Azalea, Iggy - U Ain't My Daddy Lyrics

I'm trying to have a good time tonight with my girlfriends
Got my hair done, bought a brand new outfit
Put my makeup on plus I just got my nails fixed
Bout to hit the club when my man starts talking shit

You're supposed to be my man but you act like my babysitter
You're supposed to be my friend but you can't get your head together
Never told you no that you couldn't go with your boys

Why you wanna tell me where to go, stop, left, right
Why you tryna tell me what I can't do
Seems like everytime I wanna go you tell me to stay so
I'mma have to be the one to put you in your place like

You ain't my daddy (You ain't my daddy) [x8]
Push it back, back baby push it back, push it back
Step away from my face, boy you making me mad [x2]

See, everytime I’m gone, you just can’t hang up the phone
Never get sick of the sound of the dial tone
Just hit 1 o'clock you telling me to bring it home
Come on out the club but i hit you with a no
No, I’m not gon' go and no I’m not gon' leave
I never tell you what to do, so stop telling me
See, everybody’s looking and you mad cause they want it [?]
Feeling frustrated cause you home and you lonely


Now baby I’m grown and I go where I wanna go
Do what I wanna do so no man can tell me, I
Can’t ‘cause I can what to say what to wear
I’m gon’ do what I like ‘cause I really don’t care
If you don’t or you stay if you are or you ain't
If you do or you don’t cause I want it my way
Right now I’m so sick of you tryna control me
I think it’s 'bout time that I told you how it’s gon’ be


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