AzChike - Drunk Lyrics

Aye, aye, Marvel on that shit nigga
Aye, Jaynari on that

I give a fuck, Glock got a beat make a bitch nigga duck
Fuck that one bitch cause a nigga got a bunch
Tell her open wide let me put it on your tongue
Bitch so bad I might take care her son
Think I'm a chink all I wanna hear is ching
Hoe trying to link and I leave her on seen
I maybe think that a bitch going want a dream
I got [?] bitches love it hoes hanging from my string
Niggas out broke imma stack it till it pile
Bust on your block, spin around and I smile
Sweating in that pussy where the fuck is my towel
Chop sticks, choppa turn this beef into chow

1, that's who I be I'm the shit
2, I got like 3 birds on my dick
4, I got this bitch wet off this drip
Spent 5 or 6 bands, got em rushing on my dick
Shot 7, cause I was trying to send that boy to heaven
Pulled a 8, I'm mixing this but like my hands straight
Tote a 9, [?] but I ain't wasting time
You be all up on her page, I be all up in her spine
Spent 10 at 11, fuck 12 I'm with felons
You PG-13, we split a nigga melon
And I ain't trippy bitch I'm faded
This bird hella basic
I treat her like henney so you know I won't chase it

Hold on
Big chop, oh your nigga ain't make it
Come drink this dick cause a nigga ain't dating
Big chillings I'll leave a nigga stagnant
Suck my dick then you leave, bitch don't think that you staying
Ooh, Bitch I do a nigga sick
Ion care if you don't like me, you going fuck me cause I'm rich
He your big homie but to me he a lick
I get her wet, make her squirt, I'm a fool with the drip

She curving you but she eating on dick
Quit all that talking, bird peck a nigga dick
No drank I'm a raptor off this 6
Praying hustle, getting muscle, but she licking on my tip
Damn, I be going dumb off these beans
Stand tall, big ass rocket Yao Ming
[?] that means there's twin choppers on me
I'm sippin only, for bitches boutta let the dream team

[AzChike & AzSwaye:]
1, that's who I be I'm the shit
2, I got like 3 birds on my dick
4, I got this bitch wet off this drip
Spent 5 or 6 bands, got em rushing on my dick
I give a fuck, Glock got a beat make a bitch nigga duck
Fuck that one bitch cause a nigga got a bunch
Tell her open wide let me put it on your tongue
Bitch so bad I might take care her son

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AzChike Drunk Comments
  1. eddie

    I'm tell my kids this was project x.

  2. David Rayford

    Going up tonight in ptown Pomona live az fam with guest

  3. Nava

    Tipsy is better quit bitting

  4. Kelly D

    Who else here cause Benny Soliven? This shit 🔥 fr

  5. xNade God

    Wya BUZZY

  6. GANJEE 007

    This shit bangs

  7. elijah lynch

    Best part of this banger is CHIKE eating the gummy bears that nigga smoked 😂😂 I was so high had to hit the 7 eleven and get some

  8. giovanni gonzalez

    Swaye shouldn't be in this song

  9. Luis. Aguilar

    This beat sound stolen from the 90s what song


    Luis. Aguilar tipsy

  10. OG Henderson

    fuck gaysap

  11. Gabe P.

    This how parties should be❗️

  12. D B

    Fetty wap changed his name to AZ swaye

  13. KFC Champion

    Swaye is so underated he gon be up 1 day 💯

  14. 0geid

    1:18 😂😂

  15. Baraka Williams

    1:21 can't trust a n#gga wit my blunt if he dropping the popcorn

  16. BrokeOnes

    Is that @veehvon

  17. Viral Shinobi

    Faze Sway ?


    THIS SO COLD!!!!!!!
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    I Just started rapping seriously Type in ( Lunden Ivory - LIMELIGHT )
    IF YOU LIKE Comment and subscribe!
    Thank you all God Bless

  19. Yung Grip

    Blood dope

  20. Jocelyn Perez

    is that Veeh Von ? I recognize that ass and them earings 😍❣️

    jazmin lopez

    Jocelyn Perez yes

  21. bush wookiess

    These nigga went hard at rolling loud on god

  22. yeeter tot

    Shit slap

  23. Kz Moonlight

    Here at 90k

  24. Santiago Sena-Guerra

    ya'll recognize him sampling tipsy tho

    Andy Q

    Santiago Sena-Guerra nigga duh

  25. Kash Kaleb

    this shit go hard.

  26. Isaiah Ramirez

    where tf is my towel

  27. jurnee ω


  28. BigJDoinBigThangz!

    Swaye murked this junt

  29. aribi

    Nah this shit too fire bruh 💀

  30. Chris Johnson

    Here before a mil

  31. konnor ralph

    This the best one he's made yet holy fuck

  32. ibania arellano

    brahhh this song goooo hard brah i swearrrr it needs to blowwwww tf upppppp 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. Xzavion Govan Punnett

    What’s the beat from?

  34. Josiah Romero

    Everyones sleeping 💤

  35. Rodney Able

    Next project x movie need this camera man and song in it 💯

  36. KingAdam

    Did y’all see low tho🤣

  37. Matt Quinn

    I would have punked this beat from JQuan too lmao This Shit Slaps

  38. Tony Shah

    If this song doesn’t blow tf up....

  39. YoungEBT ツ

    Prince of south central

  40. saucy man

    Beat brought back memories ong

  41. Juan Martinez

    This tracks weak

  42. Ryan Young


  43. KayNynes TheName

    Where's AZ Kilo tho?

  44. afrobroninia

    Everybody in the club getting tipsy

  45. Adrian F

    Ima drink to this tomorrow

  46. Carmen Funes


  47. PorfiThaP 3

    He bringing back the 90’s type of parties🚫🧢

  48. 50 Subscribers no videos

    beat from tipsy?

  49. west Chavez

    They suck

  50. Mrchase Benjamins


  51. EatMyDrumz

    bro y’all can’t tell me swaye don’t sound like fetty off the auto tune

  52. The Goat

    FUck that one bitch cause a nigga gotta bust aha


    So how is this nigga name pronounced it looks like (aye zee chee kay) but the homie said it’s (ass cheek ) 😂😂😂


    Az did it again $lap i want to make a slap wit these homies #Az

  55. ToneUbzy LMG

    This gon turn hella shit uppp 🏆🗣〽️🏁💥

  56. Gmb Pop

    We gotta blow dis up his what I'm trynna party to 👌🏽

  57. Annie Love

    Cali taking over 🤪🔥

  58. brat

    I love my city 🖤

  59. brat

    This is how the old house functions use to be.

    Luis. Aguilar

    Whats ur snap b

  60. Farah Gerger

    Nah I’m sorry this song is fr crazyyyyyyyyyyy 🤩🤩🤩🔥🔥🔥😈😈⛓

  61. alan Robinson

    If y’all fuck with this video follow me on Instagram @obama_300

  62. Joshua Swade

    Ik one of y’all got the instrumental 😡

    Alejandro Kemp

    Joshua Swade look up tipsy

  63. Richmore


  64. Levidia Samoku

    This too fuckin hard

  65. Savy

    Harrrrrddd 🔥

  66. Rubey J G

    It Must Be Hella Hot In There lol

  67. MrCaliClouds

    where jkwon at... 1...

  68. Blanco

    Remember I was here before the bandwagons come

  69. Horacio Flores

    This shit straight heat🚫🧢

  70. Journee R


  71. Tyrone Johnston

    Everybody getting tipsy

    Sneak3rf1end __

    Tyrone Johnston only the real gon know bout that 💯💯

    Tyrone Johnston

    @Sneak3rf1end __ goes hard to

    Sneak3rf1end __

    We all just tryn to come up

  72. Alicia Florence

    This mf been dropping bangers since his first song 😭😭😭



  73. Astruct

    Everybody be sleeping on Chike

  74. Big Ounce

    Another slap 🔥🔥🔥

  75. Ruben Rodriguez

    Treat her like henny no chase

  76. Joshua Patterson


  77. Nya Raquel


  78. Lil David


  79. ABM Yung KDubb

    deffo got South Central on his neck rn


    ABM Yung KDubb how

  80. Oskar Coronado

    Sheeesh this cold 🥶

  81. AvocadoMan

    Dude sounded like 03 greedo at the beginning

  82. Henny


  83. B-Funk


  84. isabella crvntz


  85. DMacDGBSM

    1:36 I thought that was a nigga throwing it back wtf

  86. Yung Rigo

    This ain even a music video, this is a movie.



    Martin Tapia


  87. Yung Rigo

    Is it bad that I liked the video before the video even started?

  88. n o a h



    Az Chike really da best out here hands down🔥 Anyone who thinks otherwise: 🤡

  90. Lawrence Taylor

    EP was stupid 🔥🔥🥵 album of the year otw

  91. Toxic Goku

    Wan the music vid get 1k like dub to me 👌

  92. La Rose

    When Chike blow ion wanna hear no bs