Azealia Banks - Can't Do It Like Me Lyrics

Bitches better off leavin' their mans at the hotel waitin'
Players drinkin', posted up flingin' out bands
That's for them hoes be naked
Poppin' pussy, pullin' it, shakin' it
Smokin' hot, boilin' pot
She got that chocha, that cobra, that clutch-em-up
I make 'em wide, I make 'em holler
Blow these niggas away now
Won't fuck a nigga twice
Smokin' ices, rollin' dice
Rice and peas on my hips and thighs
Python g-string hypnotized
Motorboat, motorbike
You should be lucky I even acknowledge you
You should be lucky I shot you that alley-oop
You was just cruisin' the streets, nigga

Pretty A.B., them bitches can't do it like me, no way
American dream, pussy be peppermint clean, okay
You sweatin' that steez, I'm hot like a hundred degrees, okay
Pretty A.B., bitches can't do it like me
Pretty A.B., them bitches can't do it like me, no way
American dream, pussy be peppermint clean, okay
You sweatin' that steez, I'm hot like a hundred degrees, okay
Pretty A.B., y'all bitches can't do it like this

Costa bottles, that bougie bae
That diva donna, that...
Chocolate bombshell, honey glazed
She bustin' out of her bustier
Rich niggas, what up?
Burn them fuckin' hundreds
Christian Lacroix from their pockets
Trips to the tropics, I want it
I let him spend this paper, but I never lick his lolli
He eat my pussy out and sing to me like Champagne Papi
La-di-da-di, now who gon' fuckin' stop me?
I'm chasin' the buck, I'm pretty
That's why niggas got to watch me
Woke up in the projects, ended up in Tijuana
I had to fill my pockets, had to holla at my gualas
Dollars, commas, get it, the whole enchilada
Diamond, pesos, papi, comprende, nigga?
Shout out to my aquis and all my freaky hotties
Bitches gettin' money, smokin' like Selassi
Let me rub them hundreds all over your body

Pretty A.B., bitches can't do it like me
Y'all bitches can't do it like me
Pretty A.B., bitches can't do it like uh uh
Y'all bitches can't do it like this
Pretty A.B., bitches can't do it like uh
Y'all bitches can't do it like this

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Azealia Banks Can't Do It Like Me Comments
  1. Jody April

    Really sad how she's edited herself to look white on the mixtape cover :(




  4. Dillan Hayden

    Yall bitches cant do it like this..

  5. Josh Brown

    How to start a song

  6. Joshie Hardwick


  7. A. A. D.

    Benga & Coki "night"

  8. Roshun Shah

    This track still gives me chills. Shes too smooth.

  9. singerliljermz

    Why the fuck aren't these on her main channel?

  10. therobinbolt

    Stay away from the dubstep classics u wastegyal

  11. Okhnout Isis

    Ooooh Benga !

  12. vincent10261

    Amaze balls!!!

  13. Art Gozzip Nation


  14. Sam De Smedt

    fact: no one can actually do it like her.. Literally no one.

  15. Lazarus Downing

    I let him spend his paper but I never lick his lolli

  16. Edwin Torres

    This song is titled perfect because in a world full of copy cat rap broads i.e. Nicki, Iggy, etc Azealia created her own genre of rap -Witch-Hop- Original n Geniusly Talented👍!


    Edwin Torres How are Nicki & Iggy copycats tho?

  17. Lamine Diallo

    1:55 - 2:20 She went off! 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Lamine Diallo 0:00-2:50 *


    That's my least fav part tbh

  18. K14H


  19. Randolph Lyons

    This song does not sound like Rihanna.
    Rihanna knows better.

    Borat Sagdiyev

    I know, I'm just hinting at the fact that Rih doesn't actually make that much decisions when it comes to her sound


    lamuar smith yeah it is lol. This was one of three she did for Rihanna


    Borat Sagdiyev Actually she makes all of the decisions except for her first two albums when she was 16 & 17. Do your homework dummy.

    Jody April

    @AshTheOne she has a say in in it, but she is controlled by her record label ultimately. she has very little creative input and doesn't write or produce her own songs. She's a good voice with sex appeal.


    Jody April Rihanna is not signed to a label dumbass. She completed her record label contract in 2012 after her 7th album, Unapologetic. She started her own label in 2015 and distributes her music through Roc Nation. She has full creative control over her music, her branding, and image since 2007 with her 3rd album, Good Girl Gone Bad. She has writing credits on her albums going all the way back to her very first album. Now, stop talking out of your ignorant ass.

  20. MusicalEutopia

    Was on the hunt for the rhythm in London once


    MusicalEutopia lmaoooo


    MusicalEutopia still waiting for that disclosure track if either of them ever drop that shit...

  21. nebzila

    This is messed up. Especially after everything she said about the UK and the scene recently.

    Jaelen H.

    RIP Benga and Coki


    Witches don't care


    Fuck u and ur feelings boo!

  22. Tiago José T.

    muito foda! future music. tendencia 2020

  23. Aiden Lord

    Skepta was the first person to jump on this way back, that should of been the last.


    skepta is trash

    Aiden Lord

    +lilxanboi what you know about the early days though man? fuck all I bet. she fucking trashed this beat.

    how can she have the audacity to call "UK rap" shit then attempt to spray on a fucking Dubstep beat.

    most hypocritical shit I've ever heard


    Aiden Lord lmaooooooooo


    yvngxan well said my friend

  24. Daddy Fab

    I love cray cray s music

  25. Hundred

    as if rihanna would take this song :\

    whizzard blizzard

    +Hundred lmao. You do know RIhanna is basic as it gets right?


    @whizzard blizzard sure, but usually her beats are more elaborate, cuz she has more fans so people send her good songs, except for the last album of course


    Crazypanda9871 yes it was. It was one of three


    whizzard blizzard Lol, you wish.


    AshTheOne Rihanna is boring.

  26. Carl Rodger

    Oh nice sample! This is that one by Benga with the jelly fish <3

    Jaelen H.

    and Coki... don't forget Coki

    Santiago P

    Do you mean sponge bob with the jelly fish???

  27. Moah Santiago

    slay-z today, tomorrow, always... hahaha!!!

  28. Igor Zauli

    hot aff

  29. Luquey Martinez

    this shit good af

  30. Josh

    Way to ruin a classic 👍👌👍👌


    +Josh whats the instrumental


    benga & coki - night

  31. fistful0fst33l

    ruins the song

  32. Shawnqual


  33. Aizat azman

    Love it