Azalea, Iggy - Walk The Line Lyrics

Yeah we don't wanna do anything to scare your children
That's the last thing we wanna do
We don't wanna scare anybody

Never said it was fair, but still I never knew fear
Not in a million years could you tell me that I'd be here
I just hopped off that Lear, my life on another tier
Lifting glasses for cheers, keep that hating out my ear
From country living to country skipping, this would drive you crazy
Check the rate that they pay me, a giant could never slay me
Money never a maybe, but never forgot my roots
I heard that the top is lonely, I wonder if it's the truth
So I'm just climbing, paid off rhyming, now I'm shining, could be blinding
Ain't too much real left but right here is where you could find it
This that new classic, ain't this what you needed?
I'm what amazing look like, now recognize it when you see it

Not where I wanna be, but I'm far from home
Just tryna make it on my own
And unless destiny calls, I don't answer phones
This is the line and I walk alone
Ain't no going back now
Don't know where I'm at now
Ain't no going back now
This is the line and I walk alone

I've been counted out, I've been stepped on
I was wide awake and got slept on
I had everything and then lost it
Worked my ass off, I'm exhausted
All this talking about me, just talk about me
I'm here now, they can't walk around me
I'm dedicated, flow elevated
Tell every hater hope you never play it, said I'll never make it
I'm celebrating and I'm never quitting, no resignation
I took desperate measures out of desperation
I'm the fresh face with no expiration
I know pressure make diamonds so I threw 'em off in this chain
And when it's all on the line, I'm who you want in the game
Cause I'm gon' get it and that's for sure
Can't be like y'all, that's a no-go
International while y'all local, got this locked up just like po-po
Every beat get ate, that's ocho
Won't lose, oh, no, that's Yoko
Been up and down like low lows
Still make my own on my solo
Had to be here to believe it
Think like winners to perceive it
Had to let you know that I mean it
If I speak it and say keep it
This flow, that's genius
Just think about it, what I think about it?
If I didn't live it, won't ink about it
Married to the money, put a ring around it, what?

Not where I wanna be, but I'm far from home
Just tryna make it on my own
And unless destiny calls, I don't answer phones
This is the line and I walk alone
Ain't no going back now
Don't know where I'm at now
Ain't no going back now
This is the line and I walk alone

And everything ain't the way I planned it
But when the smoke clears, I'm the last standing
This lifestyle can be so demanding
But I take off like a plane and ain't never landing

Not where I wanna be, but I'm far from home
Just tryna make it on my own
And unless destiny calls, I don't answer phones
This is the line and I walk alone
Ain't no going back now
Don't know where I'm at now
Ain't no going back now
This is the line and I walk alone

Ain't no going back now
Ain't no going back now
This is the line and I walk alone

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Azalea, Iggy Walk The Line Comments
  1. Munira Sara

    This is my favorite song of Iggy azelea

  2. Trang Tuyên Lý

    This song really hits home. When I listened to it for the first time, I was in middle school. I appreciated the lyrics, her flow, and genuineness in making it. Now I'm in university, working my first job, striving for recognition, and damn. These lyrics make more sense than ever. I feel like struggling and adulthood is a universal battle that Iggy talks about so real here.

  3. Andrei Cucu

    still the most meaningful piece she’s ever done, i’m so proud of her
    i always listen to this song when times get tough

  4. Haley Swearingen

    I like this time period of her music wayyyy better 🗣

  5. RaphaCool Johnson


  6. Music Blends

    she goes hard in this song it’s so underrated

  7. black& white

    I love this songp

  8. Phil Baker

    This get me throu the day sometimes

  9. Enrique Parra

    Iggy rocks!!! 🔥🔥

  10. Izaiah Cates

    Her music is so helpful to me and my life problems

  11. n lee

    I love you iggy

  12. Tyshell Washington

    This was my favorite

  13. Izaiah Cates

    Every song she has ever made help me, I know I can just think or dance or cry when I listen to her

  14. Jackson Devine

    Her best song

  15. Ja'Mia Morgan

    i love it so much

  16. Paul Caldwell

    Iggy's dope. She gets me high. Ozone.

  17. Aubrey Penns22

    Very underrated 😢

  18. Kim

    I remember listening this back in middle school

  19. Niamh Boggans

    Love iggy

  20. The Vietmamba

    Where’d Johnny Cash go?

  21. Florci G

    Still loving this..

  22. Imd Irfan

    2018 anyone?

  23. Lea Renai

    Love it😘

  24. Rain pop instagram MsCheddargetter

    Pop pop pop 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🖤🖤🎂🖤🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🖤🖤🖤🎂🎂🖤🖤🎂🖤🖤🎂🖤🎂🎂🖤🎂🎂💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  25. bertasu

    she has a great sense of rhythm, and her delivery improved since.

  26. Jjkbskd Dkzk


  27. Sindel Central

    2018? Xx

  28. 서미오

    "I'm who you want in the game cause I'm gonna get it and that's fo sure"

    an example of being optimistic for your dreams.

  29. Gaby Tinsley

    She keeps me fighting

  30. Lotte B

    Iggy is just amazing. I'm still listening to this song. And it's definitely my favorite song. Like idek the beat, her voice everything is amazing. Anybody listening in 2018?

  31. Mary Rucker

    The car designer started at the plantation on 61 then central Park Ave then the state of Columbia. So no expiration. An we both have the same name my name is just a government name change, not your Mary Elizabeth hers is Rene. Good luck Alabama ex's. You know audience fan of this onish Damien my sister is your child! Do better work harder during investigation.

  32. Tybops

    Iggy is so under rated

  33. alexluckettt

    Lmao to all the people saying how trash she is. 😂 She’s obviously talented, you stupid fuck..

  34. Jeremy Asuncion

    Please recommend me other Iggy Azalea's speedy rap songs like this song, Work and Pu$$y where Iggy rapped fast. Thanks.

    a nobody

    Listen to work, it has a music video too!


    Goddess, Heavy Crown (The original one, not reclassified), Don't need Y'all

  35. YoungHipHopTalent

    Too bad she became a has been...

  36. Antonio Weston

    Barz... My whole life.. 💯

  37. Loyd Holloway

    love you iggy azalea!!!!!! 2017!

  38. Jokseph

    Impossible Is Nothing is legendary!!!

  39. Map Mictlan

    Que mierda!

  40. Frederik Steffensen

    Is she singing the chorus?

    mel px

    Frederik Steffensen yes

    Renata Callado

    Frederik Steffensen yes

  41. Taneisha Keyonne

    I love Iggy. She's so talented. and til this day she's still being slept on. I can relate to Iggy so much; that's probably why I like her. She can most definitely rap. I respect anyone who works their ass off to get somewhere

    Kerinafly4 angel

    yeah, it happens and I hate it when they do that it's not right you know. I love this song so much.

  42. Katherine Sugar

    Rap Goddess!

  43. Adelaide Simons

    this my song

  44. Nikolina Canic


  45. William Zakariah Chapile

    marry to the money put a ring around it..this flow is genius.

  46. ronnel

    this should have been a single :(

  47. Jacqueline Valdivieso

    I miss this Iggy

  48. LOVE <3333333

  49. Demi Uwechue

    If only she rapped like this on all her songs.

  50. DeltaJava Sykes

    what does the guy at the beginning mean?

    Random ASMR

    Its like in the future when the world is corrupted

  51. Cheyann Leal

    Iggggy is AMAZING 💕

  52. sefa nayir

    en iyisi iggy

  53. Grace Livermore

    What is the meaning of this song? 💜

  54. merbywerby

    i luv IGGY

  55. Kelsey Speaks

    Yep, sounds like iggy can sing! Who thought that? Also, now you think she is better than nicki… it is greater than nicki at music… that is all.

    Rio Findlay

    ikr ! Iggy is Better it's a pity people can't hear it

  56. agentromanoff 13

    This is why she's better than nickki


    agentromanoff 13 I said spell Nicki's name not iggy's

    agentromanoff 13

    Lol none of them. I spelled your name, homie..


    agentromanoff 13 well bitch you're dumb u can't spell so ... 😘

    agentromanoff 13

    Mohayn Ha! You mean to say: *"Well bitch, you're dumb. You can't spell. So,"?

    Try again later, you hypocritical, half-learned bitch.

    agentromanoff 13

    You mean *go to school? 😂😂😂 Please, you're practically becoming the joke here...

  57. June Wolfe


    (AND UNLESS THE SEND ME CLOTHES) I don't answer phones
    This is the line that I walk alone
    Ain't no going back now
    Don't know where I'm at now
    Ain't no going back now
    This is the line that I walk alone


    Enchantress.200 if you check any other website for the lyrics, it says unless destiny calls I don't answer phones. it doesn't even sound like unless they send me clothes💀 it makes senses like if destiny for her doesn't call, then she isn't gonna answer😭

  58. Joshua Yruegas

    See this is why I love her her songs have meaning all other female rapper like nicki like talking about asses and stupid shit

  59. Andrew Bonk

    this song gives me hope when im really sad :)

  60. Lo Michele

    tnc is pure perfection.

  61. Rigsey Beau-Mae

    Nicki Minaj = want all women to become hoes
    Iggy azalea = raps from the heart and gets her point across

    First of all before you start hating Nicki is going back to pop which means less sex rap and I still have no hate for her!


    Rigsey Beau-Mae Nicki inspire people to be themselves, and she said to people to be bossy and to get clean money, so wtf are you sayin


    FANCY, her biggest hit, os her talking bout being extra

  62. Stephanie Dantas

    😎 😎 🔝 👏

  63. Wellington R

    who sing the chorus is herself?

    Renata Callado

    Wellington Reis yeah is she

    Auriel Spellplbale

    Wellington Reis yes

  64. Nicole Alexa


  65. My Makeup

    wow amazing iggy

  66. Ahmad Ghonym

    Much better than the bullshit that reaches the radio

  67. i don't even know anymore! at the disco

    Work and Walk The Line and Heavy Crown are the most meaningful songs that I heard from Iggy. By Work, I don't mean the work work work work work work by RiRi. 🎼🎼🎼

    iggy rap

    what about impossible is nothing?

    Мария Черновская

    my three fav songs from her, inspiring <3

  68. Gogo Swift

    Wooooow ❤️

  69. La Chapa Guzman

    ❤ u Iggy...just do u n ignore the haters. Every bomb person has haters..this song is DOPE! My therapy 👆

  70. Roberta Neill

    evone burnit.

  71. T P

    Iggy went hard when she rapped.

  72. Xean Arion

    I swear she says, "And unless they send me clothes I don't answer phones".

  73. paola lopez

    she is awesome😃😃

  74. crazy girl

    iggy my best love u honey

  75. Bird Phoenix

    Her voice is fantastic. Truly great work.

  76. Sara Berglind

    Love this song 🙌🏼❤️😍

  77. Gee rams

    She should be releasing these kind of songs... I don't know wats wrong with her

    Gee rams

    Pll Snapz this is not grammar school.... we r chatting here... this is social media... we Dnt get grades

    June Wolfe

    gontse rametsi OMG YES!!!! 😂😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    iggy rap

    gontse rametsi oml yassss😂😂

    Demi Uwechue

    Thank you!

  78. Raluca Mirion


  79. Sam Raon

    From Philippines :)

  80. Queen Heart


  81. Maria Frazier

    this song is dope

  82. Jess MacDougall

    Where is the first recorded part from?

  83. Natalie Codner

    And everything ain't the way I planned it

  84. mayenci zuloaga

    iggy te amo <3 Esta canción m levanta cuando estoy triste

  85. Adelaide Simons

    this song is DOPE like YASS💯💯😍😍

  86. TheMInecrafters

    love this song

  87. Aniket Yadav

    Damn She Dope As fuck

  88. Uno Articuno

    Should've been meek mill's ghost writer

  89. Negaton

    Who else sees that croos in her"asap" tattoo

  90. Roberta Neill

    yellow azaleas
    still line my drive

  91. Lona Gazdag

    does she sing the cover?

  92. Aaron Ostrowski

    what happened to this Iggy?

  93. Ozgur Akyol

    bu durumu begeninde yabancılar önemli biriymişim gibi sansn

  94. Araceli Madrigal