say that i dont think her rap, or any rap that ive heard for that matter meshes quite well with lone's breakbeaty and house vibes. But its a personal preference. Im sure you gained all this overconfidence you're displaying here by maliciously winning other debates with these manipulative tactics.

    Griswold Calamari

    Also i shouldnt have to defend anything. Its a preference. You're saying im mad but youre the one coming at me trying to insinuante that im a racist. First clear sign that you're the agressor in this argument. You can say that Tuna smells bad and you dont have to defend that statement Cause its a preference, an opinon that ur entitled to. You're the one coming on here not being able to tolerate that I dislike her rap hahaha. Who is the mad one ? Hahaha

    Griswold Calamari

    And gaslighting? Wtf?

    Griswold Calamari

    Anyway her rapping sucks over this song. Thanks for the talk, you can have the last word, gotta sleep.

    Baby Shark

    Griswold Calamari ok it doesnt but you’re entitled to your wrong opinion. 😂 stay mad

  47. Nas Baby Momma

    who thinks my 2017 demo version was better ?‼️💯😴 Humanoids stand up.

  48. Laval Veney


  49. Rodrigo Machado

    Aff hate you❤

  50. Pantaleão

    i prefer the 2017 demo

  51. Makiah

    This sounds like I’m being chased by a cloud of computer glitches and pure confusion. What I’m saying is, this sucks

  52. Janet Phillips

    This song sounded sooo good when I was high.

    Dr.President King Khavis

    Janet Phillips ME AF!!! LOL vibing smoother than mike jack right now .


    Jawa kush

  53. Danny 316

    I love you Azealia but what the fuck is this yo? Out of key, out of tune, if you were high when you did it then fair enough lol

    Ashton Petties

    It's not tho

    Dayvon Harris

    I think it’s on purpose 👀 her music is something else that we are not use to.

    Loupe's Literary Lounge

    have you not hear jazz before?

  54. Aiden duran

    I love her <3

  55. Felipe Martínez

    Amo 💛

  56. The queen Box

    Song is almost a year late but we still stan

  57. TheOnlyTristen

    I done had to like this song 4 times on YouTube.... Lol I just wanna make sure i'm supporting my fave the right way.

  58. Kiki Imaginee

    this literally sounds like doja cat's dizzy


    Same instrumental just done differently.. You should search Lone - Airglow Fires.. He made it.

    B.H.B. TV

    @TheOnlyTristen I knew that's what I was I'm jus waiting for her to do sum to that "Cloud 909" beat.....

    Dontgive Twoshits

    Hell no

  59. endless

    queen of christmas ❤️💚

  60. Sayword_

    Such an iconic vision

  61. bossy

    Just stopping by to say fuck you Azealia Banks ❤️

    Baby Shark

    bossy lmao such a shame you have this much spare negative energy to exert


    Who Dis for azealia? Always 💋💋

  62. Zefurry

    the best song off the EP and needs a cute visual

  63. Marcus


  64. Knahlej_ Waipahu

    This shit is trash

  65. uwu xcx

    the most beautiful cover art

  66. Neil Oswald

    Wow when she leaked the unmastered version last year, I really thought she'd jumped the shark. It really comes together here.

  67. Just Whitney

    the publicity stunt is coming next🤣

  68. Lenworth

    Boy, outta all the things I was expecting this season, an Azealia Banks Christmas track was not one of them lol, dope tho

  69. allen expo


  70. C Rodriguez

    Lil Spanish nf trynna touch mi gato


    That Doja version lol

  71. Day Tona

    Her voice is so bad 🤮

  72. Itskmills

    Dizzy - Doja Cat.


    Baby Shark

    Kamilla then go listen to that.


    Way better

    Gianni Mitchell

    Yeah kamilla go listen to that

  73. Axis: Bold As Love

    I don't care...Azealia has a Gorgeous singing voice. She needs proper management to guide her misplaced talent. This lady has the potential to be a Game Changer.
    Get rid of the cheezy synth and incorporate hip jazzy horns....

    Yung Deathray

    facts. def rooting for her.


    She's always going to be her own worst enemy and until she decides to change that, it won't matter who her management is.

  74. Arlen Fuentes

    An Azealia release is always a very welcomed gift #TrueArt. I will always be rooting for you Azealia.

  75. Supreme Bag

    Coitada sempre viverá na sombra do flop

  76. kenesha sellers

    Waited a year for this 💗💗✨😌

    Gianni Mitchell


  77. Michael Nebo

    I’m just now giving her the time of day. I’ve been foolish to be turned away by the antics. Voice beautiful.

  78. Erica B

    Giving me an otherworldly vibe for Christmas. So fresh, Azealia 💙💙

  79. Giovonne Don Tv


  80. Damien El-Diablo

    Dope af

  81. JosueJellyfish

    This sounds more on beat than the original, therefore this is superior 🤩✨

  82. Soffrirai

    Bop period

  83. Juan Pablo Mateo Lito

    Oh DIOS MIO, Mi peluca se ha desintegrado
    Mamá...! Mamá...!
    Mi peluca, por dias mia, oh cambio de colores congelados quedé

  84. Ewen McManus


    it amazes me sometimes

    also its not called choppy its called syncopated

  85. under S7

    I wasn’t feeling the original but now this shit is PERFECT!! Can’t stop listening

  86. iamemkae

    and hunny added some lil sleigh bells! i know thats right

  87. iamemkae

    This song is beautiful as fuck

  88. Roshun Shah

    Each of her songs feels like a journey


    Yes thank you 💯

  89. ecky b

    wtf song so lit wow

  90. B AR

    DOPEEEEEE AS FUCK BROOOO new favorite Xmas song

  91. Miguel López

    People can say whatever they want about her, but she's the only girl in the rap game that can come thru with a SEVERE BOP rapping on a house base FLAWLESSLY.


    Dat Boi but usually she raps on a house beat

    N C

    This ain't house tho. Ms. Azealia Banks is versatile with every type of music genre. That's what makes her better 😇

    Classy Lampshade

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


    Classy Lampshade wtf?

  92. Jaboi Jiraff

    On god this is so choppy and awkward. Who tf is mixing her songs like this?

    Jaboi Jiraff

    @under S7 man, i didn't know she was that scarce on help. 😩🤧

    Jody April

    I agree


    Change is in the name of the song, what did you expect?

    Joy One

    Jaboi Jiraff it’s not for a simple person such as yourself

    Jaboi Jiraff

    @Joy One don't talk to me

  93. Marcus

    Sis snapped 🔥🔥

  94. Harold Palma

    So she tried a new thing.... Nope WHERE IS YOUR NEW FUCKING ALBUM GIRL

  95. vitapi829

    Its good still another demo but parts of this are better

  96. Cory R

    The demo is so much better. I don't like the way it sounds when she starts rapping

    Gianni Mitchell

    I felt the same way but then I gave it another listen and changed my mind

    Joy One

    Cory R aww 🥰 but that’s the way part Cory

  97. Jessica Truth

    The original was dope, Azealia is dope this is dope❤️