AzChike - Bleedem Joog Lyrics

I got a bag I could change a bitch life hold on
Mean nigga she don't like you cuz you nice ay
Bitch nigga she don't like you cuz you dyke
Ay playin with yo life you gone gamble like its dice hold on
Ay I like a bitch out her panties fuck a song pussy good ay she gone get a grammy
Fuck a plug lil nigga get the lean from yo grammy
Ay niggas got pussies I ain't beefing with a tranny
Ay big Glock handgun come in handy
Goin over head ay I hope you understand me
Get a nigga slumped, get em popped like a xanny
Pussy so good when I'm done she need a nanny hold on
Clean check bitch Givenchy when I'm walking
Four leaf clover bitch I'm lucky like I'm bustin
Niggas get the beef out this petty like its Hawkins
Ion want the pussy lil bitch I get it often
Hold on

Hey bumped up Imma fool with the drip
800 on the kicks an a move for that shit
Ay shinin like the sun get the moon for a bitch
Ay hot like the summer I'm like June on the bitch
Hey I never played, you a bitch that I fucked
Why you thinkin that you bae
Hey California son bitches love throwing shade
What the fuck I Give a fuck give me f for the grade
Sheesh niggas lying thru they teeth you ain't repping what you live bitch you lying thru a beat
Ay take it to a cleaners got get em ironed get em creased
Ay duck duck goose bitch we knockin off his beak
Sheesh hey I'm back on it pull out your phone bitch I'm finna snap on it
I'm with the norf bitch of course bitch I'm from the brack on it
Hey quarterback sneak bitch I'm from the sack on it
Hold on

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AzChike Bleedem Joog Comments
  1. Jose Rodriguez

    Holl on n think im a bitch up in here nigga ythink. Im a bitch up in here you tube commentation reading ass i am lol only my stotry i pick up lol

  2. Leo Gonzalez

    Summer 2020

  3. Nefster Dexter

    Fuck this video go hard af😱📛💯

  4. Axel Hipolito Rodriguez

    "I'm a fool with the drip" that delivery was cleaner than my barber

  5. Cookie Muncher


  6. Arty G

    HOLD ON.......... Oooh kaay

  7. Crzus Adams

    I fw this

  8. Finessegodkasey

    aye kill dat shit 100

  9. Cultural Hegemony

    I need that pro club

  10. eRaZe Slayer

    He been that

  11. Nya Raquel

    This nigga should not be that fineee

  12. RudeBoy Garcia

    Does anybody know where to get that pro club long sleeve ? 🔥🔥

  13. FREE o3greedo

    Beat rapper out

  14. lurkmoney

    Rolling Loud 2019? 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Tiffany Angel

    Chike stay with the slapss🔥

  16. cxh

    By.cxh on insta. Top Shelf Pantry Jeans 12/19. Check the Catalog an Subscribe! Yea

  17. Kay Morales

    Any thing he do 🔥 🦍🥶🤑

  18. Numraal

    Azchike is that one emo black kid who sold you a dub for cheap in HS

  19. Rog Z

    I listen to this 100 times a day cuz

  20. cali bo

    Here b4 a millie

  21. Chris Charles

    Bro is so slept on , u hard bru

  22. Shmurkishh Gleekko

    Sped Kid:
    Me: Aye hit yo dance
    Sped Kid: 1:13

  23. dud ittude

    i was looking for joogsquad but this shit fire

  24. Belen Veronica


  25. JUNIOR

    I’m waiting for yo blow up!!!🔥

    Christian Morgan

    JUNIOR nah nah keep him lowkey, they ain’t ready yet

  26. Iowa_Dripp

    Get the leaf from yo granny ! 😂😂 fr people do

  27. Fmltommy

    straight heat

  28. zPxwn -

    Tf I was sweating cause all dis heat

  29. Hokulani Nalani

    & he daddy 🤤🥵 sheeshhh

  30. YouCantStandBackwardsOnStairs.

    Bluddddd I need that Prada hat ur wearing where can I purchase that fam

  31. Ryan W

    God to the motherfucking damn... this beat/flow is heaven 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. Dawhhn

    This fire

  33. TheDeandrewoods2002

    Here before a million views! Like If u think this song gonna blow

  34. chuck estrella

    1:15 he really hit tf out that hoe

  35. B17

    Snapped on broo 💯🔥

  36. butch ryder


  37. Ford Kun


    When I’m gone off the henn

  38. Tyzhon Johnson

    1:48 when yo and ya homie lookin at the same cheeks bouncin

  39. Abel Mendoza


  40. Brief Shotz Gaming

    Don’t sell yo soul you’d sell out fast my nigga

  41. glo boa tj 3⃣3⃣3⃣

    Drip on them shoes💯😈🔥

  42. Tony Tonetone

    Literally tha drip from his shoes was wet asf lol no cap

  43. sape


  44. Moedabro 22 AKA Moises Morales

    That sound at the end sound like flappy bird or sum shi

  45. Masked

    free joog

  46. Lucino Pliego

    That pro club shirt hard 🔥

  47. Jace

    hol up ... so lil pump can get famous offa his arrogant music but AzChike still underground with real heat and talent ... dont add up

    Dancing is forbidden

    Nigga famous fym billboards ain't ready for the winning team

    Allstar Holm

    Doesnt make sense does it

  48. slickback l

    Why all his songs slaaaap? 🚒🚒🚒🚒

  49. Cassidey Beleche

    Az dank af

  50. Asapz Beats

    🐐 🐐 🔥

  51. Maocejo

    i’m a fool with the drip

  52. Dave Sippah

    Sheeeesh 🔥💚

  53. Eric Cookie's

    Are you serious 🔥🔥💧💦

  54. Gucci Haunga

    They really sleepin on big bro🔊😴

  55. FredoK9

    is it just me or the nigga in the back lowkey lookin like dr. Dre

  56. Driipsauce TV

    This a bop

  57. Rl Myth

    This nigga finna make my trunk explode😭

  58. Dulce

    LYRICAL man

  59. mxndy griggs

    Did this nigga jus do the blueface with his hat at the beginning of the song

  60. MxgicIQ

    Anyone gotta link to this instrumental?

  61. thizz_carla.

    ayeeee now u got 8.1k likes 😁

  62. Justkevoo


  63. Jonathan Gupree

    Take em to a cleaners get em ironed get em creased 🔥

  64. Stupefying YourMind


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    This nigga has no reason being this fucking fire 🔥

  67. Swiftly

    You a bitch that I fuck thinking that you bae

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    Hardddddd 🥵

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    This shit blew my speaker

  70. V1bes

    Remember when you blow up

  71. nyeeezy

    good song but them sneakers special really.
    i guess its the name that makes them fire lol

  72. JAYOTB

    His beats always go crazy

  73. Latina Queen

    This man underrated cuz w out here being stingy w putting mfs on 🥵🥵😂

    slickback l

    Ariana Mendez lmao right😂

  74. Gingy

    DAMNNNNNN👀🔥next up

  75. anthony 77721

    If i don't like this heat. I fell bad for you💥💥💥💥💥💥

  76. cbass made it

    big givenchy what im walkin, 4 leaf clover bitch im lucky like im boston

  77. Lawrence Taylor

    I heard the beat and knew it was gone 👋🏾

  78. Freddy Valen

    you gonna blow little bread 🍞

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    🥵🥵 pure 🔥🔥🔥

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    That water gotta be edited😂

  81. BoWHeLLo

    I can’t wait for chike to ice out the gauges

  82. Lowlife

    Hold on🗣

  83. Jack Piediscalzi

    Niggas got pussies I ain’t beefing with a tranny🤐🤐🤐🤐


    AZCHIKE FOREVER SLEPT ON! This shiii harddd af!

  85. brat

    them beautiful ass Cali palm trees!

  86. Tatyana Skirtich

    He too nice w it 🔥 🔥

  87. RA1NBOWC0RN69

    AzChike is mad funny

  88. fridge door ろち

    This nigga need clout tha best underrated rapper

  89. World Star

    What does Nani mean?? 0:36

  90. Rell BANG

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    Shit hard Riv county,ca To AZ

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