Azealia Banks - 1991 Lyrics

Oh, la la la
Flirting with a cool French dude named Antoine
Wanna taste the pastry chocolate croissant
Ce soir with your bitch, cafe au lait
Voulez-vous nigga mad Francois
Who are you nigga, hahaha
Miss one, miss young, miss cutie pie
Young noobie, young coochy tight
Young juicy, young Uzi-mic
Nick-nack pitty-pat-pat-pat
Silly cat, you know how that scratch
How you do that, do that, do do that that that
1991 my time has come
Oh nah nah Ma
Your time is done
Primadonna Mama, like a virgin
Private jets, my flights, no fly Virgin
I sell you, you buy, that's my version
Mommy tie these rhymes it's my verses
Oh me, oh my
Illuminati princess
Pyramid, one eye, on my assets
Here it is, off top, peep my progress
Here it is, off top, peep my progress
Peep my progress, here it is off top
He took her to the Louvre in Paris
You want a chance with a youngin
You wanna ruin the weave
He wanna... wanna Juniper Breeze
I get the grams and the hundreds
And the shoe with the bleed
And fit the grams and the hundreds
Send the Lou to the V
High class, no school, the tuition is free
Lil Bam (bi) no fool
And tuition is G
Gimme the gem or the jewels
I'll commission a fee
I make hits motherfucker
Never do it for free, ha
Young tender from the NYC
No contender
None in my league
Young kill-em-in-the-denims
Young venom on the M-I-C
Young villain and
Developing the heat that's sick
Elite rap bitch
I gotta send that beat back quick
Tip-tipping on these niggaz, suck a d-dick
Cause you gonna be a bitch nigga
I'm be that bitch, what
Just believe that shit
You gonna be a bitch nigga
I'm be that bitch
Believe that shit
Believe that shit
Nigga I'm a be that bitch

Come around, come around
Let the litte Bambi run it down, run it down
With a sip of Bailey's
Sip of champy on the alls
Nineteen number naughty baby
Press it on your dial
Sex kitten honeys
No cougars in the house
I'm hush the rumors and the doubt
Came in the game with a beat and a bounce
Never for the fame, my feet on the ground
Cloud number nine, headed to the stars
Baby I ride with my mic in my bra
Baby I recite in the raw the appetite for life and the hunger for the more
The island of Manhattan
I was Born in New York, city never slumbers
I would always dream it never sleep to the hundreds
Coco with the cream in abundance
Million dollar baby you can get it if you want it, what

[Outro: x2]
NY rose me, most high chose me
Let me know what I can can can can do for you
If you don't speak, boy you know you won't see none
Let me know what a man man man man want
NY rose me, most high chose me
Let me know what I can can can can do for you
If you don't speak, boy you know you won't see none
Let me know what a man man man man want

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Azealia Banks 1991 Comments
  1. sam vp

    almost 2020 and this shit still slaps

  2. Lemoine Broyard

    Born in 1991 <3

  3. Matías Cuadra

    Si no fuera tan problemática hubieras llegado tan lejos :( pero igual te amo 😅💖

  4. Lick Girls Assholes

    Who's hearing this for the first time n is blown away?

  5. Genesis Ramirez

    i just get sooo mad looking at this video , she has so MUCH POTENTIAL LIKE SOOOOOOO MUCH and all that drama is really what be fucking her up , but I feel like she still has a chance , I’m hoping she gets it together and drops a full project bc this mix of house and hip-hop is really just...IT

  6. calvin perrier

    My problematic QUEEN

  7. Madison

    She encapsulated an era with this. Omg the artistry.. flawless.



  9. Kenza D

    Azealia Banks invented the monkey snapchat filter in 2012 guys.

  10. po jsis

    nighttt vibessss i love itttt

  11. Babychapom

    Damn and she was so talented she just had to fuck it up


    wait for 10 years once current music dies off for being too plastic
    worst case, banks actually gets relevant once she dies yeeeeeeears later

  12. Tanya Kaufman

    No one can beat her talent *NO ONE* 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Jaylen Duncan

    Its so sad that this bitch can't breath without publicly attacking other artists. She actually makes good music.

  14. Hey Chef

    Can you be my girlfriend?

  15. Neish M.

    Cafe Au Lait ☕️

  16. Oozz Kansas

    That vocals, i love it!

  17. Von Tae


  18. Inland empire California

    I think she's been blackballed...talented bitch...beyond thisnlife

  19. Chris Don't Miss

    Top 5 underrated Rap Song from the 2010s! Flow, wordplay and bars hotter than 99% of the rap songs in the last ten years.

  20. Sofiya Denisova

    I need that outfit.

  21. Jon Snow

    Extremely talented.

  22. Obai Kamara

    Good music

  23. STARRS Mukbang

    2019 omg😍😍😍✨✨✨

  24. victor voss

    This was without a doubt THE BADDEST CHICK IN THE GAME. I mean at this time with that look. She could have been bigger that any rapper out there. She is a Beast. But as usual money fucken ruins passion fucked up her looks...she was beautiful black Masterpiece....Now??? Fuck the world for consuming this Black queen....#imsosad

  25. risingmoon07

    I do not care about her attitude and how problematic she is - So what? This woman is a genius and way ahead of the rest.

  26. Lola Rosa

    This proves that she could have been more if she wasn’t so problematic and nasty toward people... especially other artists in the industry. No one is going to want to work with her.

    Latoya Ward

    Lola Rosa and even after all of that she’s still able to create a space to make her music without giving one single f**! About the music politics! A true Black Queen!

    Lola Rosa

    Latoya Ward sweetheart... that is not music politics... it’s one woman bitching and complaining about how she’s oppressed because she’s a dark skinned girl in the industry..., but She has never been the only one. There are plenty of artists who have melanin who are successful artists without compromising or screaming about racism. Just like Jussie, they start playing the victim, and y’all just go along with it... never mind the shit she’s talked about countless “black” women like herself.... who she’s said some foul racist shit about. Forgive me if I don’t stan for a race baiting piece of scum.

    Latoya Ward

    Lola Rosa and that’s your opinion, Azealia comes from abuse, that’s all she knows, the world never allowed her to heal, like her manager fucking her at the age of 17 and beating her ass but she kept a smile on her face and came to shoot this SPECIFIC video! People say crazy shit all the time, when she’s staying to herself ppl still some how find a way to fuck with her. I as a black women understand her, and no not everything she says is right there a lot of times where she was dead wrong but what about these artist that are racist, colorist, beat women, have mustered ppl but yet they are still charting even while still being those ppl! And how tf is she racist? Maybe prejudice at times! The definition of racist and racism is one race oppressing another, last time I checked there was only one race oppressing all of the others. But like I said that’s your opinion, if you don’t like her stop watching her videos and let her be the “toxic piece of scum” you think she is.

  27. s ii

    1:29 - 1:42 she went off

  28. Tommy Bernardski

    I don't even know this girl, but she has a lot of growing up to do... In the years to come, she will regret... but karma will already have done it work....

    Francisco Delgado

    How are u saying that if u don't know her tf

  29. Justin Franklin

    The fucking beat in this track is still shit hot! Love it

  30. Gustavo Taborga

    Está canción esta muy buena y el vídeo también

  31. Calvin Morgan

    incredible, I was blown away by this fantastic artist

  32. Arab Scorpio

    Are you sure this is from 1991? Ain't no way this video could be so a head of its time.


    the name of the song is 1991

    Arab Scorpio

    @Itamar oh gotcha thank you

    Công Minh Huỳnh

    Arab Scorpio like,.... lmao 😂😂😂

  33. Erik Bengkulu

    the best that we can get... Azealia i luv luv luv u
    the real artist you r bitchhh😍😍

  34. Neurose Urbana

    Rainha apenas

    daniel silva

    Da onde esse lixoooooooooo

  35. Lawanda Grogan

    Banks! Why?????? You are so talented!!

  36. Earl Young

    How dafuq did I miss this! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!

  37. Christa

    One of the Now best female rappers. This chick Azealia Banks s could be at the top of the charts, but she too nasty, mean and down right crazy along with lunatic. If she can separate herself from her bouts of lunacy, she would be all over the map! Shame!! She's really talented.

  38. Amsty s

    I absolutely love the 90s/crystal waters, Vibe this song has!!!!! Pure house 🔥👌🏽

  39. sbhr

    if you like this, look @ this @bBTo

  40. Jonathan Lopes

    Brasil 🇧🇷 2019

  41. Ds DSAB

    Rihanna 👑

  42. NeeNee

    She ruined herself with all her hate

    Francisco Delgado

    No she didn't, she's still a LEGEND

  43. Ms. This World Craze Now

    I love this song hands up

  44. Lou Bérode

    Azealia Banks

  45. amelia Lopapalangi

    Who’s here 2019


    hi 🥰🥰


    This and ice princess is my favorite songs by her ... The other songs get on my nerves

  47. Dwayne Rose

    Big chune 9:03

  48. SuperBruno666

    PERFECT Love this music!

  49. T Streeter

    Another horrible song. How could you possibly like this?


    You're horrible.

  50. Fabio Brand

    Madonna vibes “Vogue” ❤️

  51. smudgeshank

    Only mugs don’t listen to AB. Little bellends hahaha

  52. carlosed1979

    Croissant ces't soi???

  53. LaLa Laura

    This gave me a headache


    Bye then

  54. Paulo Gealogo

    This is ms bank’s best song/music video. Tell me I’m wrong

  55. Семён Багиян

    ох, она мне нравиться, ее манера читки и подачи, 212 еще четенький клипец

  56. R3dang3l26 R3d

    Remind me of Missy Elliot

  57. fairy

    miss azealia dropped this banger and i've never been the same

  58. BadMouthedBrit

    this woman has the most amazing lips and i will be forever jealous

  59. Michelle Bolden

    I didn't Know she Use to be a rapper she is very talented
    But what happened
    Damn She pretty, and she seem to have so much to say she need a podcast
    to help her release some of that unhealthy dissatisfaction about others , in the game that are just trying to be just like What she has been for so long now boy do this young lady know how to rap I give her a perfect 10 God Bless her she should try to find
    young girls that she Could help be just like her She has mad talent why the ???I kepted wondering to myself
    why do people keep responding to her like they do the media? Now I See why She is a All time Legend She is !!, Truly be for.her time the Whitney of Rap music period hands down...

    Tan Hen

    I think she has the unfortunate combination of mental illness and being a bitch. Wasted talent smh.

  60. Jelena Grgurić

    She is solid. Valuable, she's that fine Gold.💯

  61. Peter Gandia

    You voguein', girl! Get it.

  62. jana m

    I thought it was Missy Elliott singing this. My bad.

  63. iSlowplay

    its never gonna get old.sounds so fucking fresh still.

  64. Le renard libre

    Dancing on this, alone my room, in november 2019. Thanks USA from France ;)


    Ah enfin quelqu'un

    Le renard libre

    @Huerta Bien sûr, ses chansons déchirent ;)


    On est d'accord. Plutôt Liquorice ou Big Big Beat ?

  65. Rain Harty

    she said recently if everyone’s stopped talking shit about her she will stop lol

  66. Annabelle Jasmin

    This is trash


    don't talk to your mirror like that

    Annabelle Jasmin

    Look at your reflection before you comment on my comment 🤣🤭

    Robert Greer

    wtf trash is good now ???

    Công Minh Huỳnh

    Why u gotta be like that

  67. halsey98

    I can't beleive this was 7 years ago! 😲

  68. Coffee Cats Kimchi

    Can we please get OVER her personality and just make her huge for her art? Pls?


    If she were a man, she would still be criticized for her bad behavior BUT.... given a free pass by these hypocrites in the music industry.

  69. Robyn Jones

    This tune is ridiculous vibe with leikeli47 for 2020 it had to happen sis

  70. Mary K Fons

    AB, there's a whole bunch of us out here who would love more music from you, if you feel like making and sharing it. Thanks for what you've put out there already. (I wonder sometimes if Spotify has flagged me in some way for listening to "Big Big Beat" for all these years ... Do they put you on a list if you listen to a song 200+ times in a year?? lol)

  71. MyFriendIsaac

    This is STILL hard 🔥🥵👍🏾

  72. Aidas Matulaitis

    Her music amazing

  73. midinerd

    Yeah she's awesome. I could give a shit less about social media.


    so glad u posted this. what ever honestly happened to enjoying ART FOR ART. she's a human. with an opinion. people take opinions personally if they allow themselves to. this song is fucking timeless

  74. allan kaique

    só pra constar estou assistindo o vídeo pela Internet 😉

  75. Drew Hendrix

    like deadass miss haaaaa!!!!!!

  76. Timer Rose

    I C O N I C

  77. K Xtravaganza

    Mix between crystal waters, Aaliyah, and foxy brown

  78. Jahmar Kirk

    I wish she would deleted her social media accounts & just give us music

  79. Shay Monte'

    She kinda sounds like missy elliot in this?

  80. TennyTwoTimesTV


  81. Matheronny

    Só falo uma coisa, ridícula


    Matheronny MARAVILHOSA

  82. BABERZZZ619

    Anton Virane 🧐🤔💖

  83. joejoe buckzz


  84. Rochelle El

    She could easily be labeled the modern day queen of house.

    whizzard blizzard

    Rochelle El She is still this decade’s undisputed modern day hip-house rap legend. Maybe another one in the coming decade. Who knows?

    G Balla

    Rochelle El she is.

    Fatima Davis

    I told my man that. Her and Rza would make a great team.

  85. john lothian

    I like this

  86. Brice Bonnaud

    Damn!  so Fucking good !!!Thanks to insta to make me discover u only now!!!

  87. Mariano newen

    Is this video like a tribute to 100% pure love? They have some things in common and I looove it

  88. doody

    as a french guy, i just listen to the music and her rhymes ( i don't understand everything), she's amazing... I mean, if I was a pro singer/band/producer, she would be the 1st person i wanna work with, i love her!

  89. Rex T

    I wish she was not such a problematic person...because I really DO like her music, she's talented af but unfortunately she chose to be another crazy agressive person with a lot of online fights :( but this still doesn't make her songs bad and I still give a like to this video

    Fabian Eliaeson

    ugh just shut the f*k upp and listen to the music, stop having an opinion on everything and just let the artist do her thing. like don't you ever get tired of being so f*n sensitive?

    Rex T

    @Fabian Eliaeson "stop having an opinion on everything" i'm not even gonna read the rest of your fcked up comment

  90. Nancy N

    I'm South African and I love all her songs ❤️

  91. Blaxta Boy

    100% pure love

  92. housemystery


  93. Doll Face

    This was in 2012. This song will age very well.

  94. beicis

    And this girl looks incredibly fabulous. Gorgeousness in a nutshell.
    I am a woman, no lesbian, just really enjoying gorgeousness.