Azealia Banks - Big Talk Lyrics

[Rick Ross:]
Ya I know y'all seen that Playboy cover
Bring your sexy ass in here
All I know is that big talk
All I know is that big talk
All I know is that big talk
(Maybach Music)

All I know is that big talk
Gold rings
Got gold buttons going up and down my sheep skin
We the wolf pack and it's a cold summer
Never deep, I keep one-gunna
Say her name I might run up on ya
Send that text "I wanna touch ya girl"
If they don't fuck with us, well, it's fuck the world
Ice box for my princess
Got a double M on that pendant
And back in, I'm bout to spend that
Got a big bag and I've been rich
We make love and she talk slick
G-Wagon, she a boss bitch
Major League and that boy pissed
Major League and that boy pissed
Mussolini when I'm out in Rome
Cleopatra, She dipped in gold
Pussy shots she send my phone
Bel-Air, my mind blown
Rozay and I'm checking out
Like Caesar did
Slide down the sword
She a [?] she love God
Pray you never let her come crucify the boy

[Azealia Banks:]
Black magic, David Blaine flow
Colour money like a rainbow
Azealia Banks keep the bank roll
Shine like illuminated Angels
Bad bitch, I'm bodacious
Black power but I'm no racist
Balling out, don't need no eight
And the Maybach feelin' so spacious
Focused on another hundred thou
Going up another level now
Nigga's wildin', better settle down
Got the Rollie diamonds in the bezzle now
Take notes, get your pen and pencil
With Ricky Ross, we quintessential
Ain't nothing here incidental
We poppin' off on instrumentals
Slide off in the Rolls Royce
I'm slaying bitches in the great mink
He slide on it like escapades
This ice on me like a skating rink
Big talk, big bank
Pussy wetter than the Great Lakes
And for this life, I'mma give thanks
And pray they never gon' burn a witch at the stake

[Rick Ross & Azealia Banks:]
All I know is that big talk
All I know is that big talk
This conversation is rich talk niggas
All I know is that big talk

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Azealia Banks Big Talk Comments
  1. Dark Hustler

    Sounds like only by nicki minaj..

  2. Dan Of The Dead

    her verse shits all over Rick Ross and his is already fucking awesome!

  3. Argent GD Javan

    Can't deny she's the best of our generation. All hail Azealia Banks. Whether you like her or not she's a boss

  4. Chip Douglas

    Fire 🔥

  5. Nick Flores


  6. cleydson gomes


  7. boo wethers

    Pussy wetter than the great lakes

  8. Red R0ver

    I wish she would focus more on music than her crazy ass feuds, because she's actually quite good and she has potential to be great.

  9. LTProductionsInc


  10. Art Gozzip Nation


  11. Edwin Torres

    This bitch is Truly a rap genius! How can u create ur own genre of rap n not be queen?

  12. Galatic Enterprize

    She really bodies shit her flow is nasty ☯🎩🔮👁

    Stephon Brown

    It definitely is

  13. heliton mathias

    Bem Nick Minaj

  14. Henry Goop Taylor

    "for this life ima give thanks, and pray they never try to burn a witch at the stake"? Omg yess xD

    Juan Sanchez

    Henry Goop Taylor this fine ass lady has talent just dripping off everything she touches turns to gold ,never stop till you reach the [email protected]

  15. Nature Is Everywhere

    even my mum likes this one lol

  16. Leeko3000

    Gawddddd her verse slayzzzz

  17. Skateboard P

    versatile and I love it

  18. Blaise Reed-Jenkins

    trying to copy Jay-Z logo smh

    Bk Blanco

    Obviously she paying homage 😒

    Battle Hands

    Reed Jenkins that's the hole premise of the slay z mixtape originally it was going to be jay z remixes

  19. Matt

    straight fire

  20. Alex Vickers

    She's a terrible person and i hate what she does - but this song and the rest of SLAY Z is pure fire idk why people try to downvote this


    +Alex Vickers Most of the time she is trolling, she is actually very intelligent but misunderstood. And her anger takes over sometimes. I agree, I don't think people should hate one's music just because of their behaviour.

    Alex Vickers

    100% agree with you, her music is gold


    Yes, and she recently revealed that she was seeing a psychiatrist so she has some issues that needs to be addressed. Regardless, none of this takes away from her talent, but she needs to take responsibility for her actions when she goes off the deep end and starts attacking people.

  21. RobotFacts

    Trash song from a trash bitch

    David Boucard

    "coin" lol. a couple pennies from streaming, maybe

    Blaze Hood

    nah this song is hard


    lol daaaang

    Rio Souma

    bitch u a hater

  22. Xander Murdock

    big talk is 🔥

  23. DayQkuilon J.

    Yessss! I'm here for this! I love when she raps grimy, this the best song on the mixtape tbh

    Soraya Hawes

    DayQkuilon J. agreed! damn sexy too

  24. Elva Lovoz

    People sleep on this women...she has something..,I'm mean who can bring house music jazz and hip hop all together plus she all natural.,.no ass shots!! Lol

    Phil L

    +Elva Lovoz She ain't natural bruh she just got her tiddies done lmao. Still on top of ERRTHANG tho!


    She *was* natural until she had her boobs done recently. She caved because people kept telling her that her model-type body was too skinny.

  25. Humble People

    Been waiting on some new AB

  26. Gona Puri

    Boss love

  27. Cocoa Clark

    Love It