AzChike - Ok Papi Lyrics

Ok Papi
You ain't the only nigga catching bodies
Have a nigga land like it's wocky
He blew up a bag, still I'm looking for his mommy
I might fuck her cause she look good
I found her pussy in the cook book
Bitch I know you dirty, cause you look wook bitch
Ion give a [?]
Hit em out the window of this [?]
Bitch make you cum, she a come up
'Til the sun up
Imma get it in, get the one up
Shawty bounce if you jump up
Chop walk down, chalk down if he run up
Bitch I'm 50 deep I don't care about your 11
You ain't giving brain? The fuck you's a dumb dumb
Get the tongue like it's Yum Yum
Ion care about nothin', Know you fuck some
Blowing up a ton, nigga wanna tuck some
I would tuck, you want smoke, imma tuck some
Fuck where you from, niggas getting whacked out
For the pain, niggas getting Maxed out
Drunk as a skunk, bitch bring that gat out
Gun to your head, bitch bring that pack out
Slur it, I'm off the good drank
[?] on the head, I'm off the good aye
Niggas want smoke? I'm off the good dank
Niggas getting flamed? Conceit with the cook make
I blew 50k I deserve 50 million
When I smoke I have you walking on the ceiling
Ion care 'bout your feelings
Banana clip, play, play, get to peeling
Ok Papi
You ain't the only nigga catching bodies
Pull up in a hemi, catch a homi'
Whole gang got the Band, shoutout Lonnie
I'm getting cocky
I'm with the slimes, niggas slippers getting snotty
I'm with a boppy, red bean, green bean, for a oppy

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AzChike Ok Papi Comments
  1. Erica Belyeu


  2. Xavier Infante

    Straight banger

  3. Dia A.

    Bout time 🔥🔥

  4. Crust TV

    Straight heat

  5. Porrkay

    Finally ⛹🏽‍♂️

  6. Dareece Pocus

    Smacker all night I eat this🍔🌙