Azalea, Iggy - New Bitch Lyrics

[Verse 1]
He got a house that's too big
Sits on a hill in the valley
Said he trying to move on with life but he still wanna be a good daddy
So I sit in the ride cause I don't want us overlapping
Spendin' money on Mac, that's cute, I get checks from them in Paris
Better check my tax bracket
What you think was gonna happen
Naggin', now he's had it
And y'all fell off like Mad Men
These exes excessively hatin' on the next bitch
She's no housewife, just desperate
I know it's hard to let go but accept it

Cause the whole world is watchin'
And the paparazzi is flockin'
Cause we fly shit when we drop in
And we shut down your party
'His' and 'her' gold chains
Gold watches, everything
His old girl, she gon' hate
They gon' have something to say

When I hop out his new six
Fresh in some new shit
"Damn, she is too thick, who is this?"
Yeah I'm his new bitch
I'm his new bitch
And I'm spending his new cash
Few trips, new bags
Damn, she is too bad
Oh you mad?
That I'm his new bitch
Yeah, I'm his new bitch

[Interlude - Spoken]
She be the one that be like
"Hey, girl, what's up? You in town?"
Yes, I'm in town, kissing ---- on the face, and you know this
So just say it

[Verse 2]
It's always jealous broads wishing they was in my shoes
But I'm a debut, you a deja vu
Girl, you know the drill, I got a couple loose screws
Driving, riding, all black suits up
Up north in a coupe before I meet him with the crew
And what I do, it can't be compared
You well done and bitch I'm rare
So stop popping up unexpected
Stop sending threats and text messages
We too grown for this messy shit
This will be my last conversation
If you don't want no problems, move yourself from the equation



Tell your friends to tell their friends too
He got a new chick but it ain't you
I'm just saying, you know it's true
Cry a river and swim on through
I know you hoping we won't make it
Clyde and Bonnie, let the world chase us
Ride or die where the world takes us
If we end up poor or rich and famous
I'm all he needs and more chick
His home chick
His tour chick
His 4th finger, left hand chick
And all those people go 'Damn, chick'


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Azalea, Iggy New Bitch Comments
  1. antoinette Miller

    Mam this a McDonald's drive thru

  2. laur


  3. Bryana Haglund

    What the hell.

  4. Christine Connelly

    the line is tax bracket not text bracket

  5. carlottacarina

    to all the hoes out there who still fancy my bf..... this one's for you :-) i'm a debut, you a deja vu.

  6. Vania Orozco


  7. A.J. Williams

    This (my new) SONG!!😍😍

  8. David Pompey

    This song is a masterpiece!

  9. Movin Divend

    Iggy good morning 😍

  10. Jessica Eakes

    What do you all think about iggy...???

  11. Joel Joseph Nikolas

    Girl you know the drill, I got a couple loose screws ...

  12. Me Torres

    The only thing this nigga ain't got no cash. Carry a EBT. Passes his Mony to me...sorry boo. I ain't hatin u and everyone his New BITCH

  13. The Sweetest Cat

    Love this song ❤💘💖

  14. lay

    2018 anybody well should I say 2019? cuz it is in 2 more days luv this song

  15. whats up

    *this song came to my teacher*

  16. Brandon Patterson

    2018 still his new bitch lol

  17. Oziel Garcia

    My baby Iggy azalea ❤️

  18. Perrie.E lover

    "But i'm a debut you're a deja vu" love that line (i'm french btw)😍

  19. Slender_bean

    "I heard your freestyle on Shade 45, that shit was embarrassing
    There is no way we ever air that shit again, I guarantee
    That way that shit was so ass it's somethin' we wouldn't dare re-air"

  20. Staedler Staedlerr

    u all racist cuz she white and superior race

  21. Zestii Perfect

    Sweet memories omg ❤️

  22. Rain pop instagram MsCheddargetter


  23. Jenny Oyster

    Love this song ❤️❤️✨✨....

  24. Ulises Garces Gomez

    new bitch

  25. C.D. Cannon


  26. Mystery Thompson

    Girl your my inspiration ❤️

  27. Is Ssm




    2017 10 20
    MEMORY 💣😭


    MEMORY🎆 💣

    👍 drog




  28. Mei Starsis

  29. peter dee

    dear god pls kill off cardi b and give us iggy back k thanks

  30. Asaf Beats

    Real dope shit

  31. misspolly dublin

    Finally on YouTube this is one of her best 😘😘✔ #newbitch

  32. Big Red


  33. Big Red

    First time listening to this song

  34. Michelle Huitt

    I like this song she's so unique she should try to sing cuz I can hear it in her

  35. Nico R

    What method did u you use?

    She wrote them.

    Most of 'em.

  36. Laaroo-i Zach Laaroo-i F

    This is why Iggy I love her so much.....yeah I'm new bitch...😍😍😘🙂😦

  37. Pierre Bonjour

    It's really!!! (For a gay men just like me yeah) love u Iggy

  38. Tommie Byrd

    I'm who she talkn bout, she was on the phone with my other baby mama, I said that sound like a new song when she got off the phone

    SupK 25

    Tommie Byrd ur takin delusional to a new high hahah

  39. Isaias Castillo

    This shit is fucken garbage dawg get the fuck off the air way!!!!!!!

  40. Lakisha Sledge

    Love make a nother video of a love song

  41. Jade Grenade

    1:19 😍🤣

    Jade Grenade

    She be the one that be like
    Hey, girl, what's up? you in town?
    Yes, I'm in town, kissing yo pussy on my face, and you know this
    So just say it

  42. Jade Grenade

    Leah Ann. Mines. When I hop off his six inch, fresh in some new shii... Damn she iz too thick, who iz thiz... 0:40

  43. Jade Grenade

    I'm down for thiz

  44. Pure Luxury

    I listen to this song every week but Cardi B is the reason why I'm here today

    Lydia Carr

    pureQUEENS me too gurl

    patchai waiaree

    Because love

    Aälïyãh Göméz

    Pure Luxury

  45. Antoine Barker

    I love iggy

  46. Jonathan Ezrah

    I love Iggy, fuck her haters

  47. Claudia Castrillon

    this is the Iggy I miss honestly

    Ashley Stevenson

    Claudia Castrillon me too

    summer b

    Same... I only listen to her old songs.

  48. Max Gonzalez

    i remember in 2010 yuhad a 1giphonea d

  49. Max Gonzalez

    i love desperate housewifes

  50. Keairal 3515

    i love this song

  51. ❤Amor❤

    im his new bitch...

  52. Squiggy Wigginz

    I really respect her opinion.

  53. Jamie

    this song is sooo amazing!!!!!!!!

  54. LJ Glez.

    hella looks like tana mongoe in this pic :o


    I know right!

  55. Gursimran Chhina

    I've never heard a song from this point of view before and personally I think it's awesome!

  56. andrew carson

    Ohhh LOVEEED this sing Iggy you my FUCKING FAVORITE female rapper!!!!

  57. deisy andrade

    Hi iggy



    KM W


  59. SuperJake169

    So... I may not like Iggy Azalea, but this song was obviously about Nick Young. If she actually wrote this, that means she was really proud I be with him, which is all a guy can ask for.

    And he bragged about cheating on her?

    I'm with ya on this one Iggy, fuck nick Young.

    Lizbeth R

    She wrote this song b4 they even dated

    Lynx Lefay

    Yeah, and the song kind of has that inexplicable sadness to it. It's the feeling you initially have, I guess, dating someone and being their 'new bitch' but that feeling of euphoria fades eventually and the song seems nostalgic, especially because I believe you're right, this was about Nick Young. They had nearly two years together, right? Poor Iggy.

    tasia clark

    this song came out way before any of that crap was relevant

  60. Kat Ann

    hahaha I love this song honestly. My ex and I broke up after a 3 year relationship, but we were in a weird process of working through our individual issues in order to eventually get back together. I had pushed him away in order to do this, so he moved forward and started dating this girl, which is natural and expected, nothing wrong with that, and I wasn't aware of this as I texted him one day asking if we could talk and she sent me a snapchat from his phone saying, "I'm his new bitch-Iggy" and I don't know this girl and I've never done anything to her, so I was pissed. Well, now, their little thing is over and I'm back, so, sometimes the new bitch doesn't always stay and sometimes, the main bitch comes back. But I love this song as a result of her trying to establish her place in his life to me lol

    Kevin McCusker

    sounds like your guy got to fuck some other chick and still got to fuck you in the end up. guy knows how to play chicks for sure

    I like FRiEd Rice G

    Kevin McCusker some real factssss she bragging how she back now 😂

  61. RedDiamond1221

    Idk why no one has pointed out yet that this is about her and T.I...O_O


    +RedDiamond1221 Actually its about her and Nick Swaggy P. Young

    Satans Kush

    RedDiamond1221 damn you're stupid 😂😂


    Lol damn you're bored. Scurry off;)


    Oh I don't really follow her so I didn't know his situation lol

  62. Carrie Jahnke

    love this song <333

  63. Vicente Valdés

    is there a perform of this song?

  64. Madysen Da Costa

    y'all haters need to take that sitck out of your ass and but it back in your mouth where it belongs and shut the fuck up

    andrew carson

    I agree 100%

    i want to delete my channel plz

    Madysen Watts *put :)

  65. santhy Morales

    wooow im your new bitchh :) :)

  66. Terry Siler

    what she mean spending his cash she doesn't need cash she can make her own damn fucking cum ragg!!😨😱😱😨😱😏😏😈👿😈👿😤😤

  67. apollo riffs

    idk why y'all hating on Iggy azalea in every single music you ever heard that person is using someone else beast or words that's how music works thats my opinion if u got a problem with it I don't care what u have to say but she the one in the studio making that money and music

    Kaiteee T

    This was supposedly a freestyle

  68. Ebony Davis

    she DAT new bitch

  69. jasmine gonzalez

    Love itttt

  70. Aaliyah Santiago

    yassssssss bitch

  71. Marisa Owens

    Lov this song

  72. takia green

    y'all haters

    Ashley Stevenson

    takia green hell yeah amen ✌🏼🖕🏼for the haters out there !!!

  73. Checkjaguar108

    Wasn't this a freestyle? Well I guess we know what kind of rapper she is.

  74. Alexis Kelty

    do people even listen to this shit?

    Satans Kush

    Alexis Kelty apparently you do lol

  75. Jayde Nowaczyk

    iggy slays I love her so much

  76. Michael Hutchinson

    I'm weak af that she tried to pass this off as freestyle

    Kasumi Lover

    @***** Actually he asked for a freestyle, and then he asked her again quickly to do an acapella when she was drinking her coffee

    Kasumi Lover

    @***** But I said that from the start, yet you said I was wrong...

    Tory Takken

    Michael Hutchinson omg that’s why I’m here

    Movin Divend

    she under new management she gonna do better

  77. Cecilia Martinez

    My fave line is " if you don't want no problems move ur self from the equation" 😍

    Jade Grenade

    Leah Ann She be the one that be like
    Hey, girl, what's up? you in town?
    Yes, I'm in town, kissing yo pussy on my face, and you know this
    So just say it. Wink let me suck it. 1:19

    Jade Grenade

    Leah Ann sexual harassment man... I give up

    misspolly dublin

    You well done and bitch im rare 😍💕✔👍🇨🇮

    Gab Tin

    Big thumbs to that

    Robbie X

    Mine is “b*tch I’m rare”

  78. Miracle Hunter

    the bitch be stealin people lyrics nicki minaj had "got a good girl in my tax bracket" iggy said "check my tax bracket " she need to quit


    @Miracle Hunter but Feeling Myself came out in December this was written in 2013... oops.. ON TOP OF THAT those are different words... like are you blind Nicki said "got a good girl in my tax bracket" Iggy said "check my tax bracket " i believe "stealing" is if Iggy said that exact same thing as Nicki

    Ireland Klondale

    Looks like you need some education. If a song was written and came out way before another song, that means it did not steal lyrics, haha.

    karma red

    @Miracle Hunter This came out long before Feelin' Myself did, learn your facts before you talk trash.

    rose gold

    haters always trying to reach for something to hate on. this came out way before feeling myself

    Satans Kush

    lil stupid ass bitch 😂😂 I didn't know how stupid people can be until they stuck up tryna stand up for their idol. fuck outta here with your fake shit
    btw.... just cuz she says that don't mean she copied anybody else. text bracket could mean quite a few things if you were really that smart. there other people with these words in their songs. seriously? 😂😂😂

  79. Janseli24

    I didn't get "when I hop out his new SIX" and "shes too thick, who is this?" what does thick mean, "fat" or?

    Andrew Garcia

    Six is like a car and to thick means by her ass

    Daniel Lopez

    +Janseli24 meaning to have a nice ass, nice legs, not skinny, with meat on your bones. not fat

  80. Babyfacenyaa

    Iggy pop

  81. J Rae

    But.. wait wasn't the first part a part of her freestyle on her Sway In The Morning interview?


    then whats the point in calling them freestyles

    The Jelly Bean

    +Azzy then it's not a freestyle

    THE realist

    Keep hating but still acting like fans, it's okay baby girls <3

  82. SpongeBob





    @patricia carrington nice one

    Rain pop instagram MsCheddargetter

    SpongeBob 💘💘💘💘💘💕💘💘💘💘💘💘💕💕💘💘💘💋💘💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  83. Thirsty B*tch

    I love this song ♥

  84. Bat Mane

    This sucks

    Lil Uzi

    You suck

  85. Suhaila Mc'phee

    I m his new bitch, bitch ;)

    Suhaila Mc'phee

    @cool cat Well i m not talking to iggy n either to u.. what about u fucking mind ur business?

    Big Slice

    @Christy Mc'phee what do u mean mind my own business? U posted something publicly. Its evervybodys business. And why r u so mad XD

    Big Slice

    +cool cat everybodys*

    Suhaila Mc'phee

    @cool cat I dunno what u get by replying others comments.. and i Commented to Iggy s song u dont have to say anything.

    Big Slice

    @Christy Mc'phee but the comment is public. Thats like going outside and yelling at your friend about what you did that day. Everybody can hear it.

  86. Leena Tariq

    Love your song new bitch ☺

  87. Jorge Rodriguez

    This was on Sway In The Morning 😂

  88. Samantha Thomason

    Iggy igs!!!!!!!!! What my song

    Micah Thomason


  89. No1StaysTheSame

    MANNNN !!!!!!?! this my fuckin song

    Kyleen R

    This song bring both a smile to my face &a tear 2 my eye

  90. Eric Brown

    She did that best song ever😏😏😏