Azalea, Iggy - Iggy In Moscow Lyrics

Listen, I hope you're listening.
Dismissing my opposition.
Good riddance to all you bitches.
I'm finished with all you bitches.
I'm cooking, I said I'm cooking. Fresh out the pot
Now you looking, I got you looking, you want my spot.

I mean its one for the haters,one for the road.
Literally, bitch, I let her go.
You ain't got a name, I Let you go.
Whoop that trick-Hustle Flow.
Do you really, really wanna go?
You take one, shit, I take 40 - Producer O.V.O
Think you know all about me like Wiki, ho?
All you do is Dream like you was Christina Milian.
I'm sorry Nicki but these hoes disrespecting hard.
Had to address the nonsense, here's a postcard.

Smell aroma. I kill these hoes.
At least they'd know their not tricked out.
Put beats in comas. Rhymes so sick. Words [?]

You're defeated before you speak it. Now deleted. End of your plan.
In time you will all see, I'm so fresh man.
Your mouth fronting, hey. It get tackled.
Nagalova, bitch. Second home: The Big Apple
Who want beef, ho? I heard cattle.
Bury bitches in the sand. I'm making sand castles.

Very likely that I'll reach a high, insane.
So I hope you got a rain coat. Ready for this rain.
Hang yourself. Stop. Let me get this cake.
Better luck next time. Oh its my time. You're [?]

And leave, rake, leave- fall
Heel bottoms look like crime scene, ball!
Red bottoms. Fans? Got 'em.
Getting in these bitches ass', yea-sodom

I'm dope as a rapper on a millie.
Bank account in a week, about a million.
George book me for a million shows.
New Classic. Take over. Straight beast mode

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Azalea, Iggy Iggy In Moscow Comments
  1. Appleferguson2008 Gaming

    This Needs to be released

  2. Sean Jones

    Just discovered this bitch Iggy snapped

  3. Taj Jawan Singleton

    This wasn't bad

  4. Cha'vae Utley

    Listening to this 2019. Jesus Christ these comments.... Y'all really hated Iggy this bad?

  5. Thanos Karxadakis

    Nicki Minaj's "Roman In Moscow" is hard. No-one can slay it the same apart from her

    Xavier Cordova

    Thanos Karxadakis mhm okay🤣🤣🤣

  6. Welcome back to the Chan Chan

    Well sis tried

  7. DeAnna McCrimmon

    I’m glad she inspired by the Queen of Rap💜

  8. Alex Whitaker

    It's literally so weird how y'all aint in the comments of other remixes actin' a fool. Someone can remix any track & it's appreciated, Iggy does it and she's supposedly trynna come for Nicki??? GIRL MISS ME

  9. Alexandru Bortoș

    Give her a ticket sir, she's a fan sir!

    randy banks

    Iggy never had a problem with Nicki

    Thomas Melendez

    What? do you want her not to like nicki? I swear some people are never happy with anything

    Shiny Rock

    ma'am they've always showed each other love wdym

    Xavier Cordova

    Alexandru Bortoș not everyone that does a onika remix is a fan😬

  10. Aidan 0904

    Wow this is horrible

  11. Samson Jones

    It sounds weird but it’s ok

  12. Amine K.

    only song of her where she could be Nicki competition, too bad she didn't bring that talent to her albums



  13. Jimins found jams

    Iggy copied nick Minaj

  14. Jimins found jams

    Piggy copied nick Minaj

  15. Ricardo Barcelata

    What she say?? B U H B Y A A E!!

  16. hayley lowe


  17. Jay

    This was horrible she can't rap fast for shit

  18. Edwin Torres

    Weak Wack n Weary!

  19. Supreme Saiyan

    Don't ever do that shit again no more remixes for this bitch

  20. Sam Smith

    fuckking thug

  21. Liam

    Nicki Minaj fan here, I love both versions, but I hope iggy paid nicki minaj for this song or anything, just out of respect. Iggy can rap too!


    She doesn't have to pay because it's freestyle / never officially released just like Bust Down Barbiana

  22. Ozkar Winter

    Oh word ? Iggy remixing nickis songs too

  23. Selena Gomez

    nickis version of the real song was better

  24. antivfx edits

    This was so basic I can't ew

  25. Beatriz Munoz

    fuck yall who dont like this bc of bandwagon/popular opinions

  26. Alicya Shakur

    Nicki copy Lil'Kim lyrics not Iggy .. luv y'all artists & respect If u can't do that better than them 👌🏽

  27. Smol Bean ll-//

    Iggy...the song was amazing and you had to butcher it, God you suck.

  28. MenomulaVEVO Valo

    Way better than Nicki

  29. Aloep Banks

    this still KNOCKS!! a great remix

  30. Nickohlas Lopez

    Just came to dislike, welp I'll be on my way 😄👋🏼

    Kevin Diaz

    Nickohlas Lopez you're stupid really..

  31. Carter Sheehan

    still better than nicki's version


    Well are you not aware of Iggy's racist, retarded sounding fake voice? This chick is from Australia, and has NO talent. She can't rap, and she can't even write her own crap.

    Carter Sheehan

    CAHoltz its not racist, its an accent. eminem raps with an accent too and your not bitchin about him


    Carter Sheehan Well, I don't like Eminem either, but at least he has talent and writes his own stuff.

    Carter Sheehan

    CAHoltz true. im not sayin i like iggy. i just think this version is less insufferable than the original


    Carter Sheehan. Oh alright. Isn't weird how everyone has such different tastes? I've been jamming to the original all day. 😂

  32. Thatlameone

    Ewwwww lhhh

  33. Chan Song

    is this really realsed??

  34. Osy Raide

    She sounds like she's dying

  35. taegalore

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 OML Iggy is a good rapper but This was not lit

  36. Ken TM

    😂😂😂 What spot?

  37. W. R

    ficou terrível pelo amor de Deus. prefiro sem remix

    Yan Ferreira

    Eu achei legalzinho

  38. jkorzxox

    If you prefer Nicki's version, then GO TO NICKI'S VERSION, idiots.

  39. Pitbull MaMa New York

    😂😂 and it's kinda sad cus I like her ... but .... 😂😂

  40. Pitbull MaMa New York

    And I'm mad she think she going so hard and it's STILL trash lmfaoo

  41. Pitbull MaMa New York

    da FUCK is this ????!?!? lmfao

  42. Eduardo

    Nicki: Holly Mary, get me used to shit
    Get me veggies, eat a cookie beat
    Perfect candids, you can grab a tit
    Making castles make the holy Sandy fit
    Are y'all for real


    When the fuck did Nicki rap that shit?

  43. stefinzolanski13 King

    Hahha don't forget who brought you out. Iggy had to jump on Nicki's beat to get some shine. 😉


    Barely anyone knows that this exists, it was from 4 years ago, stop reaching.

    stefinzolanski13 King

    +Im Serious ahaha I'm not reaching for anything. Why don't you quit "reaching" 😂😂


    stefinzolanski13 King It's FanMade

    Thomas Melendez

    stefinzolanski13 King you where reaching b. Do you know how to argue back? because that was weak asf & she definitely didn't get shine from this so sit the fuck down this beat wack as fuck

  44. Карина Хх

    Просто не было идеи для новой песни у Игги, вот она и решила "вылезти", но к сожалению не вышло((

  45. Ryli Barnes

    this is blasphemy what the FUCK

  46. Raphael matos graça

    Nicki Minaj fake feminista is dead


    iggy was never alive her career was dead from the start

    Aloep Banks

    ^lmfao meanwhile her chart topping, award winning, record breaking, Grammy nominated ways disagree hon. x

    Alex Delgado

    Where is iggy now? All these female rappers are trying SOO hard to bring nicki down but fail. And Iggy’s career is dead.

  47. Raphael matos graça

    Nicki Minaj fake feminista is dead


    Raphael matos graça HAHAHAHA amei


    Raphael matos graça Really?

  48. Madison Lovering

    She wrecked this song 😒

  49. Rkeim

    she stole romans song 😐

    Daniel Lopez

    +Rkeim Carter called a cover and she made a remix a lot of people do it

  50. Ebsolutely

    😂😂😂😂 Barbz all the way

  51. Parindo Ideias

    O flop bateu em minha porta e eu PAPAPUM

  52. Dion Fitzgerald

    Iggy can rap too. I'm sick of the bandwagon hate. And you cant say she's wack and then say she has a ghost writer in the same token, you're contradicting yourself. And if you honestly think she could afford a consistent ghost writer back then you're delusional. She was broke af lol. The point is have an unbiased mind and just listen and appreciate the music it isn't always about who's better, she isn't competing with anybody!

    Nicki Young

    I can say what the fuck I want to say

    Rhan Dumz


  53. marcos vinicius


    Nick Hipper

    +Marcos Newell entao da nicki é bem melhor

    Eli Silva

    cuidado com a burra


    Vc nem Inglês sabe falar poc. Nem entender a letra consegue pra falar alguma coisa

  54. Alex Vert

    Q tosca, q vergonha, q merda. Dkbsjdsbsn

    Fábio Yamatazo

    +AlleCard Oficial tosca por que? Por ter usado essa batida para mandar um recado para a Banks e por ainda ter pedido desculpas por ter feito isso? Ou por ter dito que Nicki pavimentou o caminho e por isso é possível ela estar aqui hoje? Micão é não saber de porra alguma e ainda querer dizer algo. :)

  55. wzw recorder

    Her flow beast af

  56. wzw recorder

    Getting in these bitches ass yea sodom

  57. leblumeii

    this goes so hard, still love it!

    Alex Delgado

    leblumeii where is she now?🤔

  58. han sen

    Better than the original

    problematic bitch

    the filthy earth boy lies

    HeDuhh playadoe

    ew, thats laughable. Nicki created magic with this track

    problematic bitch

    @Agus H ur ignorant lmao 

  59. Ethan Levels

    The day iggy murders Nicki is the day the world blows up into a million pieces

  60. DanjaMawf2006

    This is wack and this is coming from someone who used to stan hard for her. With that said, you Barbz need to sit the fuck down, because this song was one (if not the biggest) piles of incoherent bullshit noise pollution violations that Nicki has put out in her career. Stop playing yourselves in the name of "standom".

  61. MRNES

    I enjoyed your clip Mrnes

  62. Keegan Parker

    Iggy is Queen she killed this omggggg

    Angel Cortez

    Keegan Parker where she at now LOL

  63. Flávia Saraiva


  64. Mermen0

    She can't sing

    wzw recorder

    She rapping dummy

  65. Mermen0

    So shitty. PURE FUCKING SHIT

  66. Prince Cajurao

    A great song ruined by a wack "rapper"
    Nicki's Roman in Moscow is soooo hard like a 100% and this go hard like 0.5%

    Samatar Aden


    She has 0 bars, 0 punchlines and her flow boring asf.

    What is she even saying?

  67. Awkwardmilkyway

    you think u know all about me like wiki ho

  68. Joaquín Rodríguez


  69. Minajesty

    This is what her fans are bragging about? This shit is fucking wack lmao. Oh you Piggy Asselea fans know NOTHING about hip hop, go listen to britney spears.


    It's funny bc Nicki is an exact carbon copy of Lil Kim, she severely lacks originality.

    DeAndre' Flyboi

    @Im SeriousNicki does pop, r and b, rap and techno, please explain to me how she is a copy of little kim

    Nicki Young

    you don't know what the fuck you talking about

    Stone Arraw

    Minajesty you stanning nicki minaj, hahaahaha and talking about hip hop go die kiddo

    Stone Arraw

    Minajesty nicki minaj is ugliest shit in whole world, how you dare to talk about other woman's face while you stanning black ugly tractor? Trashicky has more botox than Ocean has water

  70. shameta scott

    My bitch nicki still fye dat hoe wrote ha shit but she str8 dor

  71. Viviana Falre

    Una verdadera mierda 😂😂😂😂

  72. JC Street

    Damn, that was a baddass flo!! Get that shit Iggz 👊💪💀

    Marcus Alberg

    Lol okay

  73. Tea sip sip


    wzw recorder

    How stfu you're on all of iggy videos. Bitch gone somewhere

    wzw recorder

    You should become an Iggy fan. You're on all of her videos.

  74. leblumeii


  75. matthew smith

    This does go hard, but was she taking a shot at nicki?! I know she said I'm sorry nicki, but it seems shady to me... But iggy did kill it tho


    No she wasn't being shady, she said "I'm sorry Nicki but these hoes disrespecting hard", if anything she was actually being pro-Nicki.


    This what happens when yall don't read lyrics

    Brandon Wilson

    matthew smith lame af

  76. Bri Nickens

    She said getting in these bitches ass, yeah Sodom!! You can't deny she went in! Stop hating

  77. Kyle O'Brien

    why can there be tons of male rappers but as soon as theres more than one female rapper, their fans pin them up against each other. Nicki, Iggy, Azealia, Angel Haze, and even Missy Elliott all are female rappers with DIFFERENT flows. Let them all be. there can be more than one female rapper in the game.


    She isn't trash all tweets were proven being edited, some tweets hade more than 120 words for example, so try again. Just because she's trash to you doesn't mean she's trash to everyone. Nicki is way more disrepectful and cunty btw

    Nijee Vaughn

    Kyle O'Brien cause they never did want hip hop to be dominated by women.

    Bat Man

    Aloep Banks 😂bruh she dead as made a racist lyric about being a slave owner 😂

    Xavier Cordova

    Kyle O'Brien the garbs don’t think like that

    Xavier Cordova

    Joseph Lewinski and so is nicki😂 suckin dick to get fame, fuckin other rappers to get “higher” even tho she’s been have #10’s throughout her whole career 💀😬

  78. motaz alsqor

    Wtf this is nickis song ?!!! And it's called romen in Moscow !!! Copy bitch!!

  79. Tony L

    This Is Whack!!!!

    lui !!!

    Tony L l lmao every block person is hating on Iggy, ridiculous...

  80. Jade Blue Entertainment

    People say she went harder then nicki on this song duhhh nicki said she didn't even know people was gone like the stupid song nicki wasn't trying to go hard

  81. Matthew Quarles

    😂 what's crazy is the fact that y'all think she killed Nicki... Iggy doesn't even write her own raps so who killed who?


    @***** no it wasnt stop lying, aint nobody thinking about that girl especially Iggy lmao


    Nicki doesn't write her own raps either LMFAO

    Adam Prince

    @MrDopeCINEMA Yes she does,there is a vids of Nicki writing. you are an iggy fan you know nothing.

    Xavier Cordova

    Matthew Quarles y’all stay saying people don’t write they raps y’all act like Nicki’s god nicki ain’t shit🤣 sorry not sorry

  82. Laura Heredia

    Cheap imitation! Nicki sends bitch. Nicki is the queen of Rap.


    She is the one who burried this white girl, Iggy is her name I think

  83. Bri Nickens

    I wish she went in like this on every song, bitches try to play Iggy like she cant flow.

    Desmond Morrow

    Same this bitch can rap💋

  84. Carlos Damian

    Nahh this shit didn't hit hard

  85. stephanie masi

    Ayyyee bae killed it

  86. eboykin94

    dope, as always. Whatever you think about her being white/being influenced by southern rap (which even the black guys who do a lot of southern rap "mimic" the way they think it should sound), you can't deny that she's got skills. Unless you're just being petty which is 90% of Youtube commenters

    Alex Delgado

    Where is she now tho?🤔

  87. Online Stan

    Iggy murdered Nicki tbh

    Animal Cross

    @***** Nicki was better 😂😂 right?.


    It wasn't a diss to nicki

    Cipriano Bustillos

    We cant even understand wtf she saying 💀💀💀🚮🚮🚮🚮

    Angel Cortez

    where iggy at now ? LOL

  88. Aox1030

    Nicki minaj ft Iggy Azalea - Mercy (Remix) :)

  89. VEGA


  90. Pau NM

    Iggy :* te amooo !! tu si sabes

  91. Timeka Stephens

    Are you serious? Nicki's version straight killed this shit! Look up the lyrics. She had the coldest bars.

    Xavier Cordova

    Timeka Stephens nahhh I’m good💀

  92. connie frazierd

    now this how she should come in very songs

  93. Mandie Nicole

    she needs a little more practice.. sometimes shes very off beat.

  94. nelly marie

    She is dope...with her fine ass...