Azealia Banks - Along The Coast Lyrics

Hey, boy I know you know
I said, I said, I know you know
That you make me emotional
Fill my heart, body, and soul
It's the push and pull
Please explain just how you know
How to make me so vulnerable
This love is a roller coaster

Along the coast
Come find me along the coast
As the raindrops condense and fall
From above me and below
Let your love explode
Boy please let it overflow
Don't release me, don't let me go
'Til the sun rises in the morning

Along the coast
Come find me along the coast
Can I watch while you row your boat
I love the way you stroke it

I know you know
Boy I said, I know you know
I'll be missing you until the
Next time we're along the coast, hey

It's alright for you to touch my ooh
Hold me tight, you know you feel so good
Spend the nights under the stars and moon
Make it last until the afternoon

Dew upon a misty morning breeze
Set ablaze an entire forest of trees
That's fine by me
How low can you go?
How deep does your love go?
Let me, let me know
Make love on the ocean floor

I know you know
Boy I said, I know you know
I'll be missing you until the
Next time we're along the coast, yeah, yeah, yeah

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Azealia Banks Along The Coast Comments
  1. ciciad2010

    Makeup By Shayla is in this vid omggggg. Two Queens

  2. Nick

    Watching this video makes me want to go to Bali. 😍

  3. Orion Hall

    I wish this had a real video, it would be nothing like this

  4. Rod Nunes

    This song is like New Bossa Nova.

  5. Meaghan Giovanni

    Is that makeupshayla ???

  6. Eu Guarniere


  7. Bo Sheihab

    that pig is butter in her hands...

  8. S.M

    & this aint even the (Official Video)

  9. masseiy

    wait is that makeupshayla?

  10. Caesar Esteban


  11. kingikiller

    Can’t not wine and twist to this bop.

  12. Nomad

    Monkeydog-manjaw playing with a nasty pig

  13. Jorge Santos

    I lov this song damn

  14. De Judea

    No one realised she symbolizes killing the pig (to sacrifize it to the gods) lmao

    Yung Rapunxel

    She just has pets lol why her african religion has you so bothered

  15. Chrisfania Putri

    Not related to her song, but let's take a moment to appreciate the dopeness of one of her friends cut out blue dress ❤️😍

  16. MichaelErnest666

    Hi 👋

  17. steven pa brown

    Im so late to this song! Fucking love azalea!

  18. Naturi Pea

    Look at the lil sweetieeee

  19. Cristian ID

    How I didn't know this

  20. st sp

    AB in the pokeball bikini WOW beautiful

  21. jae bwoy

    I dont care what they say about her the talent is there and her music is good!

  22. sjsk veryvery

    1:02 she looks like she gonna hit the operator 😭

  23. Krishawn James

    omg yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  24. Ask Jafar

    1:47 I just notice she had a pokey ball bathing suit that's 🔥


    Amo tanto ♡ sou fã por causa do meu tio que é fãzissima e me apresentou <3

  26. Patty Solba

    Esta bien profesional su puerquito 🐷

  27. Martin Alexander

    Aaliyah Rock the boat vibes?

  28. B. H.

    Is that MakeupbyShayla next to her?

  29. Léo Silva


  30. kotur28

    I'm pretty sure Rihanna watched this video and laughed.

  31. Puccino Vasili

    Azealia isn’t toxic you can tell because it’s not in her music

  32. Leo Leahy

    And beautiful hair and body ❤️

    Leo Leahy

    She’s so special

  33. Leo Leahy

    Voice, beat, style. Have to listen most days more than once . Genius

  34. i hamy


  35. Pong Trometer


  36. Tis

    That's my song ❤

  37. C Gains


  38. morenazo952

    I guess a real Police was to heavy for her to carry..

  39. Edwin Torres

    I call Azealia Banks lil Miss Lauren Hill because there the ONLY 2 female rappers who can sing just as well as they rap! Queen Latifa as well but the music industry is bias af towards darkskin women, so i didn't include her...


    Edwin Torres Yo ! What abiut Tink G ?


    she looks so annoying to have to be around for an entire day, lmao..

  41. Massimo Giordano

    JAMAICAN SOUND ,,,,,,🌎🌎🌎🌎🌈🌈🌈

  42. luwakw01

    Azelia Banks is a #mood.

  43. lakkakka

    I just wanna grab dem pokeballs

  44. Julian Bluefeather

    She gonna sacrifice that piglet.

  45. ynazzra

    One knows a Kaytranada beat when one hears one. 😎

  46. Mys Rythmic

    wow. I am just hearing this right now. she is so underrated. smh.

  47. Jenathen T

    This song invokes such a weird but pleasant feeling I cannot describe with words. Amazing

  48. Aquilla Lee

    This is beautiful

  49. Shonny’s Lab

    Pure 🔥

  50. Bacardy Dark

    Thanks AZ where have I been love this 🎤

  51. Elliott Carter

    This song should be top ten on billboard. They are hating on Azalia Banks.

    Chandler Newman

    I wonder why....

  52. Hans Anggraito

    indonesia, out here!!! ay!!

  53. Dchardinay Cole

    Take me away

  54. Sheritha Brown

    Damn talent overload 😩

  55. King J

    I love you Azealia Banks ! With all my 💓 Heart !!

  56. Mikey Oto

    My jam forever

  57. Dee2deeLuv

    This is soooo good! Wish I could say that in every single language there is known to man!

  58. Rita Carvalho

    I loooooooove this song sooooooo much! My favorite from Slay-Z

  59. Burberry black

    I want that piglet

  60. sunn power

    This song reminds me of girls I came to know and experiences I had in my youth . First time living on my own away from my parents at the beach. I have lived at the beach all my life since but those times seem to have meant more. Every thing is new when your young and wild.

  61. Shery Al.

    The pig is cute, i dont eat pork..potk is my pet 😘

  62. Karizma

    She sings beautifully on this...fantastic vocal tone and transitions etc

  63. GAiPS

    We need more Azealia and Kaytranada music.

  64. baxpiz

    This is a sexy song

  65. exr

    woulda been sweet if she sac'd that piglet to the gods then ate it at the end.

  66. angellove Lapaix

    Is that Kaytranada on the beat?


    Brkn Frnch yes

  67. me mee meee

    She has me under a freaking spell...I. can'

  68. Tito Puentes



  69. Ruy Vianna

    Azaleia forget about the Brazilian haters I'm from Brazil and I really like your songs .. you're so talented...

  70. Anne Moura

    So fucking good

  71. Fatima G

    My favorite song off of Slay-z much mermaid vibes. Wish she would've done an official video for it. Give us some Oshun and Yemaya💛💙

  72. Sunni Malōne


  73. Tamika Richardson

    This song is sooooooooooo dope!!! Got it on repeat.


    She has a DERP face

  75. natanael santos

    So... Was Azealia banned and now accepted back for YouTube? Cus all of sudden there's coming a lot of her older music videos in my suggestions even though I'm subscribed in all of her channels.
    Not complaining. Just curious.

  76. Michael Miranda

    Pokemon!! Banks! <3

  77. Cory Mck

    *Kaytranada style*

  78. kxlxh

    love this. love her.

  79. Andy_since1991

    boy I know you know ~


    Such a underrated song by huh

  81. Kayla Dunn

    I love this video everything in it. Sorry if im saying this but i so wanna chop and eat that pig.

  82. savannah

    The piggy omg

  83. bummerbee 3

    azealias body is too bomb!!!!! shes my queen lol

  84. peter dee


  85. Ash M

    I just recently discovered her. But I love this song. I know some people like her rapping. But this has a sade vibe, lovely voice.


    Ash M she just leaked a cancelled demo called your heir, I think you will appreciate it if you like this.

  86. Laviko Maclin

    This is tight groove ....🎶

  87. halavejus ciurkslys

    Looking at todays mainstream music she's on next level for sure.

  88. B More

    This damn beat is ADDICTIVE 😩💕

  89. goliaboi

    Aw so much cuter pre boob job.

  90. Stephen Laach

    Did you sacrifice that pig?

  91. Afrodisiac21

    i love this...Azealia just slays effortlessly

  92. Grahaherbamed

    2 Bali set videos.. she must loves Bali.

  93. J. Maccari

    the pokeball bikini is everything hahaha

  94. Danny C

    waaaait i just realized that's makeupbyshayla lol!!

    Eddie Omega

    That's who I thought it was! Clocked

  95. Charlie West

    77 thousand views? That it? Wtf?!

  96. AzealiaBanksVEV0

    Azealia Banks - Movin' On Up (Video):

  97. Soaribb

    The pokémon bikini tho

  98. Eric Williams

    she lives international we just dance for two. Eric Williams

  99. Eric Williams

    This is the artist I know of. I used to listen with a heat seeking quality ear. she is a 1 Navy certified. best regards Eric Williams

  100. Unicorn On Acids

    Loving it! Anybody know more songs like this one?