AzChike - How You Actin' Lyrics

Oh you hating?
Glock got a new 30, I been waiting
Bitch know it's fuck 12, I'm bussin bacon
Straight out the gate bitch you know I been the greatest
Miss me
Why these niggas kissy wissy
Niggas want the smoke, I guess I'm a hippie
Hit me with a 30, and a 50
I got the back in, I'm back in with a blicky
New diaper, diarrhea do him shitty
Bitch I'm a joint, can't let a nigga get me
20k on the chain, bitches getting nippy
Ion force shit I only do it if it fit me
And I'm drinking on that down one
I got smoke, swisher back with a pom pom
I'm trying to go like I'm Goku or Gohan
Toes on the streets I didn't go to prom, bro
Oh you broke?
Stoop a bitch up imma let her drive the boat
Acting hard over easy imma hit him with the [?]
I'm throwing up the North but I'm chillin with the lowks
Bitch I'm tapped in
Like it's [?], I'm tagged in
Bitch I'm balling right now, fuck back then
All my niggas got a pipe we going crack then
I'm in the field, get a sack for that sack then
Bitch better pull off that weave
New port I'm getting cash around the sea
Bon appetit, I stuff an apple in a pig
Down to earth, in the dirt, do you dig?
How you acting?
Bitch imma act up
How you acting?
Hey bitch imma act up
Who knew
Bitch imma get dook luke
Who knew
Imma get dook luke
How you acting?
Imma act up
Who knew
Bitch, I'm a dook luke
How you acting?
Hold on, Imma act up
Bitch, I'm dook luke
Who knew
Bitch, imma act up
How you acting?
Who knew

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AzChike How You Actin' Comments
  1. t d


  2. Khadejah Harris

    Bitch you know it’s fuckk 12 I’m bussin bacon 🔥🔥

  3. YoungTurnUp 47

    Im tryinna GO like im GOku & GOhan 🔥

  4. John Haines



    🤩🤩🤩🤩 finna get hits off to this bih

  6. javon Oakley


  7. Randall Earwood

    underrated af.

  8. Colby Mikaelsen

    Slept on like a mf 👎❌

  9. Jrakken

    this shit bump so hard. BLOW THIS UP >:(

  10. Dewan Payroda

    Nigga go maney

  11. PMA II


  12. Mckayla Luna

    Azchike done it again.!

  13. Cameron Watkins


  14. ferigo guster

    I like it

  15. Armando Carrillo

    This Da 💩

  16. Weak MoFo

    Here before 1k

  17. boogie gottie


  18. J.C. Tagita

    ayeee, this shit slappsss

  19. Crust TV

    Shit a banger🚫🧢

  20. TheSnowmanlaw10

    Finally nigga

  21. Duncan Gonzalez

    Certified banger 💨

  22. Fernando Balderrama


  23. Ethan Bailey


  24. Julie Luna

    People really be missing out on this 😴