Azealia Banks - Barbie Shit Lyrics

Keep it moving [x9]

(Long weave, lipstick) I-I be on that Barbie Shit
(Pretty in the face and) A bitch look plastic [x2]

[Verse 1:]
What up, I fucks with all things monetary
My urge for the dough is involuntary
I need that cream like Ben and Jerry
I'm so caked up in the commissary
Used to eat mad chips at the frontof the league
Now I stack mad chips at the frontof the league
And I got mad clips at the front of the Jeep
So don't get caught trying to sample the cheese, huh
Nacho like you can't have lactose
I stay with new shit like assholes
Smoke that weed, get buck like rascals
Niggas wanna pop, put them up like tadpoles
Who's that? Who's me? You already know
Ms. Banks, 18, all about the dough
Mocassins, zooted jeans and polo
Frank hat, 151 logo
In Soho, eyes low from the loco
Cause I hit that swish like a chokehold
Y'all just clowning, niggas straight Bozos
Still cherry lounging? Man that's an old flow
Who is a copy?
A bitch don't dance? better do it for 5 g's
Niggas stay frontin' like their clothes worth somethin'
Well that looks like H&M to me
Run around town talking about a triple beam
And they getting cream and they got the nina
Done coined a misdemeanor
Felony money, that's my demeanor
I keep this cash like my eyelashes nigga, long and pretty
I get flyer than the next bitch do, and I never had to put one brick in the womb

(Long weave, lipstick) I-I be on that Barbie Shit (yeah!)
(Pretty in the face and) A bitch look plastic [x4]

[Verse 2:]
That bitch own a pair of sixes, but I own a pair of fives
And my Nudie jeans look better than her Levis
Bitches steady hating, anticipating and waiting
For conversation, they wanna come chill with the dope bitch
Long weave, lipstick, I be on that barbie shit
Got a pack of swishers and a bag of purple by the tits
I like freaky-deaky shit, so a freaky bitch (keep uh...)
Big dick niggas at the top of my buddy list
Won't sex till ya lick my clit and tell me where the money is
Dumb birds, just occurred they get no words like sign language and shit
We just pull up in the whip
Cock that 4-5th like I'm missing one finger, bitch
That last line was clever
Duck, Duck, Bitch, get down like feathers!
A-Z-E-A-L-I-A is G-A-N-G-S-T-A
Clap on a nigga like Ay Bay Bay
We'll pull the trigger out in broad day
So y'all bitches better watch where the fuck you look and what you say

(Long weave, lipstick) I-I be on that Barbie Shit (yeah!)
(Pretty in the face and) A bitch look plastic [x4]

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Azealia Banks Barbie Shit Comments
  1. Nozipho Moyo

    I C O N i C

  2. Brennan Hawsey

    Put me in a casket

  3. all the love

    barbie shit >>>>> barbie tingz

  4. Josh

    Luv this shit <3

  5. Creative Doll2

    my shit

  6. Jake Taylor

    So much talent! I love her!

  7. Alfie

    Where can we purchase this, i need this..

  8. Zchs Lyfe

    No she's from New York xD

  9. 311 Jazzy


  10. Chocolate Covered Chocolate

    Reminds me of myself...talking I love her so much.

  11. Robertking1996

    LMAO I love the opening 

  12. antonio rangel

    She is one of the few MCs that is doing her own shit with no help from a man

  13. Deja Vaughn

    she sucks

    Faraaz Kasim

    Lol no one ever said you didn't have the right to your opinion.. Just ensure it's relevant and makes sense next time?

    Faraaz Kasim

    LOL well then don't fuss that your opinion makes a valid statement when it really doesn't? 

    liz e

    she was also 17 at the time, and shes pretty fucking dope imo


    Deja Vaughn aight then lizzo

  14. Tay

    Death @ her flow at age 17 being better than most rappers today.

  15. Manny Marz

    she hasnt even released her album yet....way to down her so soon in her career

  16. Benita Ezeh

    She was on about nicki minaj and other fake bitches out there.

  17. May

    Wait it wasn't me who wrote the barbie shit.srry

  18. May

    i don"t know maybe i should change my password

  19. Jev B

    wtf are you talking about ?

  20. May

    People nicki minaj didnt start that barbie shit til 2010 when she put out that mixtape in 2010 in 2008 she was still with dirty money so wtf are yall talking about

  21. deadmau9517


  22. deadmau9517

    you just did

  23. GodIsMikey

    This was written when she was 17.....Azealia is 21...Do the math.

  24. Emmanuel Duque

    Bitches, Nicki is a barbie in 2008, SOOOOOO.... i love azealia but His career is starting to be a tribute to Nicki Minaj, sorry but its true

  25. Eric Mulligan

    This song. Is too good.

  26. Kelvin Tang

    first stop: U.K.

  27. DamienHurts

    I don't personally like either Nicki Minaj or Azealia Banks (although I have to say Azealia Banks' flow is so much more tight than Nicki Minaj who's 'raps' can hardly even be called that) but I don't think anyone can give Nicki Minaj because Azealia Banks never made her whole career revolve around barbies like Nicki has. It's just one song that happens to be called Barbie Shit.

  28. coolaly2coolaj

    she wrote it when she was seventeen, before nicki minaj was popular or even signed.

  29. MariJ C

    I LOVE this girl!

  30. Anerdi1

    this is how this kinda beat should sound.....not like in "Beez in the trap" (no h8ter)

  31. Anerdi1

    lyrics are fire; "I stay with new shit like arseholes..."

  32. Rebel Love

    She never said that DIRECTLY...but I think it WAS about Nicki.
    I think 212 is about Nicki too, she's been vocal about not liking Nicki or wanting to be compared to her. I AGREE with ALL of Azealia's opinion's on Nicki.
    But yes, I DO think this song is about Nicki.
    There's TOO MANY coincidences.

  33. Arielle Paredes

    yeah aha

  34. Baby Ethernet

    Boo, bitch. :P

  35. Baby Ethernet

    Keep it movin'

  36. KaliDishgirl

    She's getting U.S. air play with 212

  37. SenordaCosta101

    shes from harlem

  38. dshort1902

    her flow is so real... you can feel it without even trying... that's real right there. Respect this talent for what it is. Loaded with power and molten hot Creative!! Day-yumnnnnnnnn!!

  39. Michele Johnson

    beat is sick

  40. Med1na347

    chill man shes from Harlem get ur facts rite. New York stand up!!

  41. michael browne

    shes from LA

  42. michael browne

    shes teasing us with the picture and dnt say she isnt cuz she is
    nw thats what u call a hot black chick



  44. Alpha-Q-Up

    Not sure when you left this comment, could've been nearly 2 months ago,but She's Making it in the U.S. now lol

  45. Lui5ito3

    I want to be Ken so bad now!

  46. N.O.L.Agurl504

    "keep a big dck nigga at da top of my buddy list"

  47. rihannakhalif

    @1213beto And Australia

  48. sann347

    U already did :)

  49. Danno

    I not being rude, but 1213beto meant that she might be american, but a lot of american music doesn't make it big in America. Hendrix is an example. He made it in Europe and became huge before he ever broke America. That's all. Maybe Azealia Banks will become as big as Hendrix haha :)

  50. Wari

    I'd hate to burst your bubble but Azaelia was born and raised in Newyork.

  51. Dezzy23

    Totally agree!!! This chick is raw!!! Not that Nicki isnt talented but all the gimmicks and multiple personalities just throw me off.....


    same shit 6 years later

  52. Aimee Leale

    so so much better than minaj

  53. Heather Murphy

    Can u imagine if Miss Barbie Nicky Minaj

    Azealia Banks (referring to this song)
    Ever met? Bahaha who wud win in a word fight? :L :)

  54. Grace W

    where do i get these songs from...the only one i can get on itunes is 212

  55. alberto ponce

    She won't make it the US. She is too smart and talented. That is why Europe loves her. Good luck to her. I like her lots!

  56. HiS2MrS2

    this is tight...

  57. kallie jadu

    Oh no! know that big calab dream of Nicki and azealia has being dead!
    i thought that if they done a song together it would be so DOPE!!!!
    i dont know why she dissed nicki tho soon she'll have ymcmb running 4 her

  58. Nathaniel Rankin

    @Tzondo Niki Minaj

  59. Emily Bador

    Where can I find the lyrics for this, it's fucking ace.

  60. Harajukafist

    I loooove NICKI MINAJ <3 and her. Why can't we have both?
    I mean it's not like Nicki has no talent, she has just changed and is now mainstream. Listen to Encore 07 from Nicki and you'll hear her talent!

  61. Sheridan Williams

    The cadence is sick


    damn this shit is dope!