Azealia Banks - Grand Scam Lyrics

These bitches be about their little get the grand scam
When I blam on ya nigga
Bet ya nigga man scram
Man man man man man
Man man man man man
These niggas be punanas with they little ban-dans
When I blam it on ya nigga
Bet ya nigga man scram
Band full of thieves in the sand-tan Jeep
That bitch'll get you hit up
Tell ya nigga don't sleep
And that bitch's switch is fitter
Then ya nigga don't piece
If the ams get you nigga
Bet these bitches won't weep
Aim for the man with the
With the with the grand plan
You done ran from my niggas
You done hit the grand can-
Niggas be punanas with the little ban-dans
When I blam it on ya nigga
Bet ya nigga man scram
Ha, I'm a tell these niggas again sonny ya been gully
Don't think cause ya bitch funny, ya bitch bunny
Fuck the fun
Fuck the fun son
Niggas better run when I pull up at the function
Run get your guns tell ya nigga don't front
On the hunt for this skrilla
But these niggas want a stunt
Bitches prima donnas
Bitch a- bitch a young skunk
Spray the pump on these niggas
Now these niggas in the trunk
Dumped on your man like a pigeon can
Damn niggas crammed in the duffle
Niggas in the jam jam
Niggas be punanas with they little plan-plans
It's a ran for ya nigga when I get the damn chance
And understand all you niggas ham sans
When I blam at you witnessin your little man-mans
I'm cuttin off your little man hand
Dump em in the river
Hope your nigga can't swam
Can't... can't swam can't...
Can't... can't can't swam
These bitches be about that little
Get the grand scam
When I blam it on ya nigga
Bet ya nigga man scram
Man man man man man
Man man
Niggas on that street shit, ha
Niggas in that deep shit, nah
Nah nah nah nah
Nah-nah nah-nah
Ah-ha ah-ha

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Azealia Banks Grand Scam Comments
  1. Brennan Hawsey


  2. Brick Click Cat

    jesus, what happened to her... it's like she was gonna go places, and then didn't

  3. Toussantlbisso

    📣AB's mouth👄is Bout it Bout it💯 ! I Really Like it !

  4. Clark Smith

    just discovered this in 2018 wow it's great

  5. cmcc

    Maybe I don’t want to die!!!

  6. alphacat667

    I love her!

  7. Dat Boi

    I always thought that clip of her performing this live with no beat was just a freestyle, i had no idea it was an actual song! This is a BOP, which it was longer though.

  8. Cory R

    she should slap this on Fantasea 2 tbh

    Cory R

    And revamp it like she did with Gimme A Chance


    Yes. Oh my god this is smooth as fuck.

    J. Vishae


    LJ Oxley Official

    Cory R it’s on business and pleasure

  9. hey it's me Azarle

    Does anyone know where to find the clean version thanksss xxx


    lol this is azealia we're talking about, i don't think there even exists one (u can make one urself easily tho) :/

  10. Da Boss

    fuckin love this shit!!! she's so underrated n it saddens my 💗!!! rock on Azealia your are fucking awesome in my book

  11. Lucy Amethyst

    who is this bitch just walking around with a dick in her hand.

  12. main pop girl

    This is Joanne the Scammer's fave song

    Jake Farm

    I'm dying


    Honestly, truly

    Carl Euegene

    Thats exactly what i thought.

  13. Real Brooklyn Balla

    This shit is Soooooo Trash lol smh and y'all quoting her shit like she said some shit that's gonna change the face of rap lol Ayo I only looked her up cause I just seen shorty on tmz Buggin but yo she dead trash and I can't believe she only got 8 dislikes and one question for everyone on here that thinks she's dope who the fuck was y'all listening to before her that made y'all think she was the upgrade lol smh you want real music YouTube R.B.Balla ad I ghost write for chicks watch squeeze the john and tell this chick I got a dope record for her as we speak no funny shit


    +Real Brooklyn Balla its called a lyrical exercize, its not a real song lol ur sooo dumb. anyways she has REAL songs on the other side of youtube and u abviously did not just search her up and this popped up lol, you have to listen to her best verses which are actually in remixes of other peoples song, like try the n.a.r.s. remix of m.i.a., thats her best. K ttyl

    lamuar smith

    Naw u are a hater how in the hell did u manage to find this video if u were just "looking her up". Nice try though


    @lamuar smith ikr

    Brehnner Valente Leite

    Razão migo.

    Van Vogue

    she spit better than u tho

  14. Vertiz131

    These bitches be about a little
    Get that grand scram
    When I blam on ya nigga
    Bet ya nigga ,man scram
    Man. Man. Man-Man-Man. Man. Man. Man-Man-Man

    These niggas be punanas with they little ban-dans
    When I blam on ya nigga
    Bet ya nigga man scram

    Bam full of theives
    In the sand tan jeep
    Bad bitch'll get ya hit and tell ya nigga don't sleep
    In dat bitch is what ya fitted and ya nigga don't piece
    If the am's get ya nigga, bet these bitches won't weep

    And for the man with the- with the grand plan
    You done ran from the niggas
    You done hit the grand can

    Niggas be punanas with they little ban-dans
    When I play em on ya nigga
    Bet ya nigga mad scram

    Imma tell these niggas again
    Sonny a Bengali
    Don't think cuz a bitch funny, ya bitch bunny
    Fuck the fun
    Fuck the fun, son
    Niggas better run
    When I pull up at the function
    Get ya guns
    Tell ya nigga throw front
    On the hunt
    For the skrilla, but these niggas want a son

    Bitches Primadonnas
    Wit ya- wit ya young skunks
    Sprayed the pump on these niggas
    Now these niggas in the trunk

    Dumped on ya man
    Like a pigeon can
    Damn, niggas crammed in the duffle
    Niggas in the jam jam

    Niggas be punanas with they little bam plans
    Yes I ran for ya nigga when I get the damn chance

    And understand all you niggas ham-sams
    When I blam at ya weakness and ya little man mans
    I'm cuttin off ya little man hand
    Dump him in the river
    Hope yo nigga can swam
    Can. Can. Can swam. Can. Can. Can swam. Can
    These bitches be about a little
    Get that grand scram
    When I cram on ya nigga
    Bet ya nigga ,man scram
    Man. Man. Man-Man-Man. Man. Man. Man-Man-Man
    Niggas on that street shit. Heh
    Niggas on that deep shit. Nah
    Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah-Nah. Nah-Nah. Heh-Heh. Heh

  15. Alexis Delandria

    When I blam on ya nigga bet ya nigga man scram 🔥😛 yas

    Alexis Delandria

    The flow is sick

  16. Marsha Carter

    This and Needsumluv is when fell super duper hard!

  17. Eddie Palacio

    So Dumb just retire already McDonalds is always hiring ;) YOUR WELCOME 😉💋

    Li'l UFO

    bitch this is just a lyrical exercise. The day you'll make lyrical exercises as complicated, you can come back and talk shit. But now you can go to McDonalds, she got better shit to do with her life


    you're* you retarded crackhead

  18. Azora Jai

    This lyrical exercise is hotter than anything iggy has ever made lmao


    this made me literally lol irl

  19. Auntkekebaby

    3am car jam

  20. Mr. Neal

    Would love an instrumental.

  21. Kevin Wealth

    Which Machinedrum track is this?

    Amandela Burgzorg

    +khristopher bass (BAMM BAMM) thanks!

    khristopher bass

    +Amandela Burgzorg Np ☺

    Kevin Wealth

    +khristopher bass (BAMM BAMM) Hmm…lol not trying to sound combative but How do you know that it's produced for her?

    khristopher bass

    +Kevin L. if you go on and go to machine drums it'll show you

    Kevin Wealth

    +khristopher bass (BAMM BAMM) Thanks I just checked through Machinedrum’s samples/discography on there and ‘Grand Scam’ never popped up lol damn

  22. GIAAA net

    Ima break this song down for the ones that think it dont make sense lol.. She sayin Ridin around in the car with the squaaad lol they all crooks, & sayin to a guy watch out for the girl he with cus she will set him up. & The grandscam has a double meanin, 1: like a set up, hit a lick (robbery) on somebody scammin them out their money or whatever & the other meaning is the dudes that scammin actin like theyre bout that life but aint really bout it cus when the real guns come out they gettin from around they cus they dont want it! lol #trill   #missBanks  

  23. GIAAA net

    This is lowkey my favorite azealia song lol.. But my fav of hers changes dependin on my mood ig but this goes to me


    Yeah me too... I feel like she has music for every mood you might be in

  24. Robertking1996

    Love it, the track is so relax but really pristine. Love old Azealia.

  25. YungReparations

    Dumped on ya man like Pigeon can-Damn, n*ggaz crammed in da duffle-n*ggaz in a jam jam🔥🔥

  26. abacusyou

    As a fan of hers i must say this was weak the beat was great but her lyrics left much to be desired.

    Li'l UFO

    it's a lyrical exercise, it's mostly done to train yourself for rap and shit.. so she's not gonna make the lyrics of the year for that. Still tho, lyrics are still making more sense than any Iggy Azalea shit..

  27. Rhys Pepic

    yoo this chanell has got some unheard beatsss, this soonng iss wacckk

  28. Remedy Kitchen

    I just found out about this right now

  29. Brandon Parker

    Boddika is on the album, i cant wait to see what they have done together.

  30. Nangoz Reo

    It's on "Before The Expensive Taste" Mixtape.

  31. xr2kid

    Darkskin or Brown who cares she's still black, her ancestors come from Africa just like any black person.

  32. jason lee

    Who the fuck would dislike this?? Only a bird bitch I swear

  33. prettybashful773

    this need some more verses.

  34. Skeet Sweets

    The more I listen to her the more I fall in love. Legendary here.

  35. Kohav Bibi

    Totally agree! I love SXLND EP so much!

  36. Dorito Qal

    Year old comment...but I agree 100%
    Whoever wrote this, thank you.

  37. Dorito Qal

    She is TEACHING these other female rappers how to rap lol
    Master skills

  38. Brittany Lee

    Lies you say Lies

  39. Marsha Carter

    This was one of my favorite songs. I still wish it were longer!! I hope she stays relevant !!

  40. Dora Sel

    why did u just mentioned her? why?

  41. Look5Alive

    She reminds me of Nicki Minaj

  42. Dimii Damayanti

    Nicki got famous from featuring in others music, she got it herself, that sounds more sucsessful to me. All Nicki cares about is her looks, she's never new with her music, she takes her old music and twists it up till it sounds different. Theyre both amazingly talented but Azealia is more original.

  43. Iesha Brown

    The fact that Nicki Minaj gets mentioned on every female rapper's video shows that Nicki Minaj is the queen of the female rap game. Those other female rappers are just working in the Nicki Minaj game.

  44. eric browne

    but you just did..............

  45. Albert Child News

    Bitch please back, i dont give a fuck of who "winns"
    I like Azealia because she's doin the music pretty well.
    she have cool beats, and psycho awsome lyricses.

    Word Deadmau9517

  46. deadmau9517


  47. Nani TG

    ehmm.. you just did.

  48. Emmanuel Duque

    Bitch please, when Azealia WIN NOMINATION FOR RAP/HIP-HOP, talk me ;)

  49. Tramontay Kirkwood

    i keep repln his hit you shoudlve made it longer

  50. Albert Child News

    What a amazing Beat/Rap! azealia is doin the shit

    and nicki minaj can just fuck herself and her mainstream image, loser

  51. Baby Ethernet

    I know... I love her lyrics/ delivery.

  52. Alpha-Q-Up

    White people can't sing this public anyway LOL

  53. LoveFuturePresent

    This beat is so different & weird

  54. leon McLovin

    This bitch goes hard!!

  55. xr2kid

    Right she do rap, hip-hop and RnB

  56. skycake11


  57. xr2kid

    Why do people even talk about Nicki Minaj in Hip-Hop and Rap anyway she a non-factor she a pop artist now. She sold-out. End of Discussion. Azealia is the future

  58. Safiya J.

    i kno right......... DARK CHOCOLATE

  59. TALON

    Why is she being compared to nicki she reminds me more of lauryn hill or foxy brown???

  60. Baby Ethernet

    Don't think cause' your bitch Funny, your bitch Bunny.

  61. FireLeo IV

    They never went out of style for me.

  62. SoulVibez

    thank you

  63. missajabebe

    nooo not MIA the rapper MIA as in gone

  64. snigahiga

    MIA=Missing In Action. just saying.

  65. SoulVibez

    oh please, MIA can't even touch her flow, MIA can't even rap

  66. Morgy09

    i looooooooooooovvvvvvvee her delivery and her pronunciation. her flow is sick. i'm really excited about her.

  67. missajabebe

    she's another female rapper mainly from the late 90's and 2000's shes kinda been MIA for a bit as i see it at least lol

  68. missajabebe

    I think in the way she delivers some of her lines not in all her songs but in this one for sure

  69. vilte svirskyte

    lol i have not idea who this missy is but AZEALIA BANKS hhas a better persenality than anyone

  70. vilte svirskyte

    lol me to

  71. wOmb Hanger

    its missy elliots daughter

  72. michael browne

    before anyone mentions nicki minaj... don't

  73. Dimpshine


  74. ewucha

    sexy as that crazy band "the peaches" check it out!

  75. bodega cat

    "Fuck the fun! Fuck the fun, Son!"

  76. sparrow dena


  77. kinseybanks

    She dope i just ran across her because i heard this beef she got with Iggy Azalea,,,, Everything i listened to so far been hot

  78. Alpha-Q-Up

    haha...she does this thing where she changes her voice to be like a girl from the hood and shit,i mean she cool but she aint on Banks level.

  79. Alpha-Q-Up ...yea iggy aint really dat good....Azealia Banks is about 43 times better than her

  80. Youngyac310

    Just heard her name for the 1st time ever on Wendy far I like what I hear...

  81. Alpha-Q-Up

    wutshu mean T.I.? lol

  82. Ike Joe

    the world is scared of this bitch.

  83. daoneboI

    This bytch is a fuckin beast! This and 1991 are my shit. Her word combos are like mortal kombat fatalities.

  84. sann347

    she really dope some of her other music ain't that good tho :-/ i like this tho

  85. sann347

    It's too SHORT :,(

  86. Frenchiemodel

    Flow flow flow flow

  87. mthrofzion1

    Can't stand it when women use the word niggah when they speak it's annoying... But ill make an exception when it's in rap

  88. Condemnedya

    please be a fuller one out there somewhere.

  89. macario akira

    miss kitten in the back

  90. D S

    you forgot to mention the instrumentals she chose & her looks. flawless ! :D

  91. Rezaraww

    Shorty can spit

  92. execasstchicago

    Quit cutting your track's short, damnit! I likeee!

  93. execasstchicago

    This track's dope. 212 is FIYAH!!!!