Azealia Banks - 96' Corolla (Motorman) Lyrics

Hey girl - hey skinny modern alienne
You tripped on a needle and found you a motorman
He's got a space suit, rocket to the space coup... shift it in gear then out through the stratosphere!
He's gonna cage you, try to re-create you - he's re-p-til-lian
I don't think you understand!
I tried to save you - now I must erase you...
Spatial race, a rocket to erasure
Another billion

I'll cut your throat again
Cage you, rape you
I'll eviscerate you...

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Azealia Banks 96' Corolla (Motorman) Comments
  1. lovinliverpool

    She may have a foul personality but you can't deny she's talented af.

  2. StarShynInNow

    Does anyone else get Crystal Waters vibes?

  3. Timi Timi

    3:25 😜

  4. HEYO

    BLAHHHHHHHH!! it's my jam

  5. Beau Cei

    One of my favorite AB songs ever! I put all my friends on to this song!

  6. Phoenix Wright

    “ i make hits mothafucka”- yes sis go off!😍🔥💋

  7. 0hxparis

    I’m sooooo obsessed with this song !!!

  8. Free Lander

    Artists who speak out against real issues get reprogrammed or shut out & humiliated by the media. She refused to sell her voice to the one eyed sea warlock.

  9. Igor Joaquim

    Amooooo, nem acredito que já te conheci ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Rachel Turner

    I love this bitch

  11. Gael M

    She’s so pretty 💕

  12. Galina Terejova

    What I enjoy most about her is her attitude. I like how she's free to be herself and speak her mind. So stop bitching about it. You wish you could be like that too.

    Ferencs Salvoski

    Galina Terejova yaaasss

  13. Emma Kane

    and u guys fight over nicki and cardi.....smh.

  14. Lily Poltergeist


  15. oo oo

    I need more House rap artists who are females with mad visuals!!! 😤😤 Banks is in a playlist all on her own.

  16. Lucas P

    problematic, but..sis..wig incinerated

  17. Ana Luiza Arantes

    1991 on Spotify please 😍

  18. Paolo Calvaruso


  19. Callum Docherty

    Her and kid cudi on a track with this rhythm would be the GOAT

  20. I am a superstar


  21. abound abound

    Cool dancers. Understated coolness throughout the mv.

  22. Lukrecja

    This sample is from Machinedrum-DDD

  23. Sophia Blank


  24. The Lean 8usinessmen

    She should so so so so do a track wid Kendrick Lamar man

  25. The Lean 8usinessmen

    Does anyone know any other songs like this? 😐😕😅😃😄🙏


    Jamal Powell fierce by azealia and jfk


    Listen to her entire catalog

  26. The Lean 8usinessmen

    Only just realised the whispering in the background

  27. Victor

    i love herrr

  28. Sophia Blank

    This song along with 212, the big big beat and liquorice have got to be my fave. I listen to this track at least twice a day and I keeps me sane

  29. Screen Qween PH

    underrated fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Canal Da lovely

    I'm glad you found out. But I think it's important things like, if it works. I'll keep electronic version of azealia banks, so the question is a very good. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  31. Jeanluca Erriu


    Vingt sans hier

    Jeanluca Erriu So go to listen Anna Wintour ;)

  32. Fe bena

    My favorite song!!

  33. Avoir Okeem

    Miss cutie pie, if it is on top keep my progress❤️ this chick is a baddie love me some miss banks

  34. Sophia Blank


  35. Nefertiti KMB

    Not feeling it!...Just sayin'!...


    sucks to be you

  36. Curlyhead

    Why this EP isnt in Spotify? 💔

  37. Aliisa Kalma

    Her bonestructure omg talent too omg

  38. HerrHalmakenreuter

    Missy Elliot jr

  39. Nickground

    0:13 we are born restaurant parisian

    Ferencs Salvoski

    Nickground "excusé moi, est-que vous savez onde a un bom restaurant en Paris", I guess

  40. cmlss

    I love that mix of rap, house music and 90s vibes she has

  41. Milena Šegrt


  42. Nicholas Pizzo

    I want it at my funeral runway !

  43. dazed

    from 2:05.. uuuhhh

  44. clara elise

    i can see Naomi Campbell catwalking very fierce for Versace with this song playing in the background

  45. clara elise

    meudeus que hinoooooo

  46. Adam Dombrowski

    I'm gonna need a cold shower after that lol 😎

  47. PrincessPeach

    Haters that only know her from the negative side come to listen to her music for the first time and become fans ;)

  48. Sam De Smedt

    ugh she has everything. From the moves to the rhythm to the song writing all the way to amazing vocals. I'll always stan for her no matter what she says or what she does. In the end it's the music that matters. And the talent behind it.

  49. Jack is back


  50. rica meadows

    i find it so annoying that you can't buy or stream this song anymore, its my favourite song by her

    Sayitasit is

    oddly drawn erica it’s on the iTunes Store, downloaded it 3days ago and I’ve been addicted!

  51. Sammy Rae


  52. Marcelo Monducci

    Its her best music. I dont know why spotify doesnt have it!

  53. Fioravante Esposito


  54. Eduh Spinelli

    2017? ❤

  55. Elle Newman

    Azealia is such a cool person - the racist remarks she made were never cool but that aside, she's an amazing and quirky artist and so underrated it's actually unreal

    John Smith

    Oh look, a white person saying how she doesn't approve of this black woman because of what she says. Since when did someone make you the judge of racism.

    The Lean 8usinessmen

    Black people cannot be racist

    Emma Cain

    Lol Eminem said a bunch of crazy shit and so has Kanye ,who cares she's extremely talented ,hip hop needs a female rapper that's more than just stripper clothes and butt implants

    John Baca

    +Callum Docherty
    read the defintion of racism, lol.


    @sam sy Of course they can be racist. They do not get a free pass nor any other race.

  56. totylkojaheh


  57. Vinny Martins

    Most underrated shit EVER!

  58. Christian Roche

    The track gets so good @1:50

    Moon Yeah

    Christian Roche best verse ever I love rapping it and the beat 😩😭😅

    Le Oui

    01:02 is where it starts for me

  59. SwanstonMedia11

    Song starts at 1.50 tbh

  60. Tanya Guryel

    i use this as my birthday song

  61. chsssify

    This song and video is everything

  62. Estera Kowalczyk

    *my scholade is pushup*.*im work on ma si*

  63. Naqabah Servant

    This was my shit back in 2012 🔥😍

  64. PrincessPeach

    She fucking invented that big mouth filter 2:50

  65. PrincessPeach


  66. Djjquality


  67. Carlen J

    i will forever bask in the glory days of azealia. 1991 and bwet are progressive and poppin af.

  68. Maycon Silva

    T R Y T O H O L L E R A T M E

  69. Kelvin Luiz

    My favorite song of her

  70. العـنقود ٰٓ

    AB is that girl

  71. Sanni S

    Why is this not in Spotify?? I need this


    Sanni Adele same problem :(

  72. Jaqueline Almeida

    what a EP

  73. MyNamed Name

    I swear I like her alot

  74. Ungoliant Marauder

    alguém faz um remix de funk disso

  75. Pillsinmyshoes

    She's the best

  76. Pillsinmyshoes

    She's the best

  77. Ethan Wolf

    I'm stuck to this song like glue PLZ HELP MEH!

  78. Matheus Rodrigues

    her best music video

  79. Pedro Nuevo

    I listen to this to get my dose of cool vibes 😎

  80. Ferencs Salvoski

    she was 20 when this song come out, she's so ahead and intelligent lyricist


    Ferencs Salvoski shes beyond incredible

  81. Vasily Esenamanov

    Best female rapper!

  82. Monica Villada

    omg...this song. I know people don't like her but this is awesome

  83. Aparecida81pe Santos

    The best music!

  84. fenz insta me

    man she was my idol. wtf happen

    Riley Jackson

    fenz insta me mine too!!! I don't care what anyone says, her tracks are fucking the SHIT. Literally the most underrated musician of this decade.

  85. fenz insta me

    bournemouth my home town man ♡

  86. fenz insta me

    does that say Bournemouth to paris at the beginning please someone tell me

  87. Sami Neve

    talentless weirdo. zayn is a million times better than this whatever it is.

    Ferencs Salvoski

    Sami Neve talentless really? this is one of the best video of history, Zayn is another copycat R&B singer

    Sayitasit is

    Ferencs Salvoski Sami is a 5 year old who is obsessed with 1direction.

  88. Timi Timi

    Why this video was deleted from youtube? Shame.. This music and she is better than other singers with many views.. Oh i cant call others "singers" cuz only she is, she is who can rapp and sing and her style and those 90's beats..

  89. Tito Puentes

    I imagine this in a runaway fashion show.

    Timi Timi

    Santiago Palomimo 😏👍

    tyrone palmer

    That's the vibes I'm getting

    Adam Chęcki

    All of her songs are fucking perfect for catwalk

    J'adore NCT

    Santiago Palomimo she makes perfect runway music. Fashion with attitude!

  90. Amy O

    Still relevant

    Riley Jackson

    Amy O the 1991 EP will forever be relevant. The queen.

  91. tricksgrl2

    She such a good rapper... that flow is crazy. But she need to stay off Social Media and stay/sleep/ in the recording studio, for the culture

  92. Pr3ppie

    This music video reminds me of the M People, Coronna, Crystal Waters, Madonna Vogue. Why?

  93. Layla Khepri

    nothing but respect!! I'm a female emcee as well! You should check out my channel!

  94. Robert Tanner

    she rocks those house beats

  95. desmond jackson

    this video will never get old. I love this 90s look she got going on.

    desmond jackson

    like if your still watching in 2015

    megaswat girl

    desmond jackson its 2017 and still watchin , yaaaas

    Vingt sans hier

    desmond jackson it's 2018 and still watching..!
    yes, i'm back from the futur

    Jasmine jaz

    Stil obsessed!