Azalea, Iggy - Look At Me Now Lyrics

Pocket on loud, bottle full of yes
Little bit of poison, little bit of death
Little bit of ass, and a whole lotta hips
All white all night, I ain't talkin' bout bricks
That ain't cocky, that's confidence
Speak English, what the problem is?
You a 1+1 simple sum'a'bitch
I'm long divis', so hard to get
Just passed go, you a starter kit
You prevalence, can't find like this
Hard to swallow somethin' this sick
Still tryna figure how to market it
I'm a backseat rider, head held higher
Pussy tighter, always flier
Never measure up to a bitch like me, girl
You will never climb a mountain this steep, girl
We different breeds, you imperial, I'm so metric
I'm stuntin' on hoes, far as I know
None of y'all strong enough to carry my load
None of y'all down to go as far as I go
Put the still to your neck and let it unload
Like bam bam bam!
What you do that fo'?
To let you know
Know what?
To get your weight up
Sky high fly, I don't even need your paper
So now you know, to get your weight up
Sky high fly, I don't even need your paper

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Azalea, Iggy Look At Me Now Comments
  1. andrew carson


  2. mtcristi03


  3. Mary Loch

    trendy lady

  4. Katherine Sugar

    woo she's amazing!!!

  5. HugosVloggs

    Queen of fucking rap 😍

  6. V Cullen

    Thanks for SUBCRIBING to me yo

  7. Katia

    I miss her.

  8. Lisa Cahill

    Iggy bring'n in some real shit. It's hard 4 a white girl 2 b a fly ass rapper.. Come correct. Iggy got her shit 2gether...

  9. Lisa Cahill

    r u kidding me... Lov'n iggy.

  10. ILoveMyOrchids

    THIS is what a fake person looks like. Where's her a*se? Do these females forget they took pictures and moving images before their surgeries? Or are they just relying on their low IQ fans believing the unbelievable? Dumb all round.

    Terra Realm

    It looks the same as it does now.
    You do realize she's wearing a *skirt*, right?
    Talk about low IQs...

    Stephanie Harvey

    @Terra Realm Thank you for the history lesson on how to appropriately employ the phrase "freedom of speech." I even went so far as to remove the phrase from my previous comment. What I meant to say is that I believe we should all be able to express our thoughts and opinions on any subject matter especially here on the forum of "YouTube," free from criticism and ridicule.   

    Terra Realm

    @Stephanie Harvey
    I totally agree. :)

  11. sergio gonzalez martinez


  12. Dre Is

    Thank you Hayley C. If you don't like her stuff don't watch it you no lifes

  13. bbydoll

    CAN WE ALL JUST PAUSE AT 0:11 ...that ends the whole debate on if her ass is real or fake. Its fake. Compare this or even pu$$y and its just OVERLY obvious. The debate ends here...booty is fake. Its nice but fake.

    imani .

    People grow funnily enough

    Terra Realm

    It looks the same as it does now.

  14. ashleighmelendez

    My girl!! 

  15. Nena Lala Mufasá 97

    dawm gurl >3

  16. Haylee Chavers

    I love how people are commenting about her butt like she's fully grown now and she was younger then I remember I had no butt then randomly a few months later it suddenly got bigger its not impossible stop being haters if you don't like her don't watch her stuff that simple i'm sure you have other things to do with your life

    Mister Sarajevo

    @Alice M
    And you're also 34 to boot

    Alice M

    So what? I wish I hadn't given you a second thought after your first comment. You're nothing to me. I can't believe I... even for a second.. .tried to defend myself to a guy who thinks a Stop sign turned in to the word Poop is funny. Yeah.

    Alice M

    You know, screw it. Let's see your picture. A current one. Are you young? Hot? When's the last time you've been laid? At my "ripe old age" of 34, I have absolutely no problems. No one ever thinks I'm over 25 and my body is in great shape. So go back to amusing yourself with Poop signs and shut up.

    Mister Sarajevo

    Wow, I got under your skin, huh? And what's the point in showing you pictures of myself? I could be the best looking guy on earth & you'd still say that I'm ugly just to spite me.. ha

    Alice M

    If you're good looking, you're good looking. If you're younger than I am (to boot), great! But if you are neither of those things, then I don't understand where you're coming from when you try to put down a stranger. If you ARE those things, than be thankful, not an a-hole. 

  17. Sweetheart1315

    Ok People are saying its because her tight skirt. She has a music ad called called "Milk music" or something with the same type of skirt and you can see a total difference. So yeah its not the skirt. Sorry

  18. Tyler Uyehara

    @Austin Warner You do relize That Iggy is 27 and your a teenager


    Iggy is 24 lol

  19. Daisy

    She has no butt here at all


    its called puberty


    @IggyIsMyQueen your comment is called "in denial" lol

    Alice M

    She's wearing a tighter than skin tight garment... those are made to suck everything in, making everything appear smaller.

  20. Kara Camille Delonas

    She is dope.  Her music is so addicting and she sounds amazing.  So cool.  I’m getting popular fast because I sing with meaning.. thumbs up so my voice can be heard.

  21. Martin Keljacki

    looks lika a dool

  22. Mister Sarajevo

    Proof that her tush is phony. When women are desperate for smoked meat, they get a fake ass.

  23. Shawn Hayes

    Iggy you sound real good but if you can slow it down and put it on swag mod your s sound even better from fullzeal music coming soon

  24. stefeezy12

    How can we be ok with this shit? She white she will never rap bout real shit just has good voice nice looks

  25. Jessica Nelson

    OK this needs to be on the radio NOW!!!!! Also you need to sit down with the one and only missy elliot I bet she has some sick ass shit hidden away that would be fucking sick on the radio with Iggy behind it. Also left eye is missing from TLC and they are trying to make a come back, would be sick to see her featured on a song. What about Eminem is he down to do a track together? And don't forget about he is magical and it would be dope to see you too together. Your beats are sick!!!  

  26. Meka Bell

    i love her... her voice does something to me

  27. Madison Nicole

    this is goooood

  28. Austin Warner

    im in love

  29. ThisDetroitSquirrel

    This is the shiet

  30. Isis Lynee'

    The REAL Barbie

  31. Big KP big KP

    looking great yes yes


    Playa C say he hit this before

  33. Greta Geci

    lol, the beat comes from a song but I forgot the name! This song is awesome, but she's better

  34. Boski Bonifacy

    have u seen her ass ! ? :D fake or not i'd put it on my magic stick in no time ! uuuuuuu uuuuuuuuu

    Michael Lyons

    Boski Bonifacy
    It’s real 😂😂
    Only thing she’s had done is her nose and tits

  35. khenryhector

    Hmm.. I would argue that Gwen is prettier but Iggy is sexier. But, to each his own.

  36. Stephanie Shannon

    Can't believe you caught Iggy admitting it her ass is fake, you must be very intelligent.

  37. rosa hotxxx

    Gwen Stefani looks like a bag of dog shit compared to Iggy.

  38. Jimmy Christian

    Yep both are got flat boobs hehe

  39. Jennifer Styles

    And why would it even matter? It's none of your business what she wants to do with her body.

  40. Adin Tellus

    Totally not into hip-hop... but I a with her. God dayum!

  41. whorebags

    this video proves her ass is fake, she even said it "a lot of hips, with a little bit of ass" ...what a lying whore.

  42. GoodNappyHair

    I think they do.

  43. lil li

    no they don't.

  44. lil li

    i love when she raps like this

  45. Constantine Domain

    Goddamn I want to Fuck her, NO...Make Sweet Love to her...*wink*

  46. Dreaded Enigma

    LOL i would lick every crease on her body!

  47. meme247hustle


  48. amanda ahmed


  49. GoodNappyHair

    They need to make song together.

  50. Piece Of Garbage

    I love ititit

  51. jonh walker

    wow foregn like a bmw sexy af you go girl martin voice lol

  52. Amara J.

    i can't lie she looks AMAZING but she can't rap truth

  53. Valkyrie

    Thank you hun xo

  54. Nae Ateny

    You've got a brain, girl. Good for you, please never lose it. Stay beautiful!

  55. Cookie Amber

    Nicki Minaj was average looking woman, at best, before plastic surgery. Iggy Azalea is naturally stunningly beautiful, 5'11, model, looking. No need for any surgeries for her to draw in male fans or becoming a character to attract attention. If people weren't so stuck on her being a "white girl", her love life, tattoos, if she's had her ass done etc.. she would've surpassed Nicki already in the rap game! I like Nicki's shit too now, dgmw, but Iggy's shit makes me excited about hip hop again.

  56. foreverPASHAN

    Her ass isn't that big, but those hips and thighs make up for it, plus she's gorgeous as hell! Yeah Nicki minaj should've thought twice before getting all that surgery when she was fine before that. I hope Iggy doesn't take that route.

  57. tamsta louise

    i love this video

  58. ashley x

    shes perfect

  59. Mychole Price

    Well rapping is just lyrical poetry and able to do things with the language you're rapping in with flow, complexity and harmony with the beat. It's musical depending on the delivery of the words, throat singing wouldn't be considered a music by some, but it's a matter of opinion. Not everyone listens to music with a message, sometimes you don't want to because you just want to have fun at a club and get stupid. She's an okay rapper, nothing too amazing and her message is mediocre.

  60. Kiane J

    lol she reminds me of natalia kills sorta except as a rapper XD

  61. KAYLA

    So right.

  62. Lyrrad Redloh

    she bad yo she has flow...

  63. Teshawna Baker

    iggy bad af, and she has bars for days, listen to her other shit, all of it is not sex drugs and money! dont be a hater all your life damn

  64. Jennifer Cordry

    @truedeadpatriot: looks, money, sex, and drugs are in most genres. Each person puts their own value on each individual sound out there. I'm a white girl from Minnesota raised in a small catholic town and I have ALWAYS loved rap, hip hop, R&B, soul, and Funk. I think if you're wondering why people listen to this, its an easy answer. Think of why you listen to your favorite genre, and realize that everyone feels that passion for some form of music. :) Go Iggy!

  65. angeliza doll

    this is my twin. in attitude and voice and rap. but I have no skills. I sound just like her though its hilarious. and yeah yeah, insta-hate I see coming. don't really care. im not going to flaunt it. id just be the same.

  66. Salys_

    Well Said!

  67. Dyodoleu

    Not sure if I want... o.o

  68. lucia nguyen

    Suck it !

  69. Dyodoleu

    How come you think I'm white? Because there's a white girl on my icon or what? And only white ppl would complain about black ppl being racist, cause of course only white ppl are racist? And why should I waste my time talking to some racist bitch like you? "White" bitch, LOL. Bitch please. I complain about racism in general and don't like racist white/black/whatever ppl

  70. Valkyrie

    I grew up in poverty, my ancestors unfortunately were enslaved my White ancestors and my Native ancestors. We are pissed about it but the past is past and the future is now and what you make of it. Knowing the past helps you make the future brighter. Don't use history as a weapon because then you are just repeating it which no one wants no race has benefited from it. Anyone else wanna take a swing at me and twist my words to make me look like a stupid white girl?

  71. lucia nguyen

    Shut up white bitch. You whites are always complaining about the blacks. Get a life !

  72. Valkyrie

    Ignorance is choosing NOT TO KNOW. I am not upset I am ashamed of people who are to clouded with hate to see it isn't doing anyone any good. Stop making it a race war its a moral war. W are all human that is the race we should be concerned about collectively.

  73. Valkyrie

    First of all read my messages and understand what I am saying before you attack me. I agree every music has roots and origin. But music itself does not just belong to one race. Black people sing country, white people rap, black people sing pop, white people sing jazz we all use music.

  74. 4111JoJo

    ignorant basically means NOT KNOWING, so on that note, you need to do some research. because even if you REFUSE to believe, genres of music HAVE an ORIGIN. there were NO whites rapping before rap can out in the 80's, by a black group called sugar hill gang. then came gangsta rap, which came about because of how MANY young men felt they were treated by the law. or how they had to struggle to survive. so don't get so up set when you hear things like that, it's TRUE!, everything has an origin.

  75. Dyodoleu

    Noo, no, no. Seriously. I just summed up what the majority of comments there was.

    And you can stick your guess somewhere else. Please read and don't try to start a fight for no reason. I'll say it again: The video showed a black girl talking about k-pop and the comments below had this shit in it.

  76. lucia nguyen

    That is one black person. I guess you going to blame it on the whole race.

  77. Valkyrie

    Thanks ya it's really heartbreaking to see such a strong tension in our day, it will probably never go away no matter how hard we try to over come it. But as ppl we have a choice so when attacking other races for your own personal indifference does the entire human race a disservice. We can't become the oppressors of our previous oppressors. Because it goes against everything we've fought for. We need positive change, not negative backlash.

  78. Valkyrie

    I never said we don't have our own cultures that's what makes us all so fantastic. Share and accept, don't divide and conquer. An eye for an eye only creates further blindness. And don't even act like I haven't faced bias and racism every race has and is victim to it do your research we are all victim of the ppl who own more than half the worlds wealth. I am more than half Native so don't ASSUME I don't understand to a certain degree. Being apathetic and complacent doesn't do anyone any good.

  79. Dyodoleu

    I will repost your comment EVERYTIME someone talks shit, U ROCK! Q(TTmTTQ )
    Recently I read under a video (from a black girl talking about K-Pop) something like "Yeah, they basically copy r'n'b but black folks made that up, it's ours, they're just trying to be like us" like WTF, I had to leave the video otherwise I'd break my laptop cause it pissed me so off.

  80. Diego Flores Hernandez

    eres una verga =)

  81. oREIjuela

    she's real??

  82. NoWek

    Check out her song Get Big

  83. Mega King

    her flows are so weak

  84. candystrong1

    Before her ass job! Everyone getting fat put into their butts! It's cheap as hell! Thanks for paving the way jlo! Jlo been doing doing since the 90s with butt pads and butt lefts now its gotten cheap for everyone now! Lol

  85. Lothorganik

    she is a very weird figure. she looks like a doll, her body is strumentalized for sex pleasure and she does everything she has to do. guys i just waunt to ask you if you really feel this as music. It's empty, it's bad, it's violent. You girls, you have done so many things in past for being real free woman. watching this you feel free thinking that society want this from you?

  86. Edith Recinos

    ew lol

  87. L4m3nt0

    Disgusting males. *shakes head*

    Iggy has mad lyrics.

  88. RatchetHondaracing 22

    I would suck a fart out her ass

  89. Henry Noble

    Dat ass

  90. sandra x

    i <3 iggy

  91. Omnia in numeris

    She forgot to wear it? It was her laundry day? She had send it for reshaping? Kirstie Alley had called and wanted it back? ExxonMobil needed it to clean an oil spill?

  92. liki djudju

    She didn't have big ass here how come

  93. Amara J.

    she look SICK in this video OMG!!!!!!!

  94. Kereen Findley

    Iggy would beat nicki in a rap battle

  95. hilockkk

    This is garbage...