Azealia Banks - Billionaire Bully Lyrics

Big bitch, on the go but making big moves
Range Rover, hangover
I switch grooves, big shot
On top, bitch I'm in tune
Vast waters, headquarters, the switch room
Moneymaker, mitch flow, this boss shit
You think you're hot?, But you're not

Yeah, I'm off this, on clock
Tick tock, this boss shit
Bitches ain't like me
Guess I'm livin' it up

It's like they reward for taking trips across the water
Mexico borders, I'm meeting Djinn's up in the sauna
Bitches is dead, but they about to be some goners
I told you before, I put a hex up on your momma

Recruiter flow, bitches calling me the savior like I'm Neo
Big bitch, signing checks
Add a couple zeros, I'm on my Steelo
If I'm the savior then that must mean that I'm the rap's fucking shero (Shero)
Hold a couple kilos, flip it like it's Repo
Take it like I'm, oh, take it like I'm Debo
He know, she know, we know

Bitches is buggin' and not up in- up in that crack with that heat flow
Bitches want the cheat code
But this ain't no regular pussy, these niggas callin' me a Billionaire Bully

On the clock, tick tock
You lost bitch, bitches ain't like me
Guess I'm livin' it up

Big bitch, on the global making big moves
Range Rover, hangover
I switch grooves, big shot
On top, bitch I'm in tune
Vast waters, headquarters...

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Azealia Banks Billionaire Bully Comments
  1. JuicyRealTalk

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 DAMN

  2. Adam Smith

    Azealia will haunt your afterlife ☠

  3. Adam Smith

    Hard bitch

  4. Michael Joseph

    Oh yess Lil’ Kim need to do a song with her!!

  5. nick P

    Soooo good! I need her to release this on iTunes, like she just did with Pyrex Princess finally!

    Azealia Banks & Nicki Minaj are the two most talented female rappers of this generation. Imagine the two of them both doing their deep rap voices like this together on a track. Ughhhh 🔥

  6. Coltrane 2 Cole

    Iconic Everytime! Say what you want but lyrically she’s 🔥!

  7. Adam Smith

    Aggressive bass 😈

  8. Haley Cu

    Song is Fire. Second to Nick .

  9. Cori Walker

    I like thissss!!!!

  10. Ann Azealia


  11. uuilliamm

    I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for so many people to separate the art from its creator. Another great track from Azealia banks


    Now this was not actually bad. I just wosh that she would seek help for the issues she's facing though. She's is definitely talented, but her actions are totally overwhelming any great production she releases.

    Bleu Rose

    I suggest you look into ADD and the symptoms of it. I believe once people educate themselves on ADD they will understand her so much more and be able to support her art and separate it from her. 💛

  13. SuperBruno666

    I liked the nick whose posted “kuntupdates” 🤣

  14. Mario Monstree

    h0ly fuck. this slaps hard, succubi PT. ii asfff

  15. Bobby Brown

    Go head & get Ricky Rosay on this 🗣

    Woooo *his voice*

  16. DSG

    Talented but too carnal. Shes been through a lot...spit that reality rap Miss Banks. Show you got more

  17. Joseph

    What’s going on with her voice? She’s been sounding more and more raspy over the past couple years. I just wish she would get herself together and get back on a label that would actually guide her to releasing music but she doesn’t want to listen to anyone. So sad. It’s been almost 10 years since 212 and most people have forgotten about her by now.

  18. Sextina Aquafina

    Screen recording this before it gets deleted!😒😩🤣

  19. majinbuuty

    She gon get big rich off them world coins

  20. TriliamShakespeare

    This is crazy!!!!!

  21. Josephine Peralta


  22. Stop The Violence Chi


  23. con_ending234

    This was okay but I'm kinda over the mainstream appeal rapping she's started doing. I thought that was only for that slay z era but yeah.. I don't wanna keep hearing about her moving weight , selling coke etc lol she's not a drug dealer. I want more complex rapping again. Also I'd rather her just take a break from music until she can get her shit properly mixed again and SOME type of budget.


    Her fan based is small. But she gas success been in all genre.. this is from B&P .. not F2

    D T

    I'd love to see how she'd respond to her fans. Talking about what they want from her. You people are fucking retarded. They dont give a shit about you. Regardless of you hating or worshipping the ground they walk on. When will you sheep get it.🤣🤣


    D T why you so mad and extra?

  24. Edwin Torres

    Illest female rapper alive = A.B.👸🏿! #FuckWhatTheMediaTalknBout

  25. Kandice Quest

    Sound like lil kim and remy ma

  26. Aaron Ball

    She should do a track with Rico Nasty

    D T

    Lmfao that bitch is trash. Just because they are both from New York doesn mean shes going to do that shit.

  27. ThatsEvanLamar

    Chills 🥶🥶

  28. majira2001

    Gawd damn she popped off!!

  29. Tan Hen

    I wish she would just shut the hell up and focus on music. She's so talented and she's just wasting it.


    @Tan Hen Thing is , nobody really cares unless they stan the people. Same with Kanye doing what he used to do and same with spaceghostpurrp.

    Tan Hen

    @angelita I have no clue what kanye used to do or who spaceghost is. I also don't enjoy lizzo's or zayn malik's music and while I find cupkakke's music entertaining, I'd much rather listen to Azealia's. Despite all that and despite all her talent, I still think she's trashy and disrespectful for what she's said about all these people.

    Jade M

    How is she wasting it? She makes art for herself, and she’s an icon period. It’s really ignorant that you’re telling her to shut the hell up instead of just listening to her music and minding your own damn business.

    CeeJay Jones

    Jade M most people still coming to listen to her songs are fans. They want to see her put more energy into her music than her Twitter drama. It's easy to say ignore the shit, but working with producers and other artists is no different than working a regular job. If you publicly produce a toxic atmosphere and attack the ones you work with you're not going to be successful. Nobody wants to put up with it.

    Medici The Kid

    Exactly wtf

  30. The queen Box

    Not gonna lie. The bars where..... cardish? This wasnt it for me... NEXT SNIPPET PLEASE.

    Yatif Harvey

    Lol she been rapping like this way before that fake ass bitch who don't write shit.foh

    The queen Box

    @Yatif Harvey I'm saying the lyrics where bad dumbass learn how to read

  31. yellowflicker

    Update: It's now been deleted from SoundCloud so basically this is one of the rarest places we can listen to it.
    Hope it won't get copyrighted and deleted from here either.

  32. thatcuntlogan _

    This is slappin

  33. VicVic The Boy

    This is fire 🔥 🔥🔥

  34. Dizzle

    None of these female rappers touching Azealia. Numbers and social media mean shit to me. This woman will murda all yall with just her tone of voice. 😂🤣

    Anthony P. Ramirez ll

    Dizzle 👑🧜🏿‍♀️🌊

    Michael Francis

    I agree that Azealia is above.
    I also agree numbers and social media isn't important.

    But she is very very horribly psychotically cyber bullying everyone on social media

  35. Black Manta

    At the beginning I thought this was Lil Kim 😂

    Urban Qid

    Or foxy

  36. Harry Roberts

    Azealia Banks cancelled her career when she cancelled Fantasea 2 after that disastrous appearance on wild n out.

  37. Nicola Vyette

    Like her deep voice and the slow flow

    J/ Banks


  38. Lucas H.

    A legend

  39. Lilly Russell


  40. Luiz Gustavo

    Can you post need sum luv? It was removed

  41. Moj Jim

    Finally a POLISHED new song

  42. Goopy Taylor

    Ayyyye she coming back. I'm here for business and pleasure but I still want fantasea ii the 2nd wave.

  43. cmcc

    Hate to break it to you all but Fantasea II is never coming. The way she changes her mind about her projects and switches almost 24/7 is gonna prevent that. She will totally master and do visuals for a work & then scrap the entire thing or just save it for later to work on something else. We probably won’t ever get this either......

    Jaboi Jiraff

    cmcc 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

    Jamie McCollam

    thats why i like azealia tho kanye will pretend to be an artist and a mess and like be all oh im gonna fix wolves or change a song after the album already dropped to show everyone that an artits work is fluid and AZEALIA is over here JOGGING so these other creatives can take a STEP big ups to her if she never drops another anything as long as she is being herself and happy

    ansa sniw

    @Jamie McCollam exactly! she's obviously trying and there is shady sht happening in the background like with the label and producers switching up. she's always took her time with albums so i honestly don't mind bc i know when it comes out it's going to be good regardless.

  44. Querido John

    00:09 flow Lil kim?

    R. Music

    Querido John Kim doesn’t have flow lol

    I dont Fucking care

    Lil Kim can kiss my shitty ass after what she said to the actress the played her in Notorious, the old bitch was lucky to be played by someone that loved and appreciated her but ever since that movie, she’s shit all over that girl. Just because she’s dark skinned and resembled the OLD HER. She’s nothing but a fake bitch and personally, I hate her more that I hate white racists. How can you diss someone like that and your NOBODY?

    D T

    @I dont Fucking care You a clown anyway for following a celebrity. This bitch ain't no better talking about literally everything and everybody you are just a sheep.

  45. Miss Fortune // VISIBLE HARM

    Holy shit

  46. Kyle Woolridge Grant

    Not impressed


    sucks to be you

  47. VL B

    Yes AB 🔥

  48. Wealllovemerylstreep !

    Meagan can't Doja can't Lizzo definitely can't Cardi B could never Nicki is the closest. But, only Azealia could deliver something so hard and gully.

    Black Manta

    Wealllovemerylstreep ! Um. Cupcakke and Megan can.

    D T

    All of those "Artists" are complete trash and Nicki stole her fucking swag from Lil Kim a whore who had surgery for swallowing too much fucking cum. Please don't play yourselves. Damn at least Lil Kim could actually rap and wrote her own shit in the 90's sadly enough everyone just hides behind autotune and mumbles.

    Joshua Aderanti

    Nicki could do it. Take Four Door Aventador as an example


    Wealllovemerylstreep ! Her and cupcakke did beef. She said cupcakke titties sag and a bunch of other shit happened

  49. Wealllovemerylstreep !

    But, this ain't no regular pussy niggas calling me your Billionaire Bully.

  50. Wealllovemerylstreep !

    That Hex Witch!

  51. Nahli Monet

    Azealia...... I need my edges back ma'am. This is a bop!🔥🔥🔥

  52. Cortez Maner

    I put the hex upon You MOMMA 💯💞

  53. Palm Patrick

    Our badass queen got balls

  54. Eli Exotic


  55. JosEPh

    Can she just release a full finished project on time, her excuses aren't enough to cover the music


    blame Boy Noize


    JosEPh where’s your project? Leave her alone

  56. vurrous


  57. sailorcameron


  58. sailorcameron

    .......bIG BITCH!

  59. ansa sniw

    not feeling ha ;(

  60. Rai Bread

    Fuck yes

  61. Blue North

    This track is giving me Joanne the Scammer irl realness






    *laughs in scammer*

  62. Anthony P. Ramirez ll


    Sextina Aquafina

    Anthony P. Ramirez ll All the witches' brooms were snatched!!!😫🙌🏾💯🔥

    Anthony P. Ramirez ll

    Sextina Aquafina 🧜🏿‍♀️🔮

    I need food

    Anthony P. Ramirez ll my wig was disintegrated

    Anthony P. Ramirez ll

    I need food 🔥🔥

  63. Anthony P. Ramirez ll


  64. Bashido Blade

    never do it for free

  65. Enrique

    That deep voice is so sick, hands down a lot of women try that shit but they can’t do it like you Azealia

    Osiris Rockwood

    Remy ma?


    @FuchciaSquare LMAOO


    Enrique Don’t forget bout Kim

    Rene S

    Shut the fuck up the bitch sounds like she got a cold foh

  66. Enrique


  67. DJ Pocketmoney


  68. Lamine Diallo

    I needed this 🙌🏿

  69. suicidedoll

    Yesssssssssss *BIG BITCH!* gooo the fuck awfff mama !!!! 👏👏👏

  70. Julio Munoz

    Succubi flow

    Lamine Diallo

    Julio Munoz yessss!!!

    Ezell Bryant

    Julio Munoz ong yasss Julio it is!!

    Collin B. Shakes

    I’m just scared. Not for myself. For these other “wrappers”. Because people get paid to “rap”, and they don’t want to. She doing it for the free.99 and still coming with this. 2019, am I right 🤷‍♂️?

    Sextina Aquafina

    Yasssss, I immediately thought of succubi! 💯🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  71. Toussantlbisso

    Kamala ? Alana goodman WashExaminer 6/1/19
    Aloha 🏄 !



  73. John Tuff

    🥵🥵🥵🥵 bitches want the cheat code

  74. brandon michaels

    what's happening to her voice? I hate this gangster NY shit with her stupid over stylized NY accent. We want POP bitch.

  75. DeeJay Fikes

    I like the cover.

  76. azealiabank


  77. Andy B

    Hot... Raps Shero

  78. N J valhalla

    This is just a snippet, she’s not done with this song


    @DeeJay Fikes if she could she would release it. I think that should be clear by now.

    Michael Francis

    @isobel64 Who did Boyz Noise give this beat to?


    @Michael Francis they're keeping that quiet but she found out about it back in May after they gave it to her in March

    Atualizandoplaylist Now

    @DeeJay Fikes she have more musics, she don't care

    J/ Banks

    @isobel64 🤔🤔🤔

  79. Gabriel Evan

    rapper de verdade faz assim caralho

  80. I am so free.

    I NEED Fantasea 2.


    I hear you!!

    Maggot Museum


    peter dee

    I asked her for f2 and she blocked me


    @peter dee rood much!

  81. Val Maciej

    This bitch is untouchable! 🔥🔥 it’s obvious she’s dealing with some things but she isn’t stopping and I love that she delivered this to us w/ a SICCKKK FLOW 😍 AZ ALL DAY

  82. Josh Brown

    Come thruuuuu



  84. Basal Jones

    It was alright. Hope it's a grower. On my first listen I just ache for other shit she may not be capable of. Hated that last mixtape. At least this was clearer and sounds mixed. Chi Chi> Pyrex Princess> This.

    Basal Jones

    Now some of her demo tracks she released this year was FUEGO. My favs being Your Heir & Kilo.

    Ken Alexandre Meridi

    That’s how I was with chi chi
    And now I STANNN chi chi

    Rai Bread

    In excelsis is slept on also. I hoping for anything really, I’m so hungry.


    @Francisco Delgado You have the link?


    @Francisco Delgado omg thank you!!

  85. Wendy Exclusive

    Queen Azealia Banks

  86. Andrew Addison

    That's what's really snatch weaving my Boo Bae Mistress Banks😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹