Azealia Banks - Fantasea Lyrics

Close to the moon [x3]
Oh so close to the moon
Close to the moon [x2]
I wanna take you so close

[Verse 1:]
A passion for life fantastic
Less they gonna go basket, next to go
I'm a hug against the good life, X n' O
Hey, feel better than X n' Blow
Get high from a line turn text to notes
See these niggas gased up like Texaco
Watch your bitch pulling Pepsi Co
Ever since it was a NBO
Had magic glow, young dynamo
Young fool, young killa' with the finer flow
Young rapping doe, never will, never half a ho
Give me celebrate and have a toast
Young sister pretends to though

Boy me and you, oh
So close to the moon
If it's okay-ay for you
Close to the moon
And I wannna take you so close
Tryina say I'm here for the fantasea
Trust me, your fantasea
Trust me, your fantasea
Take you close

[Verse 2:]
Fast forward live half your life
No wrong cause the cash was right
Have a bitch bling twice like a hazard light
More than weekly pass the fights
Non believers on astronome
Burning people like Fahrenheit
Run the world like Satellite
Baby girl got, baby girl got options
Right Dj to the beat, H pass the light
Far from the passive type
I excite your life and ass it
Better than your average
That is captain of the ship baby just imagine
Everything you want, you can have it
Trip, trip, trip, you on a magic
Do you really, really want the Ask us?
Growing with the Phoenix from the ashes
Corn with the Cash n'
No Quarter, No Ration
Numbers on the masses, runners of the nashin'
Anything you want is established
Anything you want you can have it


[Music Interlude]

So close to the moon
If It's okay for you
Oh so close to the moon
Oh so close to the moon
And I wanna take you so close

[Spoken Section:]
Life is a series of choices
What you eat, how You Look
Whether you do drugs or not
See only you can decide because the only person responsible is you
And if you make the right choice, there's nothing you can't accomplish
If you make the wrong choice, all your decisions will be made for you

[Bridge x2]


[Unaltered Performance of Bridge]

[Jazz Outro]

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Azealia Banks Fantasea Comments
  1. bummerbee 3

    Fucking heatttttt

  2. Ava J Lawrence

    She hates UK rap so much that she asked a UK rapper to be in this track with her XD

    Menswear Shiba

    this was years before the two had any beef, and years before she went on saying she hated UK rappers.

    Ava J Lawrence

    @Menswear Shiba I'm aware of that. She said she was lying

  3. Takador

    the rapping sounds a lot like 212

    Pere Francès

    +Takador the verses look so much each others, but they continue being amazings

  4. Deaf to Reality


  5. RichDaGang

    are the songs speeded up ?

    Shiny Cutediva

    I don't think so, mabye it sounds speeded up because azealia can rap/sing fast.


    @SEBkristian2605 They're not.